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  1. Could anybody describe ro link me to a website where the different facilities levels are written down? I have an exceptional youth recruitment at this point but want to check if I can boost it any higher or if I should just invest it in the youth facilities at this point.
  2. My players in the VNN always seem to need rest (orange icon) after a some midweek matches. Does this come with the level I'm at or is there something I can do to combat this? I have a physio, doctor and the best physical trainers I can get.
  3. I hate when a new patch drops in the morning and I have to wait all day to give it a go. Anyone that could check if it is now possible to mark or pressure the thrown in taker after the throw in? Is honestly the only complaint I had with the previous version.
  4. After playing half a season the only feedback I have for now is that throw ins are still not fixed. The thrown in taker is still being unmarked after the thrown in and there is no option in to mark or pressure him.
  5. - Throw-in positional adjustment Could somebody confirm that you can now at least pressure the throw in taker and he doesn't have oceans of space to cross the ball after he gets it back?
  6. He is, and he taught me the most about this game. Hope this post isn't perceived as me bringing him down. He's an absolute legend.
  7. Great topic and post. I feel like too many people want to run before they can walk. Reading what Cleon and Bustthenet do is great but sometimes too advanced for people just starting off. They should use this topic first, watch games, see the patterns and then get into more advanced micro management. Hope this gets pinned somewhere.
  8. Ticking "counter" only starts a process where in certain situation the mentalities of your players are set to max. So it's not something you need to tick off necessary.
  9. Wanted to get peoples thoughts on my current save (Nuneaton FC) and the next steps to take: Second season in VNN and I will most likely reach a play off spot. First youth intake was very mediocre and probably wont produce any first team members in the future Finances are stable around 200-300K balance. Haven't made any youth investments cause of our financial situation. My two best platers are 31 (Striker and league topscorer) and 32 (DLP). Should I try to clinch promotion trough the play offs or hold off and build a more solid base? Should I invest in my youth facilities/coaching even though that might put our numbers in red? How to generate more income? I'm trying to organize friendlies against high profile clubs and get as far as possible in the cups. Any other tips?
  10. Is there a way to mark or pressure the throw in taker after he throws the ball into play? Been conceding a couple goals where the thrown in taker throws it short, receives the bal back unmarked and crosses it to the far post for an easy tap in.
  11. We need more topics like these. Great read and very informative. Would also love to see a post about the things that went wrong, how you spotted it and how you fixed it.
  12. Yikes, I was not aware of this. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll re-read your posts in this topic. Seems like a good source of information.
  13. Chemnitzer FC - 2019/2020 Season Table I Squad I Finances I Transfers A decent first season but the main focus was getting financially healthy. We had a $ 3,5M balance at the start of the season but were just leaking money every month. This made me decide to unload some big contracts during the winter break. Our best striker (Frahn) and central defender (Hoheneder) were sold to lower the monthly salary bill. Both stars were 32+ and wouldn't have a long term future at the club either way. This decision squashed our chances of getting promoted though. Tagged players Nick Sebastian Chris Seydler Rene Czempik Three good prospects came out of our youth farm but players younger than 17 are not allowed to play in the 3. Liga. This will be the biggest obstacle to overcome as it will take another 2 seasons to get these players available. This rule does not apply to the 2. Liga so promotion is vital. Any request for an upgrade regarding the youth farm has been denied because of the financial situation.The balance between our financial situation, staff hiring, facilities upgrades, promotion and aging players will be a difficult one. The board also decided to sell two promising youngsters (5 star potential). A great way to start this challagenge. Goals for next season Lower salary cost and stop leaking money Try to convince to board to permit at least one facility upgrade Mid-table finish
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