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  1. I literally just copied what I had before which has brought some success and thought I would try and make it slightly more defensive. I will try a flat 4-1-4-1 as you have suggested. I was also defending Narrow before because too many goals were scored from opposition going through the middle or having all the time in the world to place a shot from edge of the area. Now I have gone narrow and goals are coming from wide... Anyway, will try the flat 4-1-4-1 as suggested, makes sense. My corner routine I changed to what Rashidi had mentioned/posted about. It seemed to help slightly, but I am thinking I have a small team. I will have to have a look on comparisons page.
  2. Official takers were all on and all on the correct side. Shouldn't be happening...
  3. I guess, because I am now the underdog every week, it would explain why all of a sudden we are scoring.. however we continue to concede bucket loads. We cannot defend corners, there is always someone unmarked. We also concede loads from crosses still, back post players unmarked is really bugging me now. I have made a similar tactic but try to be more defensive when playing top 6. We were 3-1 up against Chelsea, it seemed to be working perfectly (but as per concede from a corner), but we just buckle. They have better individuals, so it is no surprise, but we keep drawing from winning positions. See below said tactic...
  4. So, finished the season... finished 2nd. Not great as we were expected to win the league, but it is promotion back to the premier league all the same. Below are some screenshots I felt were important to share Tactic - this is what was used for the last 10 - 12 games of the season. Only thing you cannot see there is I have asked the front 3 to press more. Was unsure whether I maybe should ask the AP (a) to as well, never tried it in the end. Taking counter press off seems to have helped with conceding so many goals, except in the 4-4 game (below) against Millwall where we were 4-1 up... If any game can some up my experiences with the last few editions of FM, then it is that. Just when you feel like everything has clicked into place, you get kicked in the stomach. As you can see from the Results screenshot, still very inconsistent. I have struggled in breaking teams down. It feels (as per my thread title) you have score from the counter attack majority of the time. Is that realistic in todays footballing world? Probably to be fair... And the other goal I see a lot is when I am taking a throw in... all of a sudden that frees up space in the middle of the park, edge of the opponents area, for one of my centre mids to get a shot on goal. Other than that, I really struggle creating clear cut chances (my definition of clear cut, not FM's). Any help or advice on this still welcome. If not, this is just me signing out and thanking people for their time in trying to help. I am going for a lie down...
  5. Another problem (one after another with this game...) Injury after injury... I currently have 7 first team players injured, it has been as high as 9... I never have my strongest team available to me. Other than rotation (which is what I do already) can you advise if anything else can be done?
  6. Just loaded game up, this is what I've used last couple of games. I thought I had better post it, as I have tried a few different things over last couple of days, I think I had forgotten exactly what I was using! This sometimes changes in game, sometimes the wing backs are changed to WB (s) or (a) as apposed to IWB. And sometimes I play wider... I know things need to be amended slightly in games, depending on what you see or feel is needed, what I am really looking for is a solid foundation to start from (and in the long term, a better understanding of TI's and roles) EDIT: I have just realised I didn't mention how I have changed from Attacking to Positive. I think Attacking was probably a bit of an overkill in terms of the risk we were taking and wasn't helping the issues I have been experiencing. Since then results and performances have improved, we do not look as open. Would still love to hear what you thougth if you have time to watch any of the games.
  7. Hi. I have tried what you are suggesting, I took off counter-press and just asked the front three to press... it didn't work (results wise anyway). Without counter-pressing, their defenders and deep lying midfielders seemed to have all the time in the world to pick a pass and work their way to goal. It makes sense what you are saying and someone has already recomended it... so I tried it. Maybe there is another part of the tactic that I didn't change that had a detrmental effect, but it is hard to understand all the effects these changes have on each other (well I find it hard anyway). In relation to what I posted, I think all I have changed in the last couple of games is the line of engagement and defensive line... I am sure (it was late last night...) I have dropped them both to Standard, but left Counter-press on... What you are also saying is that Rashidi's tactics that are very similar to this, shouldn't be working for him? This is what confuses a lot of people. One opinion says it looks fine, the other says it is destined for failure. Who is right?? By the way, I am not saying you are wrong, as again it makes some sense as I said above. On counterpressing in general... is there a formation and set of roles that actually works then? The default settings for Geggenpress are similar to what I have above I believe... so is that wrong? If so, why do SI set it up like that? I am even more confused I think than before
  8. Two more games, two more defeats. I cannot believe how bad the defending is... the goals the AI score, it's either my defenders just backing off (into our own penalty are) giving them all the time in the world to score, a corner, or a switch of play were my FB seems to just wonder off and again, giving their players the freedom of London to score... Is there anyway of showing the goals on here, without having to show the whole game? You need to see it to believe it. Also... why... why I am not getting any results, when you guys have helped and agreed on the formation and tactics looking much better? QPR v Watford.pkm Watford v Blackburn.pkm
  9. This has been quite an eye opener... I have changed some of my set-up to match this, but it has made me realise what a short and poor team we are being able to defend set-pieces... Is there something similar for attacking set-pieces?
  10. Well as I have previously mentioned, this still isn't working. There is something I am missing, which for whatever reason, I am not seeing. For you, the legend himself, to say there doesn't look anything wrong, felt awesome, it felt like I was getting it, even though I was making some silly mistakes previously... But the tactic still isn't getting results. I have just replayed the same game 5 times... lost three times, drawn twice. Same pattern every time. We take the lead, we look dominant, then we concede. 3 of the goals were from outside the area, their player, with all the time in the world. One was a penalty, one was a mix up between goalkeeper and full back, another was the same full back just headed to their striker and said 'there you go mate, knock yourself out', one was a last minute corner... I am constantly fighting back to get in the lead, to then just have it taken away from me. Twice we have lost in the last minute of the game. Not once, in all those instances have I won or defended properly. So again... there is something seriously wrong, I cannot be as close as I think (or as anyone else thinks). I just don't get it anymore. I have attached a couple of the games, if anyone can be bothered to watch and help. If not, don't worry. Watford v Derby.pkm Watford v Derby v.2.pkm
  11. Why so inconsistent... really awful results against teams down the bottom The dressing room atmosphere isn’t great, has been poor since the start as everybody wants to leave. A lot of key players have the ‘unhappy status’, does this have much of an impact in reality?
  12. Don’t know if this is an issue on FM20 (someone has said it is but I have proof) but my centre backs keep taking thrown ins instead of my full backs. I have set just my full backs to take them and one of them is always on the pitch... makes no sense
  13. So since we all agreed this tactic looks good and has brought about a few wins... I have now lost 3 on the trot... all the teams are in the lower half of the league. I really don't get it. The complete opposite is now happening, to what I was watching before. No movement, no attacking flair, no quick inter play (on a side note, the IWB now is having no impact whatsoever, the complete extreme of a few games ago). We make stupid mistakes at the back, which weren't happening. We have gone from the Swansea game down hill to looking like the Stoke game every week..
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