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  1. If you like long saves then don't do it. The regens and especially regen faces are the worst that have ever been in the FM series. Absolute garbage and for the first time I actually regred buying the game. It's better than 17 overall, but I think 16 is still a superior game compared to 18. For me FM15 is the best of the "recent" FM's and FM12 or FM08 the best ones overall.
  2. Yeah this is understandable, but in some cases very unrealistic an annoying. For example in my Salford (FM18) save I was in year 2029, we were a top 3 team in the Premier League, had won the Europa League, reached semis in the Champions League, two time League Cup winner and a FA cup finalist. Yet we played on 12.5k stadium because it was build in 2017 and couldn't be expanded any further. 12.5.k is the minimum for the Premier League. I lost all the motivation for the save, but eventually I gave up and paid for FMRTE and modified the build year of the stadium. Now in 2031 we are about to move
  3. The UI gets worse every year. It's really getting to the point where I refuse to play the game before the awesome modders create a skin for the game. Oh and the regen faces are still quite awful. They were just fine a few years ago, but then you decided to mess it up. Now you can't even add your own hairstyles to them and you are stuck with the handful that's available in game. 10 seasons into a save and everyone will look more or less the same. Disgusting. I'm seriously thinking about going back to FM15, which for me is the last good version of the game. Oh and why would you not allow us to u
  4. How can I change the side panel to normal wider version? There's an in game option to change it to icons only, so forcing it to icon only doesn't make much sense to me. Other than that it seems just as great as usual and I can't wait for the future improvements
  5. That's exactly the way I've done it and it worked just fine in FM16. Right now it does not create the folders in the new location when I launch the game.
  6. It doesn't create the folders to the new location regardless of the launch options for me. I still don't get why SI removed the option from within the game...
  7. It feels like saving a game takes even longer with the latest hotfix. It was already slow before, but now it takes forever.
  8. Or you can just rename the logo you want to use to canal+, like it's said in the readme. I wonder if anyone ever reads them.
  9. I absolutely love this skin, but I'm kinda annoyed that there's only one type of up and down arrows in the attribute change window. I'd prefer a different arrow for different kind of progress like it is in default skin.
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