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  1. Anyone used the tactic with the new update. I'm flying with Liverpool and don't want this update to kill the flow :\
  2. Sorry never read the positional descriptions in the first post! Haha Will try tonight to see if I can change his luck in front of goal (if he can keep himself from getting injured)
  3. Hey Just want to give a bit of feedback on the tactic. Using Liverpool and 10 games in I am on 27 points level with Chelsea. Chelsea being the only team to beat me so far and it was at Anfield. Got some great results away to Arsenal and City but i seem to concede a few more than I would like after initially starting the season with 4 clean sheets, Going ok in the champions league, drew 2-2 with Barca at home in a game i dominated. Generally dominate most games with a lot of shots and it may be my players but they don't seem to be very clinical. Using Sturridge up top but he doesn't score e
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