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  1. Then simply tell your PA not to add them to your shortlist, and when you find one you want to follow, add him yourself
  2. I advised Wotsee to post this here and just to add, No extra's have been installed and the game is not crashing to create a crash dump, it's just frozen and has to be exited via the close button.
  3. I know our club do use FM for data on opponents. So he's not entirely wrong
  4. Championship Manager '93 - Manchester United
  5. On your tactic's screen there's a link to analysis. In there look at the shots at goal page, it's on there
  6. What's your assistant's favourite formation? Most likely it's 4-4-2 which is why he'll be pushing you to change to it
  7. List him as unwanted, transfer and loan list him and let him rot in the reserves. No one player is bigger than the club
  8. That's why there's different outcomes available. I was gutted when I got a soft Brexit, I wanted the hardest setting to see how I'd do up against it.
  9. Back on the old CM this guy was amazing at any level. A few years later he joined my Newport County IRL
  10. Even though they don't have an effect on the Data Analyst or the sports Science roles I would think that they would be something you would look for in an employee if you were going to hire one of them. That's why I would look at those stats when choosing someone for those roles.
  11. Apart from the usual DDM, I look at tactical knowledge. I'm not interested on if they can coach the players themselves, just that they have an understanding of what the coaches are doing within the tactics.
  12. Makes me glad I managed to survive 2 last chance warnings and a points promise in my 1st season.
  13. In that case write off the season, just get enough bodies in to cover the positions and try your hardest to keep the club up. Use the whole season to plan your next campaign and have everything in place to ensure that on the 1st July your squad is all signed up and ready for pre season.
  14. Put your return from holiday on the day before all your player's contracts expire, or assign another person at the club to renew the contracts.
  15. Managing Newport County and you get a board election in the 1st season. Have been stuck with David Beckham as my chairman since. Almost resigned in protest because of it
  16. No thank you, I'm old enough to remember the nightmares of Clive Tyldesley's match commentary on Championship Manager 2. And besides, the manager wouldn't hear the match commentary during the match, only the TV audience. Wouldn't go with the realism of the game.
  17. I read that as the fans would be happy to see him join the club and wouldn't be too upset if you broke your wage budget to sign him.
  18. Will start with Newport County, the goal to make the club self sustainable though youth development while climbing the leagues. Also starting with no badges and sunday league history. Also hoping for the worst possible Brexit to make it a little harder.
  19. I've not had that yet. To be honest, given that they've put it in writing and still haven't offered you one I'd get down to the LMA. But given that's not an option in the game, I'd leave at the end of the season, take over their arch rivals and win the League at their ground, just to spite them.
  20. Back on FM13 I made it to the Champions League Semi Final where I played Manchester United. In the 1st leg I collapsed with a 5-1 defeat at Old Trafford. The 2nd leg was one of history. I still don't know how I done it Newport County 7-2 Manchester United (Champions Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg) Manchester United lead 5-1 after the 1st leg Goal-friendly Man Utd suffered a 7-2 defeat against Newport Co on a wet evening at Newport Co Stadium. Striker Ryan Fuller gave Newport County the lead with a nice effort from 12 metres in the 23rd minute. Then followed controversy as Newport County were denied claims by experienced full-back Mark Watson for a penalty. Fuller added his 2nd goal of the game with a fine header from point-blank range on 57 minutes. Burke scored with a superb chip over the keeper from 19 metres in the 71st minute to extend the lead further. Burke added his 2nd goal of the game with a fierce shot on 75 minutes. Striker Sewnet Odhiambo pulled one back for Manchester United after 84 minutes with a freak goal. The Manchester United fans might have hoped that Odhiambo had scored the winner but it was not to be. Binet had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Odhiambo conceded a penalty. Extra Time Binet had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Legros conceded a penalty. An error from Newport County's Kenny Kennedy allowed experienced striker Gian Luca Andreoli to score a good header from just inside the six-yard box. Burke completed the rout on 115 minutes with an incisive finish from 12 metres. Burke's impact delighted the fans with his late goal. Newport Co therefore win 8-7 on aggregate. Player of the Match: Rory Burke (Newport Co) Attendance: 26,989
  21. Cardiff City, Colwyn Bay, Merthyr Town, Newport County AFC, Swansea City and Wrexham are all Welsh sides playing in England
  22. Newport County this season, alright the team were struggling but within hours of the takeover Terry Butcher was sacked and replaced by John Sheridan
  23. Its working for me. Started the season in the English League Two with a prediction to finish rock bottom. Started the season with 6 straight losses before trying this tactic in a cup competition against a side I had already lost heavily too just weeks before. Went on to win that game 3-0 before going on to win the next few on the trot. Only issue I have is my Central Defenders and Half Back seem to pick up a lot of yellow cards. Just lost me last game 5-1 due to losing 1 center half and my half back with both receiving 2nd yellows.
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