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  1. I saw a great video from Zealand about player traits that can boost scoring ability. One which may be (relevant here) is that if your player has very high dribbling ability for his league then if you train him to have "like to round the keeper" it can boost his scoring chances. He wont actually force the issue, it just means he will end up getting himself into better scoring position before striking i.e. his dribbling ability can help his low finishing attribute by giving him a better angle on goal that is less covered by the goalkeeper.
  2. Since this post I've been going over some of the old wonderkid list websites. There seems to be a fairly good sucess rate of the of the top wonderkids but its usually helped by some of them already being around 20 and starting at a big club already (Varane for example). I'd say the top wonderkids they get about a 50% success rate. I ts interesting to see some that drop off the lists who are now doing well in thier later years (Digne, Ter Stegen & Umititi, Laporte and Taglifico, Deulefeou). Below the top players thought the success rate is understandably bad, but it is interesting to see some now big names low down the PA list (Salah!) Whats also clear is how many top south american wonderkids there are that never made it/FM got wrong. They definitely have a much better success predicting European wonderkinds. Just goes to show how many hurdles there are to make it to the top, Pietro Pellegris injury woes at Monaco being a prime example (although he still has plenty of time on his hands I imagine his confidence has taken a hit)
  3. Hey, this seemed like the right forum to have this discussion. There seem to be so many articles on websites that talk about all the FM wonderkids that never made it. But is that just because its funny? What I really wanted to know was how many times FM gets it right. Of course not every player is going to be the best in the world, but do the majority of FM wonderkids make it to the top level (I'd say that generally qualifies as reputable sides)????????? What are the famous wonderkids FM has got right in the past? The ones I can think of in the last 5 years or so are Trent Alexander Arnold, Ruben Neves, Donnarumma, Tielemans, Tah, Sule, Gnabry
  4. I don't think you would, but it may run smoother?
  5. Wondered whats people approaches are on this. Recently had a few "orange" injuries early on in a match. Usually I'll sub them but last time I left my player on for nearly 60mins and didn't see any effect (other than tiredness). I've assumed all it does in increase the risk of "red" injury and lower their fitness%. Is that correct? Does it have any effect on their ability to perform in the match? If so then maybe I'll actually start my "orange" injured players occasionally.
  6. 100% that was my biggest take away from the thread. Its here... I think you should read up a bit on Mentalities or have a bit of a refresher. I very very rarely change mentalities, I only do it if I want a role to perform more extremely (eg pushing a CM further up the pitch), then consequently changing the mentality of each role to counter it. But my main reason for recommending it is purely for you to identify issues you have, if you spot 1 issue then change the mentality you might fix that issue but create other elsewhere, you'd just go round in circles. Keeping mentality and only changing roles is how i do it 90% of the time when trying to create a tactic. If your player is set to make short passes and a short pass isn't on, they will either gamble with a launched ball forward (which your receiving players won't be expecting due to the team instruction), a long shot or play a safe ball back to keeper (as you are describing). Here, I think you need to decide what you want. As by the sounds of it you want to play possession football but aren't happy with passes backwards - that is kinda counter intuitive. You can make almost any style of play fit any formation, but very generally a 4321 will work better with possession play than a 4231. Again I think you need to decide what you want to see and how you want to play and make sure those things aren't counter intuitive (eg possession but no backward passes)
  7. I don't really see much wrong with your tactic to be honest it looks well balanced. Like me and most others you are struggling with this formation this year (I have previously played this formation for many years with no issues). I've moved on to a different formation but there was a fantastic thread about AP/AM and giving him space. The biggest take away I got from it was to move the CMs to the DM position, and to use wingers which I already did and you do to. From my experience this year with this formation and looking at your tactic I'd change your Fwd to a PF-a and Am to a Treq. I'd also vary your wings more, given your CM-L is on Defend, I'd have a much more attacking/adventurous LB and a more attacking AM-R. I'd also remove shorter passing to try and get ball up top quicker (given that you have a "top heavy" formation), this may also stop backward passing to keeper you are referring to. Thats about it, as I said it looks okay to me and certainly nothing else jumps out as "wrong" Other advice would be to stop changing mentalities so much, especially as you are experimenting with roles etc, it changes every players attitude and how the roles work with each other, I'd stick to one mentality more and identify your issues from that. Usual advice is that a top heavy formation like this should shy away from attacking mentality to avoid squeezing space up top when you have the ball . Also I've fond that one tactic that works well in one country usually doesn't directly translate well into another.
  8. Yes I saw that one thank you. Judging from the other link I had I assumed that Youth Rating was in number form instead of stars
  9. Yeah I can only find like top for top 20 .. https://dictatethegame.com/2019/11/27/fm2020-guides-top-countries-clubs-to-scout/ I wanted a more definitive list I can't see on editor as I'm on FMTouch (iOS)
  10. Hey, Simple question but I can't find the answer anywhere. Where can I find the "Youth Rating" for every nation (a full list)???
  11. Yeah this is my advice, leave on general but for players with potential I do individual. From what I've seen I wouldn't recommend tasking AM with mentoring, I do that myself as they tend to just pick the older players as mentors without much consideration of the personalities they are passing on. Mentoring is only useful if you have a "significant" influential player (regardless of age) with a desirable personality on a group of young players who have balanced or undesirable personalities
  12. I notice this but not domestically for me it’s always in the continental competitions. Always been like this in previous FMs too. I COULD just be down to injuries, lack of cover or the ride of counter pressing (which you need the right players for - not least high fatigue). Or could just be a bug/bad programming??
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