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  1. Anyone used the tactic with the new update. I'm flying with Liverpool and don't want this update to kill the flow :\
  2. Sorry never read the positional descriptions in the first post! Haha Will try tonight to see if I can change his luck in front of goal (if he can keep himself from getting injured)
  3. Hey Just want to give a bit of feedback on the tactic. Using Liverpool and 10 games in I am on 27 points level with Chelsea. Chelsea being the only team to beat me so far and it was at Anfield. Got some great results away to Arsenal and City but i seem to concede a few more than I would like after initially starting the season with 4 clean sheets, Going ok in the champions league, drew 2-2 with Barca at home in a game i dominated. Generally dominate most games with a lot of shots and it may be my players but they don't seem to be very clinical. Using Sturridge up top but he doesn't score enough with Sterling my top scorer from the right wing position. I am using a higher tempo than the original tactic due to the bad feedback i seen on this post and it is working a treat. I am really liking it!
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