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  1. I’m on touch so training is basic but nobody’s unhappy and player morale/squad harmony is never low. However one of my new players lobotkov who I use as my dlp has run with ball through centre I don’t know if that has anything to do with it and also him and idrissa gueye has come deep to get ball so I don’t know if that’s a problem having 2 players come deep to get the ball? I’m a firm believer of defence starts with attack so when we struggle to piece passes together you are inevitably going to get caught out on defence especially against quality opposition
  2. Honestly it’s a bit of everything especially when I come up against big teams long shots corners spitting through balls the whole lot I do tell my cm and dm to mark tighter but that hasn’t worked I will try close down less for cb and dm
  3. And also why when I come up against a team that presses my team resorts to punting it upfield when there’s other good options around them
  4. In general for defence because it’s not just Valencia I have trouble with when it comes to defending
  5. Anybody got tips or is it something to do with my roles and duties? Etc
  6. The counter attacking one with loe tight marking and counter transition I know it’s not on there but that’s what I done and I get beat in every way imaginable if it wasn’t for my attack I’d definitely be lower down cause I can’t rely on my defenders
  7. It’s the same one as the recent picture above and because honestly I met them in group stage now in quarters and I’ve restarted it a couple of times to see where I’m going wrong
  8. Also they’re pressing us hard but my players can’t find each other so they just boot it up the field which is annoying cause if they could just find that one good pass we’d have them on the back foot
  9. I’ve used one of the defensive schemes you recommended but I’m getting slaughtered constantly by Valencia nothing I can do to stop them told my cms dm to mark tighter tried going more cautious/balanced but they have my number and we’re the favourites too
  10. Isn’t tighter marking more risky as you run the risk of your defender just getting turned by a quicker and faster player also is a low dl and loe to to passive?
  11. Nothing wrong with this tactic been overachieving for 3 years now thanks for your guys help as well. Now we’re predicted to be 7th and I know my team aren’t as good as the other top 6 even though I’ve been top 6 for 3 years now but against some of these clubs particularly Man City, Liverpool, and Tottenham we struggling to defend so much they create so many chances I’ll end up getting beat by a corner, long shot, defender heading it out for someone to ping it in top bins etc how do I make this more solid or what’s solid defensive instructions so I could be more counter for example or hold on to the slim lead?
  12. Could you explain that comes deep to get ball I can kind of get the point but plays back to goal just kind of defies the purpose with those traits I would of thought it would make more sense to have players running in behind him? Can you also explain that iwb I see you like recommending that role but I’m to scared to use it as I have no idea what it does.
  13. Again it’s kind of rotated in pre season but that’s it now Willian Jose is going to lead my line now thinking maybe to put him on support instead though as he has plays with back to goal and comes deep to get ball
  14. And the last trait is knock ball past opponents. Tweaked my tactics a little with help of the suggestions we create chances and miss a few so disheartening but I guess that’s due to quality but at the back we’re just not solid enough we could clear the ball out lands to them long shot in rinse repeat or just the regular cross into the box. Sometimes set pieces but wouldn’t say that’s a big problem as we’re pretty good at it although when we do concede it’s just silly. Only change I did was change mezzala on opposite side and I change between pf(a) dlf(a)
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