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  1. How about Balance? I always thought balance was an important attribute for a good dribble?
  2. Love to read threads like this. I expected the gap between the MC's and AMC's to be too big but I guess the lower tempo and Very Fluid mentality solves that problem?
  3. Just read the whole topic and loved it. I'm using 4-4-2 myself in my LLM-save and will try some things out. Keep those updates coming!
  4. Really helpful article as always. I applied some of the advice and won my first game 6 - 4. Scoring 6 against a defensive side is huge for me. Now I just need to stop the counter attacking. I think my biggest problem was the lack of A passing outlet for my attacking players when they were pressered/outnumbered. The link to Rashidi's topic about structure helped me out a lot aswell. I feel like I now fully understand the structure/mentality settings. Keep the articles coming!
  5. So I'm managing Frankfurt (Bundesliga) an my team is a decent middle of the table kind of team. The problem is when i compared my team to the rest of the league the passing, First touch and compose attributes are the wordt in the league. I do have a physical team though. How do I handle this? Play direct or short passing? Tempo? What's a good way to utilize a non-passing, physical team.
  6. Something I noticed just now: When I'm playing a game and I push Cmd + Tab (I'm on Mac) the game stops. When I return to the FM screen the game continues. When I'm playing friendlies I just let the game do his thing while I read this forum so it's pretty annoying. Any way around this?
  7. How can I defend thow ins? I'm conceding some goals that go like this: Throw in taker throws ball to player who holds it, then passes it back. The throw in taker centers in the ball and the striker heads in the center. The problem is that the throw in taker isn't being pressured and has a free chance to whip in the ball.
  8. I constantly have a minimum of 3/4 players injured. Right now my player got injured at kick-off. First pass of the game and he gets injured... It's not like these injuries are long term (most of them couple of weeks) but the frequency of these injuries seem to much. Last game I had three injured players I had to substitute. If nobody else is having this problem I'm just gonna fire my whole medical team and physical trainer
  9. I'm having a lot of injuries. Is it my medical staff or is this something that needs tweaking?
  10. No, he is listed as Coach in my staff list. Just like the other first team coaches.
  11. I just signed a new coach but when I go to the training => Coaches page he doesn't come up on the screen. All my other coaches show and have the assigned tasks (Fitness, General or goalkeeping). When I go to my staff page his name is listed though. Anyone have a solution? Right now I have a coach on my payroll who isn't training anyone...
  12. Me and my friend played online a couple of nights and now we decided to play again. When I joined the game and he was playing as team A I couldn't click the 'control team' button. it was greyed out. he tried the 'go on holiday and disconnect' thing ten times but still I couldn't take control of my team. We tried just about anything we could think off (rebooting FM, steam, laptops...). The only way to keep on playing was to sack mij original manager and add a new one. We both had a steam update right before we started playing but since I can join his game I don't think steam has anything to do with this. Anyone got any advice?
  13. What's the best way to exploit the 4-2DM-3-1? Just played 0 - 0 against a lesser team and totally dominated them. I did get some good changes but missed them. Nevertheless it felt like I wasn't responding good enough to their defensive 4-2DM-3-1 set up. I started out playing 'exploit the flanks' with high tempo and adjusted to a lower tempo. Both didn't seem te bring me any results. Would a 'retain possession shout been a better option here? Any advice?
  14. Ok, so at the first of january I'm sitting top of the table, 12 points clear of second place. Won 20, drawn 2 and lost one. Now the AI is adapting to my game and I'm just dropping point after point. I'm clueless on how to adapt. Do I go more attacking? Do I go more defensive? Anyone able to give me some tips or things to watch out for so I can get out if this slump?
  15. 1) Get a decent scouting staff so a lot of players show up in the search players grid. 2) At the beginning of the season (01/07/20XX ) I look at the transfer history of all the clubs in the game who could give me some decent players and scout/trial those who are free. 3) At the beginning of the season (01/07/20XX ) I look over all the national teams and national youth teams in the world for free players. Some of them are still in the national squad despite being a free agent. 4) Once i've made a shortlist (players who are good, free and have an intrest for signing a contract for my club) I'll evaluate their personality and get rid of those with the wrong personality. (self-centered f.e.) 5) Now I look at the mental attributes and look for those with good teamwork, work rate, determination, leadership and decisions. 6) I start signing the players whom are needed for my club (depending on the position they play and the tactic I'm using) and are in reach of my wage budget. Sometimes I just play a couple of hours at night without even progressing 5 days. Just looking for players, creating tactics, making training schedules, asking the board for youth development...