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  1. Hi there, The editing of the name changing the club icon IS intentional behaviour. The way around this (if you are on a device that allows access to the data files) is to set the image filename of the club badge up by 100 million. So for example if the old image was called 'club_359' then the new one would be 'club_100000359' However, we do have an issue raised where editing other areas and leaving the name alone is incorrectly changing the club symbol which we will look to fix and update as soon as we can. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, Are all of your devices updated to iCloud Drive? If one is using the old cloud then they might not be allowing cross-compatibility between the two. Cheers.
  3. Just to clarify, Football Manager Touch 16 available on either Apple/Android tablets is essentially the same game as the PC game's 'Football Manager Touch' mode. So for a PC save to be cross-compatible you will need to start a save in that game mode. Football Manager Mobile 2016 is a different game entirely and not cross-compatible with the full PC game. Hope this helps.
  4. That does sound very unusual. I wonder if there's some kind of dislike of each other set in the database that, while not entirely obvious, could be affecting Mourinho's selection? I know Mourinho has a tendency to fancy work-rate over flair - but I think even he'd make an exception for Messi (just maybe ). The second issue I suspect will be that their transfer asking price plus his exceptionally high wages is out of reach for most clubs. I guess in reality there are only about 4/5 clubs in the world who could possibly afford him. Minus one if you exclude Madrid as well. If you happen to have a save before or around the start of the season - we could probably investigate the reason why the manager is refusing to pick him. Cheers, Jamie
  5. I'm sure the United researcher would have judged him based on what he's seen from him in the Under-21 games this season - we're not typically ones to have a knee-jerk reaction after a couple of good performances. In fact, he has already been discussed in the data issues thread here; http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437258-ENGLAND-(Official)-Manchester-United-Data-Issues?p=10735808&viewfull=1#post10735808
  6. There's a chance he'll be present in certain set-ups, though bear in mind the researchers would have finalised their data before he made his debut a few days ago.
  7. Hi, We don't currently store all-time records for each club due to the additional memory that it would require around the game. So all of the club history information is in the context of what happens in your save game. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, It's tied into the coach aptitude rating, so the higher that is the better chance they'll have of passing any given exam. There is a cool-down time of six months before they can retake the exam which I think is mentioned if you try to retake the coaching exam again right away, but perhaps is not made explicitly clear. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for reporting this. I believe it's been fixed internally, so hopefully this will be sorted in the next update.
  10. On the off chance you're still tracking this thread - there's a sale running across all FM titles, including FMM at the moment.
  11. Hi, Thanks for raising these. I suspect you might be on the right lines about the first one, but I'm positive I've seen that one displaying fine before. It's been in the game for awhile albeit it's pretty rare to see. If you happen to have a save showing that news item displaying - I'm sure the QA chaps would greatly appreciate it. The second one, either the wording is wrong and it should say "promotion to" or that it's displaying the incorrect competition name. Out of curiosity, do you only have the top league in Scotland loaded? And is the Gillingham news item below it correct? Again, if you do have a save for that example (preferably before that news is displayed) it would be great. Cheers.
  12. Attendances should go up as you progress up the leagues, provided your stadium has the capacity for all these extra fans of course. You can ask the board to expand the stadium if necessary. Average attendances isn't something we really store at the moment, but it could be a nice addition to the club history. It would be worth a mention in the Wishlist thread if it's not been mentioned already. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/389934-Semi-Official-FMH-Wish-List Cheers.
  13. Looking at this, it appears at a glance that their blue is a darker shade than Palace's and so the red text stands out more in my opinion. Whereas our red and blue are both quite bold, bright colours. Also as it's their away kit, it will only appear in away matches rather than throughout the whole game interface. On the PC game, I actually noticed that the in-match commentary bar was red with blue text which was actually quite difficult to read. I believe the main title bar was still using the blue and yellow colour scheme. Ultimately it's set by the researchers and if they're following the guidelines that Alari mentioned, then we just have to accept that. You could do what RSeven suggested, alternatively you could start the game in 'My Club' mode and just change the club colours. It's also modifiable through the In-Game Editor.
  14. Hi there, This is largely intentional for now. Using their red/blue colour scheme across the games title bars, etc. makes it difficult to read the text clearly, so for simplicity we use an alternate colour. It's a similar situation for Barcelona and a few other clubs, I believe. (Rest assured as a Palace fan myself that it's not that we've made a 'mistake' in the data )
  15. As of 7.1, we've tweaked the scrolling sensitivity for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus. Anyone who was finding it too fast before, it would be interesting to get your opinions after the update. Cheers.