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  1. I agree with Sydney and not being a programmer at all, will his changes affect the specs on such a high level that a large number of players won't be able to play it anymore? What are the solutions if not? because the ME will need improving over the years and that is a fact.
  2. Didn't want to bring this up again but just to be clear? So for Gripper to use a similar tone to me is absolutely acceptable but what Sydney just pointed out is patronizing? Come on this is the kind of censorship I don't like seeing around here. It's like I can't even say what I think without having an infraction over my head. Please enlighten me on this
  3. I must say I totally agree with you Sydney666 but I also think that what milnerpoint just pointed out is also a big factor to take into account.
  4. No there's nothing to report. I just want an open minded discussion without people jumping at each other.
  5. Haha, part time is what I meant to say. Sorry, not being a native English speaker means sometimes mistakes are made.
  6. I get your point about research but for the other part no, I didn't take offence at him pointing out where to post I took offence at the tone that was set in the message. I felt it was an insult and I'm not the only one here who thinks so.
  7. That's not at all my point but never mind. I'll just say what I been saying these last 2 years, that SI should hire some researchers at least as a half-time job.
  8. But we where not at all favorites, so I simply told them that we are not favorites so just go out and have fun. Now I'm playing in Swedish language so I can't really be sure of the translation. Then losing 4-0 at half time, I can't say I'm thrilled, so of course I tell them in an assertive way that I want to see an improvement in the second. Players reacts accordingly and are motivated. We lose the game. Same there I say in assertive way I'm not really happy and players reactions are good, Motivated etc, but still the morale drop is right there. So that is something I don't really understand.
  9. Reading some comments here I feel I might have been a little misunderstood. I'm not saying FM should go back to simply be CM as I have truly enjoyed some recent FMs. My point is exactly what daylight is describing. I feel like I'm managing a team of kids. A big loss with your reserves in a pointless Cup match and then suddenly everyone's morale on the team has gone from superb to okay/low and of course it does so I can't win the next games. That is for me a joy-killing right there. As for the data part, what I mean is if someone says something slightly negative, he is a tool who can't post in the right forums. That makes me fuming. Milnerpoint, I just can't agree with your comment. In my second post I said I had already reported it to the right forums for FM13 data issues this summer. But seeing Gripper's response, tells me he doesn't even care. Just passing it out as some dead Trinidadian as if it was just a nobody that no one cared about. Not even the slightest respect for the player. This doesn't tell me, "Oh, he's a nice bloke, let's try and help him out". For the Swedish database, I did in fact want to get involved a few years ago on FMSweden. But no one was interested, so...
  10. Well thanks for the tip Dagenham_Dave but for now, I feel like FM is this long time ago girlfriend that you want to get in touch with again but know it's probably not for the best. Never felt that way about this game before. See, I knew you were going to take it the wrong way. I'm not having a go at you or other researchers as I know it's a difficult job that requires a certain amount of time. But I feel like the atmosphere on the forum is rather arrogant. For Swedish players I am not talking about a single player, I'm talking about many players in most of the teams. I know we all have different opinions on players but I felt so little was done to it that it took some of the fun out of playing. And as for the "deceased Trinidadian" as you so nicely put it, I did in fact post my findings on the forums that you refer to with related news articles for proof but I think I never got a response or even a thank you for pointing it out so it seemed pointless as I never knew if that would in fact be changed. That is what's bothering me. I feel most of the time some one points out something now being right or wrong they get snooty responses and it doesn't add to me wanting to play or being involved. Anyway, good luck to you
  11. Hi, long time player here. I'm just putting this up here. Playing since cm 3, CM/FM games has always given me such pleasure being the big football fan I am. I always felt like taking over a club bringing it to success was the best thing to do. But what has made this game so popular? For my part it has always been that it was easy to take control of the game & of course the big database. It's wasn't so very complicated. Your looked for good players that you bought and set up a tactic. That's it! That was what made the game fun. I'm not asking for latest graphics or anything of that sort. I was just happy seeing the latest database changes for the new version. Being the worker I am now, I don't really get the time of playing as much as when being a kid but lately I've been thinking, why even bother? What made the game fun isn't there anymore. Now it's just about being a nanny to your players, always talking and cuddling with them and it doesn't matter that the team is good if don't pet your players like a good dog. Also all the conference & same questions all the time. Can it be more boring? And now for the database. Sure the English one is always good & up to date, but for the rest... It's been getting worse. The Swedish database for example. Before you would see changes made to a player every year in concurrence with what the player has been up to the latest season. Now I see players, some stars for that league, who hasn't been touched in 3 or more years. Doing a little research in Central America & the Caribbeans in FM13 I found a player that had been deceased since 2009 but still kicking in the database. He wasn't the only one that I found that had been dead for some time. That is when I realized how out of date the database had become. I'm not trying to put anyone at fault here etc etc but I think you should take a look on what made the game successful. Now sure you might say that fm13 & 14 have been the best selling games but success didn't happen over night.
  12. Ah, good news. Can't wait to try out the new tactic. Still I'm managing to get better performances out of the v.2 than the the v.3 beta on the new patch but what i can see from the beta is that the attack movement looks really fluid. Tried it with Atletico Madrid, first games lost 4-0 in cup to Barcelona then thumped Rayo Vallecano at home 5-0. Also tried it with Bursaspor but only got a 3-2 loss away at Besiktas and a disappointing home draw 1-1 against Kayseri Erciyesspor. Looks like there are more chances created but the defense sometimes seems a little off, but I think you probably know all that by now. Good day to you.
  13. Thanks for the quick input. I see how player interaction plays a big role in this fm. I just loaded up my Leeds file to try the chat interaction you suggested MTM1977, saying to my striker who hadn't scored in in 4 games that "he hadn't scored lately...". Next match he scores a hat trick. Well done. I have one more question. If they are other players not performing to their level (for example fullback, central midfielder,etc...) should the same thing be applied to them? (player chat) What should be said then? And also are there other interactions or advice that should be known? Thanks
  14. Ok, thanks for overlooking my rudeness. There are a few thing I'm not really sure about. I haven't picked up my games since I last quit. Now the team is in a really bad run and morale is pretty low. For example one of my strikers hasn't scored a single goal in 12 matches and his confidence is at the bottom. What shall I do with him? Leave him on the bench or giving him another go? When it comes to teamtalks, the times it has backlashed me is for example at half time losing the game I've been assertive and far from happy but some players lost confidence and motivation. Then of course we lose the game. Being a home game at the end of the game I'm still assertive far from happy and the results are the same. Players have gone to media criticizing my match talk & I have had to have conversation with them saying to them they'll see a change. Now I've followed instructions of front page for match talks. So saying that you never had any players complaining, there's must have been something I've done horribly wrong but I can't quit put my finger on it. Because when is the morale considered too low to be harsh in matchtalks? Now when it comes to getting a player sent off during a match, whether it'll be at home or away I always seem to lose those games. Conceding some ludicrous goal at the end. What should you do in that situation? Also press conferences? Do it on your own or leave it for the assistant? Thanks in advance. Take care
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