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  1. I want to use this file down to Level 23 for england but haven't been able to work out as of yet how to use it Any help would be great.
  2. Grrr! Sterling signed a 5 year deal with my Liverpool FC but 205k a week wages
  3. Rangers not in the SPL? I think your Scottish Championship League is broken!
  4. So Zenit was sniffing around for my Under 21s manager, let the following 3 screenshots create your laughter for the day!
  5. This guy wasn't in my youth recruitment but when I found him, I purchased him right away. It's Mid-Late March so he'll play the rest of the season in the Under 21s before being promoted in to the First Team from season 2016/2017.
  6. I so wish we could start a save game with totally fake players or have an option to start at a date where the players in the game have mostly retired, like quickly go from July 2013 to July 2033. It takes ages ages to holiday 20 seasons
  7. A 23 year old newgen/regen? very rare at thatage to be honest.
  8. Wowee! what training do you use? pass it on to us all!
  9. it does get frustrating hey ? lucky I was in holiday mode then, I wasn't managing anyone at the time.
  10. since you lot are clearly not listening and you all just want to abuse each other and try to be a internet warrior, I will post a screenshot in hope others follow. Surely doesn't deserved to be sacked over his Community Shield 1-0 loss to Man City yeah ?
  11. come on stop the abuse, and lets get this thread back on course before it gets closed. #RiseAboveHate
  12. Is this possibly the closest run title race in anyones FM12 saved game? I am on holiday mode for the first 15 seasons so then I can play it with most of the original players retired. But had to stop it here and check it out. WOW No editing done at all. = on points & Goal difference. It then went down to goals scored, 1 goal difference. OUCH!
  13. click on your manager name up top, then click on Search then Players. Add condition ----> Age - maximum is 18 Add condition ----> contract status you can either select Unattached and/or Expired. If you select both, you need to add another condition.
  14. I'm in 2014/2015 and it's the draw for Champions League Quarter Finals. We have 2 French, 2 Portugese, 3 Spanish & me (Liverpool) and I was suprised to see it pan out like this Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else on FM 12 ?
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