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  1. Is there a basic guide to show movement per role...? So for example where on a pitch does an Inverted Wingback go on Defend / Support / Attack? Where does a Poacher run compared to Advanced Forward etc? Does such a thing exist anywhere? I know you have to consider PPM's etc. but would be nice to fully understand the roles 'under the hood' per say...
  2. As it stopped working... so I had a tinker, again it worked for a couple of games then just went back to usual... loads of possession around the penalty area without creating anything... I feel as though this version of the game you have to counter attack or score from set pieces... The defensive side isn't the problem, we hardly concede / concede many chances to the opposition... I am going to try dropping the line back one to see if it helps free up anymore space in behind, rather than using highest line of defence and highest line of engagement...
  3. The term is more the fact I allow them into the middle of the pitch then press hard... when the ball back and counter into the spaces
  4. Well as it was pointed out, while it was going well, it was probably likely it wouldn't last. I quit the game last night as we had three games out of four finishing 0-0 and then just lost 1-2 at home to a team near the bottom of the table (not aided by a sending off) Cannot create any decent chances at all and I have no idea what to do to change that. In one of the games, I had 27 shots, but only 6 on target... the opposition had 1 shot all game... so this tactic I had above, I thought I’d try something different to draw the opposition out.. a lower press but still a high line then hit them on the counter... but it turns into the same as last tactic, it falls short in the final third and we either get a corner or we pass outside their box until someone gets fed up and blasts it over the bar. I will post both the tactics mentioned, first the one I have been using most the season (but tweaked since I originally posted from advice in here) where I am dominating teams, but cannot create enough decent chances. Then the one I tried in the last game resulting in a 2-1 loss.
  5. It is interesting to read a lot of people on the forum have mentioned being too aggressive in the press, not allowing any space for your attackers to run into... I also used much higher line of engagement and much higher defensive line, to pin people in, but when you are also playing a possesion based tactic, this obviously doesnt make a lot of sense... what is the point in press press press, to then just pass the ball around and allow the opposition to get back into shape... However, I would like to know what people recommened to use for possesion based tactics in terms of the press? Because surely as soon as you lose the ball, you try and win it back? Not retreat and win it deep in your own half (which surely suits counter attacking style more?). A possesion based team such as Barcelona press very high up the pitch do they not? And play a pretty high line I am sure... and they have been a possesion heavy/patient team. Is there ever a reason to use 'much higher' line of engagement?
  6. I have actually just tweeked things again slightly... similar to you, I changed one wide player to W (s) on the left... and their PPM is to cut in from the right, so almost acts like an IF at times, but starts wider/sometimes stays wider creating more space that the Mezzala runs into. Or he cuts inside to feed the opposite wide player, seems best of both worlds! And another role the same as your tactics that I have just changed is the Anchor man to DM (s). Not played enough games to see if I like it/see if it works... I am concerned with leaving my defence exposed, because if my FB's push up and he steps in to make a midfield three, it worries me a little, that we will be light... but happy to experiment and see how it plays.
  7. I am really not sure what to do with the FB/WB situation at all. They provide very little at the moment as wing backs even when they have lots of time and space, they still see their crosses blocked. I am tempted to try IWB's (Man City style) and see if that helps keep the ball and wait for a better chance to manifest.
  8. I am using 'defend narrower', don't like giving up space through the middle and my centre backs head most things away, but i thought with wing back duties they would be a little wider when defending than full backs... wasn't 100% sure how they operated differently in an attacking sence either
  9. Full backs vs. Wing Backs... Can anyone explain the biggest differences between the roles, and why you would use one over another? my basic assumption was Wing Back's would start wider... that would help me if I defended narrow as they would be a little wider than Full Backs... didnt want to be so narrow that I never got out to attempt to block crosses.
  10. Thanks will take it on board. The IF and Mezz were working well together originally, they'd have neat passing combinations / playing one twos etc. which provided me with some movement... other areas of the pitch were a bit static compared to them. I am struggling with WB's... sometimes they get into some great spaces in the final third and score from tight angles, but most the time they try and cross the ball, when i'd rather they come back inside... I have always used FB's but thought I would see how differently a WB acts, in this system I can't say it is working very well...
  11. So, got Dolberg scoring goals now... I knew you lot would help, thanks again!!
  12. I am a bit like you at the moment with this. Luckily I've had a bit of help as well, but I am not 100% sure what the Pressing Forward does when we do have the ball and are going through transitions. I understand what his role is when we DO NOT have possession... it is made obvious by the description in the tactics screen... Like you, I would guess he acts as an AF or Poacher?
  13. Ha yes that is a fair point, and as long as he serves a purpose. Firminho is a classic example, but he does score goals, as well perform the perfect foil for Mane and Salah. OK, my strikers are not at his level, but just got me wondering if anyone who has had Liverpool saves have got him scoring 10+? And not just Liverpool but any lone striker roles and how have they managed it?
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