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  1. Academy development is the one thing to bring me back to the laptop next season, I've taken a year off and I'm just about in that phase of thinking about FM again. I am tempted to give it another go next season, but another cycle of the same old game requiring two patches to really become good enough will kill it for me for good. For me, if I give a player a chance - and they do well - they should receive a training boost as a result. Maybe depending on their mental stats (and depending on subsequent form) it can actually develop into a tangible boost in potential. It should definitely result in increased interest in the player, raising their reputation and making it more likely that they receive loan, transfer and Bosman interest (if they ultimately fail to break into the first team squad). Lefter has used Leicester as a good example, I would also mention Rashford's emergence, or even Kevin Stewart at Liverpool who has done himself no harm at all during the run-in. Likewise sometimes young players might get exposed in the wrong conditions (thinking Chirivella for Liverpool away to Swansea) and you will need to react and then protect the player to prevent demoralisation and negative reputation. Finally, give the academy a boost in terms of quality of new recruits based on what has happened to previous players. If I am giving young players chances, or if a high percentage of our players get first team games (on-loan or after moving on) it should be an advert that the club will provide a good footballing education. Therefore, if the manager focuses on it, it will get better.
  2. I was tempted to buy this morning, read a few reviews and like some of the new ideas. Having read this thread I can see it's the same old story... I'd say I'd wait until the game is fixed but by February I doubt I'll feel it's worth it. 1997-2013
  3. Signed this lad at 15... won't actually get him until he's 18 though.
  4. Youth Intake has had a strange effect on me...

    Got a good physio then?
  5. Ugh, I hate making these posts but here goes... just a quick rant before leaving it. Jay is shockingly undervalued stat-wise, shame Morgan doesn't have a better starting point too, but more annoying is how misjudged Ngoo is as a player. I don't expect him to be a top rated prospect, but come on. He's not even that good in the air, his dribbling ability is his best feature as a player, you only have to watch him for a few minutes to see how he uses his strength to get the ball down and run with it. For a team that makes it's youth and reserves games so easy to access, I'm surprised to see such an error.
  6. In my current game as Torquay, I spent £3.9m + Didier Drogba (36 yo) for Will Keane. 24 goals by March. Money well spent. Europe, here come the gulls.
  7. I've had four delays on my new stadium for Torquay... getting a bit bored now. Premier league side with gates of 2,500.
  8. Season four. GK - Reina, Gulasci DR - Johnson, Diogo DL - Insua, Robinson DC - Agger, Wilson DC - Skrtel, Ayala, Carra DM - Lucas, Palsson, Lassana Diarra MC - Meireles, Suso, Verratti MC - Gerrard, Shelvey, Aquilani AMR - Sanchez, Kuyt, Silva AML - Angel, Wilshere FC - Torres, Tardelli, Pacheco Very tight squad this year. Got rid of a few and will be relying on the kids, but since they did well in season three I think I might be able to make a fist at winning my third league title. 12 players out and three in, with Lassana Diarra being the only senior purchase. edit: that said,, just been offered Di Maria for 7.5m... it'd be rude not to.
  9. Right, first day of the third season. Just lost to Arsenal (the champs) in the shield. Here's my squad: GK - Reina, Jones, Gulasci DR - Johnson, Diogo, Kelly DL - Insua, Angel, Konchesky, Robinson DC - Skrtel, Ayala, Carra DC - Agger, Wilson DM - Lucas, Poulsen, Palsson, Spearing MC - Meireles, Aquilani, Suso MC - Gerrard, Shelvey, Verratti AMR - Sanchez, Maxi, Kuyt AML - Albin, Silva, Gayle FC - Torres, Tardelli, Griffiths, Pacheco Left wing is my weakest point but Angel and Griffiths provide additional cover. That is Toni Silva btw and Gayle is a 16 year old newgen who's come into the academy this season. He's ****ing good. Enjoying developing the youth again, Wilson and Shelvey are obviously class, but I haven't had anyone burst through like Nemeth did last year (was 30m striker for me). Palsson has probably been my most improved player. I also picked up this kid for peanuts. Here's Gayle: I haven't had major stat improvements but they are all improving. Silva is playing brilliantly so hopefully he'll jump soon. If anyone wants to see any of them I'll post.
  10. 2nd season squad: GK: Reina, Jones DR: Diogo, Johnson, Darby DL: Angel, Aurelio, Insua DC: Skrtel, Carragher DC: Agger, Wilson DM: Lucas, Poulsen, Spearing MC: Meireles, Aquilani MC: Gerrard, Shelvey AMR: Kuyt, Maxi, Pacheco AML: Albin (inj long term), Jovanovic, Cole FC: Torres, Tardelli, Griffiths First three games: Man U in Charity Shield, 3-1 Everton, 2-0 Brum, 2-0 Anyone seen a big improvemwent statwise from anyone in this year's game? I've had loads of good first team performances by the likes of Robinson, Suso, Shelvey and Silva, but little improvement.
  11. I'm going to try and more or less play with what I have. Babel and Itandje are more or less the only sales. Brought in Diogo at RB and Jose Angel (**** hot young player from Sporting) at LB, Albin at LW and a few youngsters (Niek Vossebelt and Marco Verratti) otherwise, unless I find a bargain striker (might give Leigh Griffiths a go) I'm sticking with that. Going to give Toni Silva his debut in the Euro quallies.
  12. It's a good addition, but it's very poorly written.
  13. You are deluded if you think anyone would pay 7m for Jenas
  14. The guy whose view is being blocked by the scarf's expression is class.