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  1. I'm more annoyed because I actually have a good save going which is rare with how busy life is these days, but I can't bare the ME any longer. I'm not really one to post on here to be critical because it's not really me but I'm desperate to play FM but unless a patch is imminent I'm probably gonna return to last year maybe even 2018. Like I said I have good save, a successful one from the lower leagues working my way up but its not just enjoyable at all.
  2. 4 games before the update; 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 0-1 2 games after the update 5-1 and 4-3
  3. I presume the attributes bug doesn’t affect games already started on the beta?
  4. Nooooo I want to blame SI Not to worry, could be pushing my players too hard as well. Playing a lot of Saturday-Tuesday's and takes its toll on the players at this level I think.
  5. Seem to struggling with injuries in the latest patch? Is this just unlucky or a problem others are suffering with? I've had all my central midfielders injured bar one at one point Might be just unlucky or maybe because I'm playing in the lower leagues the players are struggling. Best MC out for 6-9 months was brutal mind
  6. Quite frankly this would be a disgrace. All the hard work from people down the years for zero profit too I'd also be in the camp of giving up the game if this happens
  7. I've gone with Notts County after spending the last 24 hours trying to decide
  8. The excitement when I get a notification that Miles has tweeted
  9. Time to give up for tonight I think. Won't come out this late
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