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  1. unless you are in the top 20 managers of all time in hall of fame, it will be harder to get a national job.
  2. Check future transfers. I'm pretty sure they will join start of the 2nd season.
  3. https://invisionpower.com/ check out their website and see what possible features could be used. Hope it is ok I post it here. Hope paid subscriptions don't get included, as I know invision power also has that option. I like the tagging user option.
  4. Why not just edit an existing player and control his playing future via the editor if needed? Simple.
  5. I want to use this file down to Level 23 for england but haven't been able to work out as of yet how to use it Any help would be great.
  6. Started a save fm16 game with your favourite club, always torn the fabric out of the club and sold/bought too many players the first two seansons and then regretted it and moved on to another club and then returned to your favourite club a few seasons later to not do it as bad the 2nd time? Some how I try not to, I dont want to do it, But i always do it, I don't know why.
  7. My LFC club reputation increases regularly during the season. When I started a new save game, I deliberately lowered LFC reputation to be the lowest in the EPL, same as the amount of seats in Anfield. in 1 month, LFC club reputation has increased from 6059 to 6083.
  8. When you log on to the forums on here you quickly scan the topic, And I came across this. I thought wtf?! I was one of quite a few who Kriss banned originally but I changed and was welcomed back in here and I think me and Kriss got on ok for the forum sake anyway. Never nice to see a thread like this, RIP Kriss.
  9. Windows 10 upgrade has been asked heaps of times, as previously stated, it has zero effect on your saved game. By upgrading it just means your computer is slightly better
  10. Or you can just use Sigames own ingame editor and give him a 2nd nationality of the nation he is playing in
  11. Financially this would not make sense. Why would tablet creators limit their profits?
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