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  1. Thomit, Thank you for posting a reply with your tactic guidance, Since following your details with some slight tweaks to suit my style and players im flying, I really appreciate your good feedback and information. Signed Khedira 11m, Munir (loan), Musacchio 9m to partner Gabriel Originally But Koscielny snapped his cruciate ligament during pre season and is out for the whole season, So either of them are partnering Mertersaker. I'm doing very well in the league, played 8 won 8 beating Man Utd at old Trafford in the process, The rest of the games have been fairly win able games, haven't really came up against anyone yet. Im struggling to get Sanchez Playing at the minute though, He is just not effective in any role he plays, Either left or right side of the attacking 3. Cazorla and Oxlade Chamberlain gave been brilliant out wide with Ozil through the middle behind either Giroud or Welbz. I've literally just played a game and Sanchez has bagged a brace as a striker...I think i might have found him a new role in my team.
  2. What formation does everyone play ? Im really struggling, Especially away from home. But to be fair i do not look convincing at home either. Im going to start again tonight, But need some guidance ! I dont want to sign anyone in first window, I like the team as it is.
  3. Pointless thread, Could you not use the Rangers thread thats already in use ? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/374077-FM14-Glasgow-Rangers-The-teddy-bears-are-on-the-march!/page3
  4. In the hole behind the striker then i take it ? I've struggled to get Giroud to score goals with a player behind him, Even in all roles. Walcott on my last attempt at the game was on fine scoring form though from inside forward position on the right. 15 goals in as many games. Defensively i've been poor, Need to read back through these forums to get ideas of tactics etc. Thanks for your reply.
  5. How have people managed to get Ozil to play ? and what position have you played him in with what instructions ? My Game is basically going to base around him being the technician that he is feeding Giroud and Walcott from the right. I've struggled to get a game going at the minute through enjoyment, so im starting again tonight and actually paying attention as to what is going on etc rather than just rushing through to play the next game!!
  6. I have really struggled to get a team playing the Arsenal way, Actually i will rephrase that..I've struggled to get my Arsenal team to play at all so this could be really interesting for me, Im willing to do any testing etc on any tactics you have pieced together should you need any help. I generally see myself as a decent tactic maker and have never struggled with any previous versions of the game, But i have to admit... Fm14 has got the better of me. Please enlighten us to more information on your tactic :-)
  7. Same here..Upgraded my Ram to 4gb and runs alot more smoothly than it did with 2gb. I'm in my 7th season and still running perfectly.
  8. Managed to get him for Arsenal for around 11m as he was unsettled at PSG, Quite frankly he was an absoluete steel. He has easily been my best midfielder, i bought him as a back up but after playing a few games with ratings of around 8 every game i had to contiune to play him. i'll post a few screenshots when im home and have chance. I will also be happy to know a better midfielder for the price of 11m i think its pretty much impossible for anyone to tell us.
  9. Theres no denying there is a vulnerability about arsenal and a Big injury to one of the 3 players can cause you trouble, But thats why its nice to have the healthy £30m you initially recieve heavily spent on these areas of cover, Plus the fact you can easily flog a few players - Gervinho can bring in upto 15m, Arshavin up to 10m and sometimes Andre Santos 6m. Despite what anyone thinks, Mertesacker is your best centre back, And Koscielny is on par with Vermaelen but i signed Subotic from dortmund for 9m first season and he was my best centre back for 2 seasons he had alot of game time due to injuries to Vermaelen. I used the 15.5m clause in Adrians contract as back up for Giroud and he luckily hit the ground running and scored some vital goals. Ramsay did a good enough job for me filling in for Arteta, but i also spoke to the board and asked them kindly to sign Isco. i still think i could do with a DMC although i have not long spent 14m on morgan schneiderlin from the saints.
  10. I've managed to get Gnarbys stats up a little with help from Walcott and Adrian, Will post a screeny when im home, and he has been doing well when called upon as a sub/reserve.
  11. Just finished Season two... Finished 2nd in the league 1 point behind Man Utd, Unfotunately i lost 2-1 away at tottenham on the final day of the season which seen Man Utd over take me. Gutted to lose the title on the last day at Spurs too - Nightmare. Won the Europa League 4-1 vs Valencia after being knocked out the champions league in a tight group. Won Both the League Cup and the Fa Cup with wins against Chelsea and Cardiff respectively. Giroud was a beast and Scored 53 goals in as many games, keep Adrian waiting on the bench for a chance to get some goals. Subotic (9m signing) and Mertesacker formed a great defensive partnership keeping Koscielny and Vermaelen on the bench too. My Side last season Julio Ceser (4m) from QPR Sagna/Jenko Merstacker Subotic (9m Dortmund) Gibbs/Monreal Wilshire Cazorla Isco (30.5m Malaga) Lucas Moura (12m PSG) Walcott Giroud/Adrian (15.5m Atheltico) I've had a good few players come and go, Jordan Henderson was signed for 5m and sold to Chelsea for 10m Mo Diame cost 3.5m and sold to Swansea for 10m. Gervinho sold to PSG for 13m first season. Just entered the Summer transfer window and i've made it priority to bring in some England youth after just accepting the England Job. Nathanial Clyne was the first to join for 6m to replace the outgoing 31 year old Sagna who joined Juventus for 14m. Phil Jones cost me 15m more than he would have cost Barcelona or Real Madrid who had offers of 16m accepted, where as i had to pay 31m but i couldnt let him go to one of the other two. Hopefully he can split this partnership of subotic and mertesacker as mertesackers pace worries me. Morgan Schniederlin i unsettled him after having a 20m bid turned down before the window opened, Recommened by scouts and won young player of the year, stats are looking brilliant and only going to get better. Eventually signed him for 14m after he handed in a transfer request and they reduced the original 18m figure they wanted. Now just to get rid of Henry, Diaby and Andre Santos to reduce the wage bill slightly. Question - What role does everyone else who has Phil Jones play him ? Ive signed him as a Centre Half who can cover at right back when required. I am Planning on doing everything possible to win the league this time round.
  12. iArsenal your posts are brilliant, I love reading your posts as there well scripted and the screen shot is hidden keeping it all neat and tidy, if im being honest i feel more obliged to read your posts over anyone else in this post who just prints a big picture on there post to become noticed, Whether it be a big screen shot, or a MASSIVE badge. I like what you have done with Arsenal by turning them all British, Bale is a massive coupe at 27m, i wish i had the opportunity to sign him for that. Was he unsettled ?? It will be good if you keep with it, to see how the young lads, Will Hughes, Mason Bennett etc improve. Any chance of some screen shots ? No Disrespect intended to anyone who reads this, I just find it easier to read than a big picture etc. Everyone should aim to be more neat and tidy like iarsenal
  13. Fraser Foster/Butland Jenkinson Gibbs/Luke Shaw - Saints Caulker - Be difficult to sign him though. Ward Prowse -Saints Will Hughes - Derby Chamberlain Zaha Walcott Mason Bennett - Derby Pretty much my youth i signed.
  14. Same...Wellington is my number 10 at Norwich..
  15. Not long started a game with Norwich, the main reason being im an Arsenal fan...And have high expectations of winning the league every season with Arsenal and fancied a little different challenge trying to get a smaller team to the top. My aim is mid table this season, I've basically set out to beat the teams around me and do as best as i can against the bigger so called top 4, not worrying to much if i come away from old trafford and lost 2-0. I made two signings, both brazillians funded by the sale of Jones. Adryan (825k) and Wellington Nem (3.5m) First game was against Wigan at Home where i won comfortably 2-0 with 60% possession and never looked like conceding at all. I then faced Chelsea and Liverpool away and lost both games 2-0, which im not to fussed about. I also beat our close rivals Ipswich 2-0. As long as im beating the teams like Wigan, Villa and Fulham il be happy. Not sure about everyone else but im using Simeon Jackson up front as a poacher and hes been awesome, during pre season he bagged 5 goals in 3 games, and continued his good form by scoring against Wigan and Ipswich.
  16. Struggling to get Cazorla to play well, I think his average rating is around 6.3. I'm playing him in the whole behind Giroud at the minute as an Attacking Midfielder, Steve Bould suggests hes struggling to blend into the side and also he has got hard any assists or goals, I was really looking forward to getting him playing in this game as hes immense but he has failed to impress. I'm thinking of buying Isco to play centre and playing Cazorla out wide as a retrained left inside forward so he can cut in and unleash some shots. At the minute my Midfield is Podolski Cazorla Walcott/OX Bender Arteta (until Wilshere is fit) Im 4th in the league after 10 games, but have struggled to see out games even when 2-0 up like we normally get to.
  17. Logos and Kits are still not showing ;-( although game is alot more playable for me now.. Would be nice if someone knew how to get logos showing, Something sily no doubt AGAIN.
  18. TomDixon Sir, I owe you a beer if we ever are to meet, I've been searching all night but because i have been getting aggitated i have probably over read what i was meant to actually do that many times it unreal. There must have been a previous game where you have to make a graphics folder and ive just thought the same. again Tom, i really can not thank you enough...You have essentially saved me from not playing because i couldnt bear the original skin.
  19. No im trying to use Steklo in the original game, which is have downloaded, unzipped and dragged over to the football manager 2013 folder where i created a graphics folder, inside i made a skins folder and inserted the folder the skin was unzipped into. I have also tried unzipping into the skins folder, Unticked what was required in Fm and nothing loads etc. The skin does not even show in the drop down menu
  20. Ok, Here it goes... i've spent all evening trying to install a Skin and graphics for football manager to my mac, Im a newish mac user especially using fm on here. I have never added graphics to it before. I have installed them as i would do a original pc, i.e Documents/Graphics/Skins etc etc or whatever it is. but still no joy. Can anyone advise if there is something silly i need to do ? they show up look very good, but will not show up on the game.
  21. Because your in the same league you will not be able to offer him a contract until his contract actually expires, giving a disadvantage to yourself but a massive gain to any other club in europe.The best you can hope for is offering them money at a lower prize and praise him as much as possible so he really fancys a move to yourself and not Arsenal.
  22. Sounds like they have already predicted the future...
  23. Decided i'm going to start again, a fresh game and a fresh mind going into it. I've been struggling to get to grips with the newer game and not really had the time to sit down and establish a good tactic, transfers or even the basics of the game. This is where you guys come into it. I hope to build a tactic that matches our style of play with attractive attacking football, but also a defense that is difficult to penetrate. I know this isnt the case in real life but i love a clean sheet. Any help you have to offer would be brilliant..
  24. I'll have a look tonight and see if i can Drop my striker a little, I might even drop santi back a little to give that extra room for them to run into. i might even revert to a 4-4-2...
  25. Does anyone listen to Steve Bould during in game feedback ? I always have him suggesting players arent blending into my squad yet its always Santi who has been doing brilliantly. Also wondered if anyone can help, On Fm12 my best players were always the Wingers, playing as inside forwards, i would have Walcott on one side and Chamberlain on the other, and they were immense. I can not get them playing at all at the minute, they never seem to shoot on target, never cross the ball or actually play very well at all. So in essence, i need a little help in how to bring them into the game more, Ive been playing a 4 flat back four, 2 Dmcs, Santi as a Attacking midfielder and then two players next to him as i play very narrow, with 1 striker. But they still cant get into the game very well.
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