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  1. No, After going on holiday for a few weeks I was able to request more transfer funds from the board, they agreed and handed me £24M, but by then the window had shut. : /
  2. Well seems to be a bug, messed my save up after a positive start. beta is beta I guess...
  3. Hi I have just completed my first season with Birmingham City, finishing second and securing automatic promotion. The board sent an email stating initial transfer and wage budgets as usual but I don't seem to have the money available to spend. Has this changed in FM17? as i'm sure in previous years the funds were there as soon as the budget was set. I may be mis-remembering. and am not sure if it's a bug that needs reporting. I'm just in the process of holidaying a few weeks ahead to see what happens. Many thanks.
  4. I managed to keep hold of him until around 2020 in a british only players save, and can tell you he is worth keeping hold of if he's open to it. Was fully capped for England and him and Jesse Lingard were my standout players on either wing in Europe. I should add through gritted teeth I ended up selling him for between £30-40M plus addons a few seasons on, as I couldn't keep up with his demand.
  5. Demarai Gray of Birmingham could maybe get a boost to his PA? The way the media have been talking him up this season.
  6. Almost anything with at least an i5 processor and 4GB RAM will run a small database very easily I would've thought. doubt you'll get an i7 for under £600, unless your lucky in the sales or can stretch your budget a bit.
  7. Managed to sign him on a Birmingham test save, so he's willing to go to lower-end teams. if you have the money ofcourse.
  8. Yeah i decided to take the plunge and treat myself. got a Samsung 840 PRO Series 250GB SSD on order too. just cant seem to find a definitive answer as to wether it has a second drive bay or not. If not the SSD is going to live in the desktop.
  9. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-v3-772g-17-3-laptop-champagne-gold-21414718-pdt.html What do we think guys?
  10. Looking good! have you settled on a tactic yet? i just won the leaguecup and need something solid for next season. open to any ideas, got players to fit any formation i think.
  11. I've been busy signing a load of bosmans and cheap players, that will hopefully keep me up this season. and hope the board will release some cash so i can start building properly next season.
  12. Looking good KRO. I still can't shift Ziggy, nobody will take him. tryed loaning him out, asking for no fee, mutual termination the lot. and i cant afford to cancel his contract. Might keep fining him until he gets arsey and asks to leave
  13. Cheers matey, just sorting through who's still available on free's. Just need to build the numbers up more than anything and grind out this season i think. I cant even loan anybody half-decent as the board wont pay the wages.
  14. Season's over and we just about edged it to first place. After a blip with injuries mid-season and reverting back to a 4-4-2 to steady the ship for a couple of months. I resumed with my original 5-3-2 to see us through the year. Was taken over by a local buisnessman thank god, as i missed out on a few freebies due to lack of funds under Carson & co'
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