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  1. Jamie King

    Game not loading (black screen)

    Note that Google should now be pushing out 10.7.19 update to Play Store, which should fix the issue.
  2. Google have apparently pushed out a 10.7.19 for their Play Store, which should solve the issue. If this hasn't been rolled out on your phone yet - you can download and manually update the Play Store yourself by downloading an APK here. Hope this helps.
  3. Jamie King

    Game not loading (black screen)

    Thanks - that's good news! This has been a nasty surprise for us first thing Monday morning - hopefully Google will roll out a fix soon. Terrible timing with the World Cup being on!
  4. Fantastic news! Again, sorry for the inconvenience. This came as a bit of a nasty surprise to us here, too! We just have to hope Google get a fix out as soon as possible.
  5. Jamie King

    Game not loading (black screen)

    Without wanting to bore people with the technical detail, the issue seems to be when a paid app needs to check the license that the paid app is a verifiable purchase. For some apps, this is a one-time thing - others might check against the license at more regular intervals. In short, if the valid license is stored somewhere - you won't have any issues. To revert Google Play store version to factory default; In Settings, go to Apps (or Application Manager as it might be called), find Google Play Store and then select 'Uninstall updates' should reset the Google Play store to the original version on your device.
  6. In Settings, go to Apps (or Application Manager as it might be called), find Google Play Store and then select 'Uninstall updates' should reset the Google Play store to the original version on your device.
  7. Jamie King

    Game not loading (black screen)

    Hi there, I'll copy this advice over from the FMM forum as I believe the issue might be linked. We believe this might be caused by a recent update to the Google Play Store that could potentially be affecting a lot of paid apps at the moment. People reporting the issue have been running Play Store version 10.7.18. If you're not sure where to see this. Open up the Play Store, go to the Menu -> Settings and look for Play Store version down the bottom. It's seemingly out of our hands, so the only advice we can really give is to roll back to an earlier version of the Google Play store if you can. Or else, it may just be a case of waiting for Google to release an update to fix this. Thanks for your patience and sorry for those who have been affected by this.
  8. It seems like this could be an issue with the Google Market update itself as it seems a number of paid apps have been affected by this over the last couple of days. If you can we'd recommend rolling back to an earlier version of the Google Play store, or else we might just have to sit tight and wait for Google to release an update that fixes this.
  9. Thanks for your patience so far. We're looking to get this resolved as soon as we can. We believe this may be occurring due to a very recent update to the Google Play Market. So far we've only reproduced this on devices running 10.7.18. If you could verify that is the case for you as well, it would be much appreciated. If you're not sure how to check this open up Google Play, hit the menu button -> Settings and scroll to the bottom for Play Store version.
  10. Jamie King

    Team report inaccuracies

    In terms of the team reports themselves they're very "matter of fact" in the sense that it's just interpreting the data it's getting so I don't think it's "wrong" in that regard. It is slightly harsher on the teams who are more reputable than the division they're in which I suspect might apply to Juventus. If I use Celtic as a more extreme example then you'd be concerned if any of your team's attributes were lower midtable! The original squad comes back with no major concerns to report, so I assume this in some way into the future? My initial thoughts would be that perhaps a younger, less experienced squad haven't developed those mental stats yet that comes with experience (whether there's a underlying development issue there I can only speculate - player development is more Marc's area ) . By all means feel free to send in a save and we can investigate. Thanks again.
  11. Jamie King

    Team report inaccuracies

    For home form that's probably what it was then, and perhaps it's just the wording may have been a bit too strong in this example. You're right those are the 'extreme' examples that can happen with unprofessional players in-game. Of course, it has lots of small widespread effects day-to-day that won't always be noticeable. It also sounds like you're doing well - always easier to keep the players happy when you're winning. I kind of touched on this already (maybe didn't explain it clearly enough) that almost all of these are relative to the teams in the same division. Considering now you're in Serie A, the overall 'professional' level of teams in the division is going to be higher. Saying that, I'm sure if you're targeting players who have professionalism as a positive trait in your scout reports then you can soon address that issue. So it's not necessarily the case that your team is full of troublemakers! Just that they may not be up to the overall standard of the other teams' collectively. Again, it may be a slight issue in the way it's worded - it can be tough to make these points clearly with half a dozen words or so.
  12. Jamie King

    Chinese Club

    Believe they should be present in the game as Yanbian Funde (Yanbian is their short name). Might not be visible in the game if the database doesn't have any players for them. Loading Korea as one of your nations should give you a chance to find them. Hope this helps.
  13. Jamie King

    Team report inaccuracies

    Hi, With regards to the Home form, what's the difference between your actual league position and your position in the 'Home' league table view? Essentially that will be saying that by comparison to your current league position, your home form is letting you down slightly - though perhaps this is skewed somewhat unfairly if you've played fewer home games than some other teams. Given your circumstances, to describe it as "very disappointing" seems harsh. Some of the mental stats being considered weaker is likely just indicative of the fact that you are newly promoted, with (I presume?) most of your team being the players you got promoted with. Generally the levels of professionalism and other mental stats tend to be higher among teams the higher up the leagues you go. Alternatively, you may have a young squad who haven't yet got these hidden attributes that come with experience. 'Big Matches' in a sense is more 'important' matches, so title deciders, relegation 6-pointers, derby games, etc rather than just being about playing the big teams. if anything as a newly promoted team, there's less pressure in the games against those top Serie B teams as you're not expected to win! Hope this helps. Jamie
  14. Jamie King

    Odd text string

    No worries. Turns out we may have recently got an internal save for this issue (or something similar to it) anyway that I wasn't aware of. Should be sorted in a future update. Thanks for reporting, anyway.
  15. Jamie King

    Odd text string

    Nice find! Do you happen to have the save where this news item is showing? It'll be a fail-safe for a missing type of player media news, must be quite a rare one. The programmer will be issued with a warning - if it happens again it'll be a fine.