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  1. Then simply tell your PA not to add them to your shortlist, and when you find one you want to follow, add him yourself
  2. I advised Wotsee to post this here and just to add, No extra's have been installed and the game is not crashing to create a crash dump, it's just frozen and has to be exited via the close button.
  3. I know our club do use FM for data on opponents. So he's not entirely wrong
  4. Championship Manager '93 - Manchester United
  5. On your tactic's screen there's a link to analysis. In there look at the shots at goal page, it's on there
  6. What's your assistant's favourite formation? Most likely it's 4-4-2 which is why he'll be pushing you to change to it
  7. List him as unwanted, transfer and loan list him and let him rot in the reserves. No one player is bigger than the club
  8. That's why there's different outcomes available. I was gutted when I got a soft Brexit, I wanted the hardest setting to see how I'd do up against it.
  9. Back on the old CM this guy was amazing at any level. A few years later he joined my Newport County IRL
  10. Even though they don't have an effect on the Data Analyst or the sports Science roles I would think that they would be something you would look for in an employee if you were going to hire one of them. That's why I would look at those stats when choosing someone for those roles.
  11. Apart from the usual DDM, I look at tactical knowledge. I'm not interested on if they can coach the players themselves, just that they have an understanding of what the coaches are doing within the tactics.
  12. Makes me glad I managed to survive 2 last chance warnings and a points promise in my 1st season.
  13. In that case write off the season, just get enough bodies in to cover the positions and try your hardest to keep the club up. Use the whole season to plan your next campaign and have everything in place to ensure that on the 1st July your squad is all signed up and ready for pre season.
  14. Put your return from holiday on the day before all your player's contracts expire, or assign another person at the club to renew the contracts.
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