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  1. Can someone please tell me how to remove the 3D manager image/add custom background image to the start screen? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the above. Skin is looking so damn good.
  3. The skin is looking better than ever. Great work as always!
  4. I had the same problem with version 0.7. bossland posted a solution (25th Dec in this thread), but initially it didn't work for me. Gave up on it... And then a few days (or so) later, the profile boxes were back working again as intended. Not sure why it did not fix it immediately. It is worth trying it, renaming the IDs. Just look in this thread 24-25 December for the posts.
  5. Tried as you said. Renamed the ids to nid1 to nid5. No luck still. Thanks anyway.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Checked the file as you said. From what I can tell the lines you mentioned are there. Just deleted the skin, cleared cache, reloaded game, reinstalled 0.7, the problem is still there.
  7. One minor issue I'm having with the skin right now is this. On the player overview panel, many of the bottom boxes keep resetting to 'Plans'. It only happens to players in my own squad. Strangely with some players it is fine (Origi vs Firmino in the image). Done all the obvious things clearing/resetting the cache, reloading the skin, reticking the box etc. I even rolled back to 0.5 as I had never had this problem previously, but it's the same even with the old version of the skin now. So I assume it's related to the game itself. Like I said it's a very minor issue, but one I can not figure out
  8. 'Attribute Analysis Only' panel. Thanks
  9. I was using it with the YACS skin no problem. So I've just tried it with the 'Base Skin with Background Support' skin, and the polygon line was white (but with my custom polygon). Panels went into 'Base Skin with Background Support > Panels > Player'. Then I had to add the following into the setting xml - <colour name="attribute analyser line" red="80" green="40" blue="40" />
  10. I've been using this polygon I made in 2015, and just copy and pasting it across all skins and versions of the game ever since. Adds more layers to it basically. I'll upload it if anyone wishes to use it. Place the files in Skin > Panels > Player. player attribute analyser goalkeeper.xml player attribute analyser outfield.xml
  11. Thanks again for the wonderful skin. I have one request. Is it possible (or a way I can do myself) to make the polygon bigger on the player profile page? It worked on the FM19 version when I used the polygon below the player image (as you can see below), but in the FM20 version the polygon is tiny regardless of where I use it on the panel. .
  12. From the Asus outlet a few weeks back (great bargains on there) - i5 processor, 8gb ram, geforce gt 635m (2gb) - £425. Running the 3D graphics on highest settings and it's all been very smooth. The dedicated graphics is very useful.
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