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  1. Yes that’s what I’m finding out before I use to just play standard d line standard loe or high d line higher loe etc but sometimes even against teams I was better than they just had to much space and was creating too many chances sometimes even holding the ball to much so with this compression I think I’ve figured out it’s good because you essentially suffocate the opposition into whatever zone you put them into
  2. Have you ever tried extreme compression such as much higher line much lower loe or standard line and much lower loe?
  3. So I’ve been doing a little experiment with the defence and I’ve found out that with a standard d line and standard loe with a balanced mentality and standard pressing we’d get torn apart (this is with my 433 formation) how ever if I did something like lower loe and lower d line we was so much better defensively or for how I like to play higher d line standard loe or much higher d line and high loe. Now I believe it’s because standard pressing I was just to passive so I upped it but with bringing the places closer together it’s like I suffocated them, Just wondered if the experience fm players
  4. So a 4231 with wingers in the am strata and midfield strata would suit more of a high press while a 4411 would suit maybe a mid-low block press as players are deeper?
  5. Ok so let’s say for example I’m a midtable team and my regular formation is 4231 however I’m coming up against a team that is severely better than me and I switch to a 4411 the ml/r will do more and better defensive work for me at the cost of attacking positioning, now I know of course roles and duties affecting this along with mentality and TI’s. my thinking is that leaving players high up in the am strata’s for example a aml/r you’re relying a lot on your fullbacks to be adept at defending on there own?
  6. Can anyone tell me to benefits of too heavy and bottom heavy so for example what’s the benefit of a 4231 with aml/r and 4411 with ml/r?
  7. So I’m guessing in transition the wider cb’s will cover the flanks until wb get back and the dm will drop in with the middle cb?
  8. My concern with the mezz(a) is that in this system especially with wingbacks I worry for that side of the flank, when I come up against a team that for examples plays a 4231 or 433 I get battered down there and the reason for the formation was honestly because I’ve never even tried a 3atb formation so I wanted to step out my comfort zone
  9. Hi guys this is my first attempt at a 3 at the back formation and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on how to improve this, although it done me well in the league the champions league was disastrous and to be honest luckily won europa. My idea of this is just short passing plays with either intricate through balls to either striker which I have seen and of course crossing with the wingbacks. My pi’s is closing down more for the 2 strikers and midfield trio, now is there anyway to make this solid because I get destroyed by the bigger teams sometimes even team equal where I know
  10. As for the dmc situation I’ve trialed and tested it’s kinda a catch 22 if I use that formation I’ll struggle for goals and just end up dealing with endless wave of attacks. The other problem that is I only have one cm that has positioning over 15 (james garner) the rest I have 11 at best. It’s quite frustrating as at home this works perfectly even against the big teams which can be 50/50 depending on which of the top 6 it is but away from home is just dreadful. It’s not as if I’m overly aggressive with my roles or overly aggressive with my pressing (4 players close down more in pi the front 4)
  11. Honestly no reason but it works, I just wanted a runner and that was the one that gave me that turned my st to a 35+ goal striker
  12. Possibly however I only have one player capable of playing dmc properly the rest are unfamiliar with the position or does that not matter?
  13. Will have to give that a try, is there no way to make a 4-2-3-1 more solid? Open to changing formation for big games but is there no way?
  14. Yeah I think fm need to do a better job of explaining stuff like that to fm newcomers cause that’s something you can’t find unless u accidentally stumble on it on one of these forms
  15. Yeah something I’ve just learnt now in my good few years of fm lol so for example a player with a very attacking mentality is just focused on scoring which means if could lead to rush decisions or them shooting instead of passing?
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