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  1. Well one that’s good enough to run it at a cheaper price than the Mac preferably?
  2. Yeah I’m a student now so I get student finance so I can afford to get loose a little bit lol. So Apple Mac is superior for it? Something I most likely will go for but is there any cheaper option. Thanks
  3. Also can u let me know if there’s any cheaper options if possible. Thanks
  4. Sorry for late reply been busy but what gb is enough at min I’m looking at a Apple Mac is that good enough?
  5. Ok so I apologise if I’m on the wrong thread before hand. So I’m about to purchase a laptop after a few years of playing football manager touch, however as a student I’m on a budget so I can’t exactly splash out on a expensive laptop. Most of the laptops around my budget range have 4gb ram is this good enough to run football manager or no? I also have no idea about specs and so on with laptops so thanks for all you guys help in advance.
  6. Ok so I made little tweaks to the team tactics and we started of just how I wanted through balls to Kane nice little close inside the box you name it we was scoring that goal. Unfortunately hit a little brick wall now and all the chances is coming from crosses teams are now defending narrow against us with sometimes a deep line I wondering if I should have another midfield runner
  7. Interested to know why you think Kane is hard to get as a goal scorer and no I didn’t like the dele Eriksen combo they played nice passes together but it was unless, thinking if I use son as if(s)and dele on mez(a) they’re gonna get in each others way sorta like Eriksen as those role attack half spaces Will give this set up a try might take Eriksen off that ap cause I feel cause he’s the magnet certain attack’s get messed up
  8. I’m playing on fm touch is there anyway I can see your underdog tactics if not to much hassle just the best one
  9. Well for this team again I want Kane to be the main scorer and rely on nice passing play and not so much crossing I’m bad at explaining but that’s pretty much how I want it to go my thinking was that alli was gonna go up and support Kane and son was a winger just to provide width so that it doesn’t become ridiculously easy to defend that’s my best way of explaining it sorry!
  10. Fair enough so would you say I’m mine is one dimensional? Or can you imagine where I’m struggling?
  11. My tactic is sorta similar to yours however we struggle to create chances and when we do Harry Kane misses some absolute sitters I’m talking free headers in the box 1 on 1 and so on defensively we’re relatively solid but as you’d expect coming up against teams who restrict space against us I’m finding it hard to break them down I have rabiot on hold position to cover for trips bombing forward and I tinker with close down more with my 4 most advanced players. If you remember I had something similar with Everton but we was always 3rd top scorers in the league with Tottenham I was like 6/7 anything you’d tweak and I’d like Kane to be my main goal scorer hence when he’s on dlf(a)
  12. Also the amount of time teams have to ping this long shot off is very annoying I dunno if this is because I play on cautious/balanced to the pressing is to high or what but it’s ridiculous the amount I concede from that alone
  13. Figured out half of my defensive problems... set pieces can anyone lead me to some good corner and throw in defensive schemes. Throws I get done by they either throw it short pass to edge of box and a outside the box ping in the corner every time or the more ‘direct’ version throw it in the box my defender heads it out to the player lurking there for that Paul scholes Esque volley
  14. Well I stick on balanced mentality, counter for the tough away games, higher tempo and early crosses sounds intriguing so I’ll give that a go am I being to passive against the big teams as I’ll just turn on counter mentality and I know that comes with closing down less? So for example if I was to go on positive no point in closing down as closing down more is already there unless I wanted to achieve a certain style
  15. My instructions are same mostly play out defence, counter, prevent short gk, I’m just going to take this as player quality issue been overachieving but I guess it will take a while before I can make everton the ‘big 6’
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