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  1. Odd text string

    No worries. Turns out we may have recently got an internal save for this issue (or something similar to it) anyway that I wasn't aware of. Should be sorted in a future update. Thanks for reporting, anyway.
  2. Odd text string

    Nice find! Do you happen to have the save where this news item is showing? It'll be a fail-safe for a missing type of player media news, must be quite a rare one. The programmer will be issued with a warning - if it happens again it'll be a fine.
  3. I believe it's 6 months before they're allowed to try again? For all of them to fail is somewhat unlucky - though you might want to look at binning off the 'Poor' one unless you're the sentimental type. EDIT: In fact, for the poor aptitude ones, we'll look at improving the feedback on the coaching exam failed news as it should give some better indication of how likely (or unlikely as the case may be) they are to succeed in any future attempts.
  4. Hi Footix, What are the aptitudes of the coaches that you're trying to get promoted through exams? This aptitude level plays a part in determining how likely they are to pass the exam each time (with some randomisation on top). 'Natural' is the best aptitude and the most likely to pass an exam at any given time. Outside of that, there isn't any way to increase their chances of passing so it's up to you to either wait for them to be ready to attempt the exams again, or look to replace them with other staff members. Hope this helps.
  5. New stadium name didnt stick

    If you have a save available from before you moved in to the new stadium (or are willing to go back that far), then you can do that and it will work thereafter. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple solution to fix the name retrospectively - we sorted it as soon as we were aware, but apologies that it happened in the first place. If you want to send that save in to us, we'll be able to send it back with the correct stadium name in its place for you.
  6. Yes, this is still the case. Players will still develop as part of the reserve team, but will generally develop better if they're playing competitive matches at a level that suits their ability. If you are sending them out on loan, it's worth considering the standard of the other teams training facilities, too.
  7. Players coming out?

    Hi, As a rough guide, you can consider FMM a more streamlined version of the PC game as it's designed for a more pick-up-and-play experience when you don't have time to sit in front of the PC for hours. It essentially foregoes some of the more time-consuming features in the full PC game such as team talks, press conferences, detailed player conversations and instead focusses on the transfers, tactics and matches. Football Manager Touch (FMT), which is available on Windows and due to be released on high-end tablet devices is a half-way house between the two. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for the kind feedback. Some good suggestions there, if you could post them in the Wishlist thread that will make sure they aren't lost in the depths of the forum - also helps the team 'tally up' some of the more frequently requested features when we go through that thread. Cheers, Jamie
  9. Match Play

    Hi Pedro, What version of the Match Engine are you playing with? And would you be able to upload some screenshots of your tactics and player roles? Our internal testing has the goals averages about right (perhaps a little high), but most user comments we've had are to do with games being too many goals. Thanks.
  10. Some questions about fmm

    @Kim Hee Seo - you'll be glad to know (if you haven't seen already) that Korean language support is now officially in FMM18. Cawthy, the iPhone5S will be compatible with FMM18 as long as its on iOS8 or higher.
  11. Well.. since you asked so nicely
  12. 18 players suspended all season

    Glad to hear it. It's worth mentioning that this was fixed from version 8.1 (released mid-late January), so you shouldn't see it happen again if you're on the latest version.
  13. Someone's actually already mentioned this in the France Data issues thread and got a response from one of the French researchers. Cheers.
  14. New player

    This will all be covered by the FM PC research and database team come the release of the January Transfer update and they will be aware of all the transfers in and out in this window. Whether he makes FMMs smaller database I can't guarantee. I suspect it's unlikely he'll get any game time outside of the development squad, but certainly a nice move for the kid!
  15. FMM 17 bug/glitch on iOS

    Please send to help@sega.co.uk with a link to this thread. A guide on how to get your save can be found here: Thanks. :)