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  1. Beta is approx 2 weeks before so still a chance it drops in October even if its unlikely
  2. November 19th just been announced on twitter A Tuesday randomly that is too
  3. I was tempted but as with every year I get pulled in too easily
  4. Yeah highly doubt it will be that early in November now. Probably looking at mid to late November I'd have thought but fingers crossed its sooner I never help myself tbh because I always stop playing the previous game a good month or so before a new release so by the time the game or the beta is released I'm itching to play
  5. Its not really a 'drama' but I don't think anyone can deny its slightly odd being midway through October and not having an actual release for a game due to be released in November? I mean its obviously not the end of the world by any means, but it's just a bit odd I think.
  6. Wish we'd get a bloody release date so I can inform work I will not be in for several days
  7. @Stewart1111 makes some really good points in his post to be fair. Can see why the mods don't like the manner of it in some places but some of his points are completely spot on and very frustrating. I'm not gonna sit here and say things are easy to sort out because when have I ever made a computer game ffs but the bids point he makes is probably the best one. How that continues to be overlooked each year is really baffling
  8. I just came in to ask the exact same question about the release date, is it always this late? Probably is just can't remember If Matteo above is correct then that means the BETA is around 3 weeks or so away. Would have thought a release date would have been announced by now if that's the case
  9. For me its not the fact its 'broken' its the fact we have a ME that wouldn't look out of place in gaming 20 years a go. Brutal but true. I love FM so much, it will always be my favourite ever game but the ME needs a complete overhaul and as a huge fan of the game like someone else mentioned before I'd be more than willing to skip a year in order to get a complete refresh on that part of the game to bring it into the 21st century. And dare I say they may attract a younger audience too (but I do appreciate sales are still great)
  10. I think for me none of these improvements are major? That's not me complaining (I'm not one of them) but I don't see anything major here that really stands out. I did feel after last year where in fairness we got plenty of big improvements, that we'd get not too much this year and I've been proven right really. I'll still buy it and get endless fun and enjoyment out of the game, but its a meh for me. But in fairness until we actually play the game you can't really write it off
  11. I think 19 was a superb game so am genuinely considering missing out 20. We had plenty of new features last year and I'm slightly concerned we'll get a glorified data update this year but we will see. Announcement is standard, wasn't expecting new features to be released just yet but the emphasis seems social media related which personally gives me no interest in changing my mind about missing out a year. Hope I'm proven wrong come mid-September however
  12. @sedge11 Do you mind me asking how you're getting on with Pogba in an AMC position? Something I'm considering my new Utd save
  13. This!!! What has happened? Each update the game becomes slower. BETA was so quick and responsive
  14. Is the download file in the opening post all good before I start this guys? No problems with the database?
  15. Training is absolutely superb SI Its overwhelming and takes time to work it all out(still am) but the level of detail compared to recent years is fantastic. Absolute props to whoever came up with it all
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