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    Most recent articles published: (14/12/2011) FM12 versus Real Life: Peter Crouch & Juan Mata (30/12/2011) FM12: Making 4-4-2 Current & Effective (by Forza) (01/12/2011) FM12: The Sir Alex Ferguson Experiment (07/01/2011) FM12: Asymmetrical Symmetrical Formations (by Forza) (08/01/2011) FM12: Interceptions - The Art Of Modern Defending
  2. The Boy Done Good

    New article posted 04/12/2011: FM12 Statistically Speaking: The Best Goalkeepers in the English Premier League New article posted 06/12/2011: FM12 versus Real Life: Robin Van Persie
  3. The Boy Done Good

    New article posted 26/11/2011 looking at the significance of goalkeeper distribution in playing a possession based game.
  4. Why not drop in on The Boy Done Good, a new blog about two things as important in life as the water we drink and the air that we breath… football and Football Manager! We aim to bring you articles, tips, comment and opinion on FM and the beautiful game, plus there’ll be our weekly round-up of what is going on in the top football leagues across Europe. In our first week we take a look at the merits of setting up your own squad screens, show you how to access all the statistical data you need to strengthen your team and spot your opponents weaknesses, and discuss the impact of the 25 man squad rule on the Premier League. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit and will keep coming back for more! Be sure to sign up and receive news on the latest posts via email, plus you can follow The Boy Done Good on twitter @TheBDG Stay lucky! If you’d like to contribute to The Boy Done Good by submitting an article for publication then you can email us at mail@theboydonegood.net
  5. Help needed

    Hi, I'm struggling to create a league format that is similar to the MLS and hoping that somebody can help. Is there a way to create the following league format using the editor... 16 teams split into 4 regional groups, played over 30 games - but here's where I get stuck... every team plays all 15 opponents twice regardless of their region, however, the four regional groups are ordered by those relevant teams overall results. Hope that makes sense?
  6. Somewhere obvious then! Might as well close this thread while you're at it mate, I'll go somewhere a little friendlier.
  7. "Forum Rules and Posting Etiquette - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Tactics & Training Tips forum, here are a few rules and guidelines we hope you all follow; Please be as descriptive as possible in thread titles and posts. This makes it easier if you are trying to ask for help, or posting generally. Any duplicate threads will be closed, if you are unsure use the search function and be sure to look in the Tactics Bible Thread first. Threads that contain swearing or abuse of any kind will be closed at the moderators descretion. Threads that are just a moan about the game will also be closed, unless its done in a constructive manner. i.e provide examples, stats, screenshots. Do not post in caps Threads asking for tactics or training schedules will be closed. "Do not use text speech as not everyone has English as their first language. Also make sure you post in English at all times. If someone makes a mistake no flaming, instead try and offer assistance and offer them advice, or point them in the right direction." Might want to add the no advertising rule so that newbies like me can see it clearly when posting on this forum!
  8. Rules are rules I guess, although I think that it's fairly obvious that it wasn't my intention.
  9. Always been my intention to post the results on here but I haven't got the time to do it tonight. Will post screenies over the next few days if that is ok?
  10. Shortly after getting my hands on FM2010 I set about creating my own training schedules, I was pleased with the results and so I posted the schedules on another forum site (fm-base.co.uk) asking others to take a look for me and comment. The response was overwhelming and have encouraged me to post on other sites. [/url] I am not saying that my schedules are better than anyone else's work, just that I am very proud of the results and ask others to view them without prejudice. Download the schedules using the links below: Dan's Training Schedules Dan's Training Schedules (Youth) Dan's Training Schedules (Part-Time) Save to C:\username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\schedules On FM2010 open your team's training screen and then click on schedules, manage schedules and import. GL and cheers!
  11. International management.

    If Graeme Souness is the best Scotland can hope for it's time to call it a day!
  12. Just realised posted wrong profile picture... http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz36/Pompey_Dan/DannyLakeProfile2.jpg
  13. Looking to get back into the arms of my first love FM2009 after a brief (but ultimately unsatisfying) affair with FML... and this challenge seems like the perfect incentive! Hope I'm not too late... my profile is: http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz36/Pompey_Dan/DannyLakeProfile.jpg