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  1. knap mate, My first season went as the following: - 35 wins - 2 draws - 1 loss - scored: 87 - against: 11 Looks very impressive defensively. Scoring wise I personally prefer seeing 100+.
  2. I have been playing this game successfully without tweaking. One thing I noticed is that you cannot DEFEND in this version. Defensive tactics do not succeed; sure a good team can win but mediocre teams suffer 0-1 losses. You basically have to go for 3-1, 4-2 wins.
  3. "One of my defenders just got a hattrick" hmm...I've seen that numerous times with 6-yard corner trick.
  4. "working better than v3 and v4 by kimz." How did you get your hands on v3 and v4? I don't think they have been released yet.
  5. We don't need garbage like this; no matter what teams...the big 4, Inter, Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, you name it...going 37-1-0 is an achievement, period.
  6. Blame not the tactic. A lot of people have found success with the tactic. It is not the cause of your failure.
  7. I'm using v4 with Cisco Roma. Got promoted to Serie A, finished 16th. Next season I finished 4th. Then this season...my team somehow fell apart and now at 18th...I don't know what the problem is, as I strengthened my squad in the off-season.
  8. This tactic is simply amazing. 1st season with Cisco Roma (Serie C2/B) - 1st place, promoted to C1/B 2nd season - 10th place in Serie C1/B 3rd season - 2nd place in Serie C1/B, won playoffs and promoted to Serie B 4th season - 1st place in Serie B, promoted to Serie A You still gotta bring in good players though.
  9. Orrah, you gotta have good players in your squad. Having the tactic alone won't do it. This tactic makes decent teams win, but does not make poor teams somehow win the league.
  10. For those who say that this tactic does not work need to look at their squad. I used this tactic with Inter, went 31-6-1 in Serie A. I then used the same tactic with a Serie C team, and did poorly. Why? Because I didn't have good players. It is foolish to assume that you can start winning as soon as you land on MiniMal_v4. You still have to bring in good players to make it to work.
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