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  1. It beats me how we cant get a decent, consistent 4231 system going, but every time I play against a team using it I get hammered. I'm Spurs, using BEOWULF 442 107p home and SICILIAN 4222dm away but a 4231 always seems to tear me apart. So frustrating as I want to use a 4231 myself.
  2. I don't know if it's just me but there seems to be far too many penalties being given (for and against) on this version. For example, in my Spurs save Harry Kane has taken 19 himself this season, and Lo Celso, Alli and Son have all taken some over the course of the season. It has worked out not far off a penalty every other game (just for me, not including the many given against) and I had 3 in one game against West Ham. Kane scored a total of 43 goals in all competitions and 14 of those were penalties. I don't know if it has anything to do with the VAR coding in this version, but it just feels far too unrealistic.
  3. Annnnnnnnnddddddddd With this post I have completely jinxed myself!! 1 win in my last 4
  4. I've just been doing this the last 6 games to good effect (may just be coincidence as only over 6 games) and won them all. Am using Knapps 451 but just changed roles to suit players over 2 different starting 11's. for example........ 1st 11 GK Lloris SK su RB Aarons WB at LB Rose WB at CB Sanchez BPD de CB Vertonghen BPD de DM Luis A de CM Fernandes MEZ at CM Ndombele AP at AMR Moura W at AML Son IW at ST Kane CF at 2nd 11 GK Lloris SK su RB Walker Peters WB at LB Davies WB at CB Foyth BPD de CB Dier BPD de DM Skipp DM de CM Alli MEZ at CM Zaniolo BBM sup AMR Lo Celso IW at AML Sessegnon W at ST Kane CF at I've not found a massive upturn in results, I had won the 6 games before i tried this anyway, but what it has done is have an effect on player ratings being higher and I am scoring more goals for it. I only have 6 league games left and champs league and FA cup fixtures but will keep trying this until the end of the season. Again, credit must go to knapp for his tactics, but i had too many players as square pegs in round holes. It seems round pegs in round holes does have a positive effect, for now at least.
  5. I sold Toby, Eriksen and Wanyama for a total of about £90 million (not playing so can't remember values exactly) and got in Ake CB, Atal RB, Maddison and also Edouard as backup to Kane. Running 3rd in Early November. Only thing annoying me is how long Dele is out injured for. He was back much earlier IRL.
  6. Finally caught up with this. Cracking read and love the story undertones included. KUTGW
  7. At the risk of jinxing my season....... This tactic 4312 is amazing. It creates chances, scores lots, is tight at the back. Great work Knap
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