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  1. I don't know why I'm wasting my time, but here goes. Look folks, I get what you're saying. It doesn't affect the game and anything to do with the players quality. BUT, SI are involved with groups that are fighting discrimination within football. It's a harmless addition designed to raise awareness about people in society that are discriminated against. It doesn't affect you, so don't worry about it. But it might resonate with ONE person out there, who thinks, "huh, what if my favourite player were gay? I guess it wouldn't matter to me, because he's still my favourite player." Job done. If you
  2. In preferences. btw, fantastic username! You're a person of taste
  3. It's part of life and as such, should be part of a game that strives for realism. And if the reaction of someone is that gay people "should go be gay somewhere else", then perhaps that's a sign that this is a necessary inclusion. It doesn't hurt you, or affect your life, so go and enjoy your game and stop worrying about it. SI haven't "subjected you" to anything. I for one am happy to have this be a feature of the game.
  4. I'm about a season in now and I'm enjoying most of it. I do like the playing time progression for players and the ease of monitoring players moods/happiness on the squad screen. I haven't had much of an issue with the match engine as some people seem to have had. It's not perfect, but it must be near impossible to get a very realistic engine. The game moves much more quickly and smoothly than in the past for me, so that's great. One little nitpick I would have though would be some of the choices regarding the interface. The youth squads have been moved into the Development Centre tab, so
  5. Into february in my first season and having a blast so far. I love how fast the game moves between matches now. Feels like much faster moving through a season than last year. And a big thanks to all the SI staff for getting the bug dealt with quickly on release day. Good work as always folks!
  6. Sorry if this has been raised before. I tried searching but couldn't find anything. An ongoing issue I've noticed is the salaries clubs offer you being pretty unrealistic. On my current save, I left Real Madrid after 6 seasons, having won the Champions League in 3 of the last 4 years and La Liga every season. My reputation couldn't be any higher. When I started to get job offers, the salaries they offer are really low. Arsenal offered about 35,000 a week! Inter less than 70k. No room for negotiating past 5k extra. In reality, a manager would laugh these clubs out of the room. A manager l
  7. Your team may be doing well, but the league's reputation is likely quite low. A decent player would likely choose a mid-table premier league team ahead of moving to the czech league.
  8. I've always wanted an option to add a rough playing and coaching history to my manager. There are several reasons for this. Let's say I am an Irish manager starting as a manger of Dortmund. Being able to add a history saying I played in germany would affect my language ability, as well as my reputation to this club/country. If my playing history is with Bayern, it would mean I would start with less confidence from the fans. This adds a bit of realism as situations like Rafa Benitez getting the Chelsea job and having to deal with fan outrage could be an extra challenge. Also, if I am a new mana
  9. Tried searching, but couldn't find any post about this before. Has anybody encountered an issue with a regen's skin color changing in their generated picture? I have a german winger and an english centre-back who keep changing between black and white! Not really a big issue, but a little odd...
  10. I'd train him as a poacher and hit early, low crosses to him. That way you can exploit his pace and minimize the need and opportunity for him to dribble. He has great physical stats, and finishing and composure make for a good goal scorer. Hopefully his anticipation will improve with age.
  11. I'm living in Korea and am unable to download FM15 on Steam, because its not available in this region. Is it going to be released here??
  12. Hi SI, is FM2014 ever going to be released via Steam in Asia? I live in Korea, and the game is not available to download here through Steam. Why is this?
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