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  1. Timo, how many countries are you expecting to do this year? More than 100, correct? What you are doing is awesome!
  2. ehhhh, so that people can manage their favorite club in a lower div in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, no?
  3. Timo, I played your full list pack last year. Spent almost 2000 hours and like 45 season, more than 350,000 players and it was awesome! Definitely donating this year! Keep up the good work
  4. Hi, I consider myself a veteran with more than 10K hours behind my shoulders, have been playing since mid 90s. Okay, here are the weird things I noticed this year. 1) Match player rating system is broken. At first when the game was pre-released I was surprised how super accurate it was, seemed like a huge improvement from previous years, I was super happy. After a few patches they fixed something and now it is screwed. I watch full matches and ratings that I see are not relevant to actual performances and are not relevant even to game stats which is unusual for FM. I'm sure peo
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