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  1. Yeah I think fm need to do a better job of explaining stuff like that to fm newcomers cause that’s something you can’t find unless u accidentally stumble on it on one of these forms
  2. Yeah something I’ve just learnt now in my good few years of fm lol so for example a player with a very attacking mentality is just focused on scoring which means if could lead to rush decisions or them shooting instead of passing?
  3. Thank you this was driving my head in I’ll look out for more passing stats however I think they’ll have more if not equal to me if they’re passing among themselves
  4. This is what confuses me I’m camped in their area yet they have 61% possession my tactics haven’t changed much other than removing prevent short gk (because they was just passing it out to the fullbacks) and adding shorter passing and lower tempo, this tactic is good for my team and I’m half happy because it’s brings us results and good football but the possession is just SOOOOO inconsistent it drives me mad oh and positive mentality as well because on balanced I don’t like my cb being on defensive mentality
  5. Does ‘be more expressive’ help out with that because as I’m a big team opponent will have a field day watching me try and work it into the box while then have all 10 men back
  6. Do you not find work ball into box difficult? Especially when ur essentially trying to suffocate ur opponent?
  7. No I meant pi as in player instruction idea is I don’t want to be pulling my all my players out just my front 5, tried a couple more game but it’s just the same can’t dominate possession even with the front 5 pressing I have both my cm’s on hold position because of the wingbacks but other than that this possession thing I’m completely lost
  8. Yes I have my front 5 on close down more on pi and fair enough gonna test this out and let you know the results
  9. Ok so this possession thing is confusing me now these past 2 games against top opposition in the league (Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen) I went positive, lower tempo with the normal d line and loe and I dominated possession and they were playing cautious/defensive yet when I play against some bottom opposition they maintain the ball so well and like I said when I push the line up and loe nothing much changes so what am I not noticing here?
  10. That’s how my style has been, usually stripping them of possession and hitting them on counters however I know want to dominate possession but I can’t seem to do that when they’re passing freely at the back regardless of my press? Maybe I do need to drop the lines and bring them out more but I just feel if I do that they’ll be more comfortable passing in they’re own half.
  11. Unfortunately I’m struggling with the same thing after changes unless a team is playing balanced or higher mentality nothing I do help me maintain possession. Maybe I should press with 5 players rather than 4?
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