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  1. @sedge11 Do you mind me asking how you're getting on with Pogba in an AMC position? Something I'm considering my new Utd save
  2. This!!! What has happened? Each update the game becomes slower. BETA was so quick and responsive
  3. Is the download file in the opening post all good before I start this guys? No problems with the database?
  4. Training is absolutely superb SI Its overwhelming and takes time to work it all out(still am) but the level of detail compared to recent years is fantastic. Absolute props to whoever came up with it all
  5. Been a pleasure people. This thread has been great Make sure we continue to contribute though and report bugs etc...improve the game we love
  6. Mr Brock not even online to post the threads etc...gents so relax it won't be at 5
  7. Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget Jacobson, you’re the one, you still turn me on FM’s coming home again!!!
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