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  1. If it was intented then it shouldn't be possible for the AI to come with such an counter offer either?
  2. I noticed that when making a transfer deal which includes installments you can't offer more than 50M in installments unless you add second or third installment plan too. However if the selling team comes with a counter offer which has more than 50M in installments you can accept that. If I click the minus sign to lower the installments amount it will go directly to 50M and it's also not possible to put more than that manually. Such a limit has never been in the game before.
  3. And nobody on this earths understands why not. Just let us use our own images for our managers. This is another step backwards since FM15.
  4. This is a bad joke already and it's getting ridiculous. The fact that there hasn't been any reply yet tells it all and If it was only a beta issue they would've told so already. So it's literally getting worse every year and the quality standards of Miles are extremely low. The last FM with good face gens is FM15 and I just wish they would go back to that. The regen faces were absolutely fine until they decided that it's a good idea to use the same model for the 3D match engine and for the face gens. Like seriously? I'm sure that 100% of the players would rather have the old face gens back instead of this 3D models which you can't really see in the match engine anyway. I mean the idea is cool and all, but for as long as the quality is as low as it's now there's no way they should be releasing stuff like this. I'm very, very, very disappointed.
  5. If you like long saves then don't do it. The regens and especially regen faces are the worst that have ever been in the FM series. Absolute garbage and for the first time I actually regred buying the game. It's better than 17 overall, but I think 16 is still a superior game compared to 18. For me FM15 is the best of the "recent" FM's and FM12 or FM08 the best ones overall.
  6. Yeah this is understandable, but in some cases very unrealistic an annoying. For example in my Salford (FM18) save I was in year 2029, we were a top 3 team in the Premier League, had won the Europa League, reached semis in the Champions League, two time League Cup winner and a FA cup finalist. Yet we played on 12.5k stadium because it was build in 2017 and couldn't be expanded any further. 12.5.k is the minimum for the Premier League. I lost all the motivation for the save, but eventually I gave up and paid for FMRTE and modified the build year of the stadium. Now in 2031 we are about to move to a new stadium with 33k seats and I'm into the save again. This kind of hard coded limitations are understandable, but also very annoying when you are stuck with such a small stadium at such a high level. Call me a cheater, but I just had to do this.
  7. The UI gets worse every year. It's really getting to the point where I refuse to play the game before the awesome modders create a skin for the game. Oh and the regen faces are still quite awful. They were just fine a few years ago, but then you decided to mess it up. Now you can't even add your own hairstyles to them and you are stuck with the handful that's available in game. 10 seasons into a save and everyone will look more or less the same. Disgusting. I'm seriously thinking about going back to FM15, which for me is the last good version of the game. Oh and why would you not allow us to use custom images for managers and regens? We are now stuck with the horrendous 3D models. There's free face generators online that do thousand times better job than yours. Oh and then there's this odd game engine bug/feature in which a wide player randomly crosses the ball to the front post to the keeper. It happens like twice every game and it makes absolutely zero sense. Most of the time the wide players is not under any pressure and there's a lot of other options, but they just randomly decide to cross it to the front post. It's getting kinda annoying to see it happening every game-
  8. It's stupid how they keep changing the regen faces every year. Last season every hair style had to be redone manually because the shape of the regen heads was changed and now we are going through it again. And no, 2015 hairs do not show up properly in FM17 either... Jeez.
  9. How can I change the side panel to normal wider version? There's an in game option to change it to icons only, so forcing it to icon only doesn't make much sense to me. Other than that it seems just as great as usual and I can't wait for the future improvements
  10. Although I wish you would add a support for 125% zoom as well. It would require you doing the @2x graphic files too. Right now I have to delete them so the game uses your graphics, but now it's zoomed so it all looks kinda blurry Oh and the player panels are not working it seems.
  11. Great to see you doing a skin for FM17 again. Your skins have been been my favorites for so many seasons that I'm always waiting for them
  12. That's exactly the way I've done it and it worked just fine in FM16. Right now it does not create the folders in the new location when I launch the game.
  13. It doesn't create the folders to the new location regardless of the launch options for me. I still don't get why SI removed the option from within the game...
  14. Have you tried running any other steam games? It would be interesting to know if it's only Football Manager related or if the same thing happens with every other game too. It could be related to hardware issues as well. If you have more than one stick of memory installed you could try temporarily removing all but one of them. If it still causes the issues try another stick of memory and if the problem is still there then do the same thing, but use another memory slot on your motherboard. EDIT: I would suggest you to run all windows updates and manually installing directx 11, which you can find from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/179113
  15. Thanks for finding that out. Much appreciated. The game is finally playable.
  16. It's not possible since you have to give the game a location that your computer can directly access. A network drive would work for example, but if you have the dropbox syncing disabled you can only access the files through their webpage. But as it was said, you can change the location in your computer by changing the launch parameters in steam. You can find the guide to do that in one of the sticky posts. This is the first time there's no option to change the location within the game itself, which I personally find quite odd, but it was apparently confusing some people. I don't know how, but that's the reason SI is giving for the removal of the option. At least you can still do it, although it's not as simple anymore.
  17. You are most likely in a wrong place because you don't need to create the skins folder, it's already there. By default it's under my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2016. You are most likely in the games installation folder.
  18. That's due to your images not being squares. I'm sure there will be another version too for those bigger pictures, but I doubt it will be done before we get the Resource Archiever (release day).
  19. So I just noticed that you can't see your financial history in game anymore, which has been there for as long as I can remember. In the finance screen you can only see your current balance and the future projection, but nothing from the past. I find it kinda odd that the default view in the finances screen is the projected money, which has it's own panel as well. Hopefully it's only a bug and will be sorted for the full release.
  20. Seems like an interesting challenge. I'm gonna bend the rules a little for myself and start as FC United of Manchester, but follow the rules otherwise. And since they got promoted to VC North for this season I think it's close enough. For my personal use anyway
  21. I spoke about that with wanna earlier today and he said he's planning to put it there. He just haven't found a way to do it yet as it's very slow to find the code without Resource Archiever.
  22. Probably a slow or nearly broken hard drive. You could always try turning caching on if it's not already. That should improve the loading times if you got a problem with them.
  23. There's some bugs, but that's all because SI hasn't released the Resource Archiever yet. I believe wanna has mainly used the panels and configs from FM15, which work surprisingly well, but they are not perfect. Let's hope that SI will release the Archiever before the official release date, although that's extremely unlikely. Until then there's not much to do apart from testing the old panels.
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