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  1. I loved Cleon's stories about players asking him dumb stuff. Would be nice to hear 1 story per podcast about a stupid mistake or question you guys get from other players.
  2. It's kinda depressing to know that youth challenges might be blocked because of this bug. Your San Marino save being the best example. Hopefully SI gives us more information and fixes this. I'm going to keep an eye on your thread in the bug forum. I'm wondering if this is just for the really small countries (Faroer, San Marino etc. etc.) or other countries like Hungary (where I have a youth challenge) too.
  3. Damn, so close to qualifying past the group stages. This thread is gonna explode when that happens
  4. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    As usual I will follow every San Marino thread. Glad to hear you are back.
  5. Can't even tell you how excited I am with the new challenge tracker. Makes it so much easier to track your process. I was wondering how you were going to handle the aging of Hakan. Love the twist and can't wait for another 50 years of world domination.
  6. Last youth intakes are just keeping you from taking that next step. It feels like you're close and one great European year could be the breakthrough.
  7. Last season really is a kick in the balls. At least Gobbi rolled out of your youth center. Looks like he'll be a beast and a future cornerstone of the club.
  8. Took a whole week to read this 76 page long topic but it was absolutely worth it. I had so much fun reading this. I'm kinda bummed I have to wait for updates now to see how this continues Can't believe you are still going with this save. Just amazing. Off-topic: Even though I'm New York based: Go Hawks!
  9. Great progress and good to see the NT getting better too. I might have taken the NT job just to try to boost their results as well as it affects your European ranking with SG.
  10. I did not realize those things were hardcoded. Makes this challenge even more impressive. I'm excited to see how far you can take this.
  11. Just read trough the whole topic. Great work and really fun to read. I'm kinda surprised by the low PA outcome of the youth recruitment. Do you have a professional head of you development?
  12. [Enter title in the space provided]

    Just read the whole topic from start to finish. Great read and congrats on an amazing career. What are the remaining goals you want to achieve?
  13. How about Balance? I always thought balance was an important attribute for a good dribble?
  14. Love to read threads like this. I expected the gap between the MC's and AMC's to be too big but I guess the lower tempo and Very Fluid mentality solves that problem?
  15. Just read the whole topic and loved it. I'm using 4-4-2 myself in my LLM-save and will try some things out. Keep those updates coming!