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  1. I did then drop it to support but seen no improvements so that’s why I was thinking of a different role for pogba
  2. Also if I’m losing or drawing late in a game I’ll change to a 4231 and have 2 midfielders sitting and change my striker to a advanced forward doesn’t always work
  3. That’s currently my tactic now got paqueta on hold position for pi and I use to have pogba on a attack duty he was my top scorer and assist so I believe I know how to get pogba going
  4. So maybe a b2bm or cm (a) would be better and not exactly get in martial way?
  5. So this mezzala role I love it cause pogba is unstoppable lol but guilty pleasure i want my favourite player martial scoring and it just seems like this role is getting in the way which I would’ve thought opposite because martial would cut in and pogba would go wide is a mezzala role not exactly the best thing for a inside forward to flourish as much as I want it too?
  6. Yes it was pretty good one thing I learnt was I was always leaving my flanks open so I learnt I’ve either got to be conservative in the midfield or at the back at a certain side or both depending on what tweaks I wanted to make. Last question the counter ti in transitions I put it on without really knowing how it actually affects my play, I see that against certain teams like a Man City where they’re quite aggressive I can spring a nice counter but can that also lead to more rushed play and a loss off possession I know it’s a brief example but just trying to understand that ti abit more
  7. Had a nice little treble winning season pogba was pretty much my everything in a mez (a) role. Still trying to get martial scoring consistently no luck as yet. Was thinking about the 5212 formation but never used a formation with 5 (or 3 at the back however you wanna go by it) I’m guessing the cm will mainly have to be holders as the wingbacks will be going forward providing the width?
  8. Appreciate this shows how naive and rushed I am when I make some of my tactics lots and things to figure out and probably players to ship out for how I want to play
  9. Apperciate that Didn’t think about the passing directness like that which does kind of explain why I’ll have my striker or if going for a solo run with everyone else behind.
  10. I guess my thought process was him not being able to spot runs with his low vision but I can see ur point with the simple passes
  11. Sounds great but never played with those 5 or 3 at the back formations so that would be all new to me but might give that a go in a Cup game
  12. What sort of traits would hinder a dlf then I’d imagine it would be such thing as like to beat offside trap which rashford has id love a flexible formation of 4141 and 4231 the only reason I refrain from 4231 is obviously the gap between defence and mid which kind of leads me to my next question with no dm is it better to play my of my cb’s as a stopper
  13. Yeah I had him on my Dortmund save him and guebbles just banged in goals for fun, would you say a striker with a lack of vision is better to be partnered or have someone in the amc strata rather than none at all?
  14. Ok so this kind of helps me a bit more into getting the best out of them my especially my favourite player martial lol would you say this 4-1-4-1 isn’t getting the best out of them and maybe a 4231 is better until I can get myself a fiete arp or luatuaro Martinez who have great stats for a supporting striker?
  15. So in other words a support duty for the striker? Combined with a if(a) then maybe mez (a) and shorter passing?
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