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  1. Answered this in the other thread already but just to be sure... We believe the issue occurs when Display is set to 'Zoomed' view in the Display & Brightness settings. Setting this to 'Standard' should resolve the issue temporarily. We're investigating the display issues when zoomed view is being used as a priority.
  2. Do you have 'No Budgets in First Transfer Window' set? If so, looks like it might not be showing the 'Adjust Budgets' button. It should appear on the bottom bar menu once you're past that first window. I can see why that was done since you can't make any transfers anyway, but probably shouldn't be hidden completely. Hope this helps.
  3. They could have come off injured in the first game, but have recovered in time to have played the second if it was only a minor injury?
  4. Jamie King

    August loans in Championship

    This has been reproduced here and is under review internally. Thanks for the report.
  5. Jamie King

    Timing issue with VAR animation

    It's essentially a saved file of the match that has just happened. That allows us as coders to debug the issue more easily (rather than waiting and hoping to catch one in a 'live' match). Luke's already mentioned above how to save PKM files - if people are able to send examples into us then it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, We don't have the general player descriptions that FM has. However, if you do a scout report on a player then the scout will mention that they are (or have potential to become) a world class player. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi, The store unlockable allows you to pick to manage a national team from the start of the game. There will be a national teams tab next to the clubs one. To start a game as both a club and national team manager then you can select one from each category. The final setup confirmation screen before starting the game should say "Managing: Crystal Palace/England" for example. If you've already started a game, then you are able to apply for international jobs as they become available through the Job Centre. And yes, you're allowed to manage both a club and a national team. Hope this helps.
  8. Jamie King

    Minor language bugs (german)

    Thanks for the report, Harri. Any and all language issues are worth reporting so we can continue to improve it.
  9. Hi Keith, Sorry you've been having issues. At what point does the app crash exactly? As soon as you open the app? Or after the additional data download is completed?
  10. Thanks for the reports. Just to clarify in case it's not clear from the initial response, the 'Suggest Terms' text is a button that will allow you to resume with submitting bids for players. The issue seems to be that on a particular skin, the button image isn't showing up properly which means it doesn't look like it can be pressed. We're looking into this issue ASAP. Thanks again
  11. Jamie King


    I think if I'm understanding correctly, the OP mistook seeing another goal scored, when it was actually a replay?
  12. The 5.5' Retina HD devices have a much higher resolution which can handle the 1080p tablet skin quite comfortably. The extra physical screen size also makes using the menus easier on those devices. The 4.7' range is in a slightly awkward spot where it has the resolution to run the side menu skin, but as @Fabio MVP pointed out it can be a bit too small and fiddly for some people - especially on a smaller screen. Others were requesting that we put the side menu skin onto those devices, so we're hoping this is the best compromise for both camps.
  13. Jamie King

    FMM 19 Loan Fees?

    Hi, Loan fees aren't in FMM this year. Feel free to suggest this (if it hasn't been already) in the Wishlist thread. Thanks
  14. Yes, it's only applicable to Retina HD 4.7' iPhone devices.
  15. Good to hear, Harri. Glad you're finally able to play the game(!)