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  1. Thomit, Thank you for posting a reply with your tactic guidance, Since following your details with some slight tweaks to suit my style and players im flying, I really appreciate your good feedback and information. Signed Khedira 11m, Munir (loan), Musacchio 9m to partner Gabriel Originally But Koscielny snapped his cruciate ligament during pre season and is out for the whole season, So either of them are partnering Mertersaker. I'm doing very well in the league, played 8 won 8 beating Man Utd at old Trafford in the process, The rest of the games have been fairly win able games, haven'
  2. What formation does everyone play ? Im really struggling, Especially away from home. But to be fair i do not look convincing at home either. Im going to start again tonight, But need some guidance ! I dont want to sign anyone in first window, I like the team as it is.
  3. Pointless thread, Could you not use the Rangers thread thats already in use ? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/374077-FM14-Glasgow-Rangers-The-teddy-bears-are-on-the-march!/page3
  4. In the hole behind the striker then i take it ? I've struggled to get Giroud to score goals with a player behind him, Even in all roles. Walcott on my last attempt at the game was on fine scoring form though from inside forward position on the right. 15 goals in as many games. Defensively i've been poor, Need to read back through these forums to get ideas of tactics etc. Thanks for your reply.
  5. How have people managed to get Ozil to play ? and what position have you played him in with what instructions ? My Game is basically going to base around him being the technician that he is feeding Giroud and Walcott from the right. I've struggled to get a game going at the minute through enjoyment, so im starting again tonight and actually paying attention as to what is going on etc rather than just rushing through to play the next game!!
  6. I have really struggled to get a team playing the Arsenal way, Actually i will rephrase that..I've struggled to get my Arsenal team to play at all so this could be really interesting for me, Im willing to do any testing etc on any tactics you have pieced together should you need any help. I generally see myself as a decent tactic maker and have never struggled with any previous versions of the game, But i have to admit... Fm14 has got the better of me. Please enlighten us to more information on your tactic :-)
  7. Same here..Upgraded my Ram to 4gb and runs alot more smoothly than it did with 2gb. I'm in my 7th season and still running perfectly.
  8. Managed to get him for Arsenal for around 11m as he was unsettled at PSG, Quite frankly he was an absoluete steel. He has easily been my best midfielder, i bought him as a back up but after playing a few games with ratings of around 8 every game i had to contiune to play him. i'll post a few screenshots when im home and have chance. I will also be happy to know a better midfielder for the price of 11m i think its pretty much impossible for anyone to tell us.
  9. Sorted it, must have been putting the wrong url in cause in kept coming up invalid in the end..thanks for your help
  10. brilliant, i tried uploading to photobucket but still wont allow upload it for some reason...Il try again in a minute to make sure. Its nothing dirty, just a screenshot of Fm.
  11. Can anyone help ? i tried posting a screeny and got a message sayin i dont have the privilage to post.. any ideas how i can post pictures ?
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