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  1. This tactic is really special. In my game, the winter champion Juventus was 9 points clear and my Catania side was in the 2nd place. I thought my season was over, so heck I decided to give this a go. The result? My team stormed back, erased the 9-point deficit and won the league by 1 point!
  2. Overall I think this tactic is excellent, but I don't mind a few more goals. Defense-wise this is one of the best for sure.
  3. holiday mode = you set your tactic then go on holiday. The ass-man runs the show whilst deploying your tactic.
  4. Mr. Hough, 1-top formation heavily depends on the quality of ST. Usually it requires a Target-man like player who can play post. Fast striker like Rooney won't fit very well. That is why I personally prefer 2-top systems. They tend to score more, too, but of course the defense is not as tight.
  5. This tactic is still going decent in my Genoa game. The only issue I'm having is with scoring. You need to have a good ST or else you end up with bunch of 1-1, 0-0 draws.
  6. Yeah this tactic is amazing; I never had successes with Kimz default shapes but knap's has been instant. Great work knap!
  7. I finished my 07-08 season 4th place with Genoa, which in my opinion is darn good. It's a pity I lost in the CL qualifier though, now I'm in the UEFA Cup. I will see how my 2nd season unfolds.
  8. knap, Your tactic is so good it's ridiculous. I started with Genoa, Italian Serie A relegation candidate. They have around $12M to spend so I go out start buying players, only to discover that good players don't come to Genoa. The Italian Serie A started and shockingly enough I found myself in the 2nd place at the Winter Break!!!! I mean you got to be kidding me here. 2nd place in the first season with Genoa? I will see how this season ends. I don't know if I win the league, but if I didn't, a Champions League qualification (or UEFA Cup for that matter) is still an incredible results
  9. I like the looks of this tactic because it covers all bases; the flanks and the middle. As far as I have tested, it is very defensively sound. The offense is not bad either. One of better tactics I have tried on this forum.
  10. knap mate, My first season went as the following: - 35 wins - 2 draws - 1 loss - scored: 87 - against: 11 Looks very impressive defensively. Scoring wise I personally prefer seeing 100+.
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