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  1. Thanks XaW. First time I've had the perseverance to do it. Always felt like this challenge was the holy grail for FM.
  2. Nuneaton Boro 2048/2049 PL winners. City finally slipped up on the last game of the season. My heart was pounding out of my chest the last 15' of the game. That wraps up this challenge. It's a freaking marathon in England so I'm looking forward to completing this challenge in a country that has less divisions.
  3. I believe it's more a reputation thing. Brazil will always produce world class regens while countries like San Marino will not. Even of you take a San Marinese club to win the CL, the regen output will be less than Brazil. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong?
  4. I'm thinking of a new save after I finished my Youth Academy challenge and I'm thinking of doing something like the San Marino challenge in FM2020. So take a local team and start producing great players for that country so I can take that country to the world cup. With the regens now being caped per country I was wondering what the smallest country on FM is that this would be possible with. Gibraltor and such are suffering too hard from this cap to pull this off. Anyone have an idea? I'm thinking Montengro or Northern Ireland?
  5. Man, I can't believe I didn't realize this before. Finished 3rd, 2nd and 3rd in my last three seasons but City keeps buying world class players and destroying teams like Chelsea or Spurs. My best striker is also turning 29 this season so really need City to slip up a bit more this season.
  6. Took me 28 seasons but the CL is off the checklist. Just need to focus on the PL now so I can finally say I've completed this challenge.
  7. Actually added it myself thanks to this forum Great skin! Going to stick with this one 'til 2021.
  8. Could anyone confirm if the opposition roles are shown with this skin?
  9. I have the same issue where out of nowhere my winger has picked up 'runs with ball trough center'. He also seems to be unwilling to unlearn this. Extremely frustrating. He's not part of a mentoring unit but my AMC who's my best player and leader has this trait. So I assume it must be from the training unit.
  10. Misread your initial post... My bad. So because WBiB overcomplicates things you click the be more expressive TI. Very interesting and I'll give this a shot in my save.
  11. Yikes, should've known that. Thanks! Didn't know that WBiB gave more creative freedom to my players. Intresting. Only the ones on attack or the full team?
  12. I've been playing a youth challenge save since the game came out and played over 25 seasons. The youth intake and development is literally my bread and butter. Two things that I would like some insight on from other youth development addicts: 1) I've produced 1 decent RB and LB in the last decade. It seems to be the one blind spot my HoF has. Anything I'm missing here? Just a rare coincidence? MY HoF prefers the narrow 4-3-3 (park the bus style) and has a Fairly determined personality. He's also the best HoF I can sign with my current stature. Should I replace him with a less talente
  13. On your last episode you said your favorite role is de TM on support because, and I'm paraphrasing here, you're not getting a CA punishment. Could you elaborate on what you meant by this?
  14. Could anybody describe ro link me to a website where the different facilities levels are written down? I have an exceptional youth recruitment at this point but want to check if I can boost it any higher or if I should just invest it in the youth facilities at this point.
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