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  1. Hi mate, just a positive update for once as I’m 5 seasons in which is the furthest I’ve got so far and no issues whatsoever (hopefully haven’t jinxed.)
  2. Hi mate, another bug report unfortunately. Looks to be to do with the fixture scheduling again but a different issue to last time. I'm in the second season, dropped into World League 3rd round qualifying after losing in CC 4th round quals and the draw is being continuously pushed back as some of the ties have their first and second legs months apart. Looked into it myself and seems to be all games involving El Salvadorian, Honduran and Costa Rican sides for some reason but then it gets to a point where the game eventually crashes. So their 3rd round 1st legs are being played in August and their second legs are being scheduled for November despite everyone else playing their second legs the week after like usual. Hope the extra info can help. I made sure to download the new file you posted and deleted the previous one too.
  3. Hello mate, on my first save in 24 with this and lost in the Champions final qualification playoff. Didn’t realise that meant you automatically qualify for the World league group stage which was a pleasant surprise but after getting the message with the group draw, I didn’t receive anything to register my players. First game kicked off 3 days later and I’m forced to basically only play u21 players and same for my opponents who didn’t even name a single sub. Next registration date is immediately after the end of the group stage too so kinda just stuck playing this out with my kids playing now. Might be worth looking into
  4. Hi, played a Hong Kong save. Second season, no issues and made it to 4th qualifying of FCL before dropping into the FWL but also knocked out in 4th qualifying round. Third season same thing but made it to the FWL final playoff phase. 2 days before game FM crashes no matter what. Tried all suggestions online and all back up saves but can't get past that specific date. Even if I sim past it, as soon as you come back off of holiday it crashes. Just figured that specific save was corrupted so finally started another today in a different league. Unfortunately same story once I make it to the WEL final play off phase. 2 days before the game it crashes. Any ideas? I really love this idea btw I downloaded my first FM in 6 years just to play this mode.
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