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  1. I like to set my teams up to hit the opposition in transition, i'll sit my team slightly deep to draw the opposition out of their area, then when i win the ball, i play the ball into wide positions at high tempo with a direct style to try and get in behind the defence and stretch them opening gaps
  2. after struggling with Villa in my first two seasons, my third season i am 5th after 20 league games. Strangely enough i am the highest scoring team in the league and also at the same time have conceeded the most goals in the league too...my best result so far was beating Man Utd 6-3...i attribute my teams turnaround in fortunes to my three loan signings, Jordy Clasie, Lucas Ocampos and Marco Van Ginkel.....of the players i own, Massimo Bruno has been brilliant
  3. how come he isn't in the game anymore? i'm pretty sure he's still a registered player at Aston Villa, even despite his cancer treatment............
  4. i have been using a 4-2-3-1 formation and have had success with players switching positions during games. I get my AML and AMR interchanging with each other and also the AMC and Striker switching. and to great effect. It has resulted in the opposing teams marking defenders being pulled out of shape and opening up holes behind their defence, which are then penetrated with a through ball or well placed cross........ has anyone else had success doing this?? i only do this with the attacking players, but i guess you could also use it with a central midifield pairing, where they take turns in playing as a holding mid and an attacking one is this an underutilised option by FM gamers?
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