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  1. I've found defensive/counter tactics don't work well for top sides in current FM match engine. This is mainly because opposition will often happily pass it around at the back taking their sweet time and not taking any risks. My teams would just sit in a low/medium block just wasting time waiting for opposition to come into my half so I could trigger counter. This is the same reason why high-press works so well in current version/ME, its not the actual winning of the ball high up the pitch, its the fact that it makes the opposition hurry up and attempt to play the ball forward leading to long balls or space opening up
  2. Nearly there. I'd mirror most things Experienced Defender said but a combination of raising mentality to control (which you should) and high defensive lines means that DLP-D will actually work better than DLP-S IMO as he will find and exploit space better behind squeezed opposition. DLP-D is also amazing if playing out from the back. I'd also add that wingers aren't great for possession based systems due to their tendency to cross. I'd much prefer a Treq. WBs work better than FBs with Treq so I'd change that too. I'd experiment swapping BBM-DLP positionally and watch to see what works best with the rest of the team
  3. I need a CD and spotted this 5* potential gem... My only concern is his lack of Bravery and Aggression, I am in premiership and champions league, playing high line, offside trap. Do you guys think these attributes are too low for me to play him in the first team? Or will his other decent attributes make up for it?
  4. Yes, I’am starting to notice this, liability is a strong word but I’m starting to think I need to rethink the role (and type of player required) entirely. It probably needs to be more of a creator role now, a DLF as you suggested or F9, I did try a SS one match but the penetration from him was completely inadequate. It doesn’t help that I don’t have this type of player in my squad, I have 2 great AFs and two meatball PFs, both their passing abilities are average at best
  5. I created a tactic dedicated to countering this style of opponent But it might not work for you because if you are playing a short passing possession game you might not have the right personnel. Most important player you’ll need is a good AF
  6. Looks great. I played 4411 my first season due to lack of striker options (3 isn’t enough for a whole season with 2 striker tactics). Using March that way is genius, hadn’t thought about that. Knockheart is still in my squad, quality player. I’ve found he works best in a WM/Winger role as the IW role tends to make him dribble too much and loose possession. Because of his PPMs he still plays much like a IW, cutting inside nicely but making better choices/decisions in the final third. im curious why you’ve opted for a NFB, I’d always got for FB instead. Ontop of that it looks like your screaming out for a IWB there
  7. I think your looking at the first post (tactic has evolved slightly since then) but what you are describing is still what I'm trying to achieve. Is the standard practice on this forum to change/update the OP? This is a good point. I have created a more balanced version (see my updated post), which CAN work more effectively depending on how I see the game playing out. I've found that when playing a dominant side, the DL setting seems more relevant to the CMs, this is because the opposition often camp their entire squad in my half. The difference between Lower and Standard DL in these situations is so minimal due to how far back they have forced my defence/defensive line. But on a Standard DL setting I find the CMs preventing long shots more due to their slightly higher position. You would think this could be achieved on a higher/standard LOE (as you have described) but in practice I've found that it simply leaves a narrow gap for AM strata to exploit. Because I'm sitting back and playing direct counter attacking football, the transition when we loose possession is not a problem we face that often. A problem I've found with closing down in the midfield area is that because we are playing 442 (and have a RPM) we are quite vulnerable in the middle, and don't have the numbers to press there as effectively. But I'll definitely take you sound advice and experiment further. I'm on a PF-d now but still come across this problem of isolation. However it is a sacrifice I think I'm willing to make. The main thing I'm trying to do is force passes OVER the opposition DL so the AF is through on goal, I feel a TM would mean most of the long passes would be to him and change the tactic. The DLF-s sounds much more attractive to me, but I really LOVE the way the PF-d puts pressure on the DM position, especially as I only have 2 players in the middle defending which can often be overrun. This is the reason I switched from PF-s to PF-d, the PF-s was often caught between the idea of pressing the DM and the CD but doing neither (of neither very well at least). I did try a PF-a and this CAN work due to the added DL-line threat, but I found I ended up with 2 isolated players instead of 1. I'll try a DLF-s though as I like the thought of him attacking the channels, I definitely want that position to offer more in attack but maybe I'm asking too much? Yes, I now have a W-a role against most sides and it works much better. WM is better for dominant opposition, but it depends on the player at my disposal
  8. I often switch WM to W depending on the player. Only one I don't change as is crucial for tactic is the WP. RPM is weak defensively but crucial for the quater back style pass to the forwards, thats one of the reasons why boring CM-d is needed.
  9. I play with them every other season of FM because I'm a Brighton fan. This year is good because they have made some great signings (Andone, Bernardo, Bissouma and Jakhanbaksh are still in my squad in my 5th season). But they are desperate for some reshaping in FM as they have a difficult squad to work with. At first it looks very defensive with human towers in Dunk and Duffy and conservative CMs, but there is no pace up top to efficiently play a low DL and counter attacking game. Another annoyance is ALL the wingers have "cut inside" PPMs, this is a frustrating PPM for a side of their caliber as they lack any speed or quality dribbling skill (for the premier league). You can make most of this all work (as have I) but you'll desperately need a striker with some decent pace (this is true to their RL squad too). Another plus is that they have a decent setup behind the scenes. Financially stable, good youth prospects, training facilities, backroom staff etc
  10. I saw how much being BOTH footed can help in the FM engine a few years ago when I had two SS's. They'd often get into those tight situations centrally where they've got an opposition player all over them like a rash, sometimes forcing them backwards and limiting their passing options. Agility REALLY helps when that happens, but I also noticed how my players that can use both feet could get out of trouble a lot easier too compared to the more single footed players. Other than that I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes?
  11. But doesn't WB-a have 'cross from byline' PI? Surely a WB-s would achieve deeper and quicker crosses?
  12. Good vid, Not sure thats what I saw Barca do a lot (I'm not saying they didn't do it), Henry specifically talks about Pep telling him to stay out wide to stretch D-line, using "positional play" I'm trying to translate that to FM terms Ram? CF-s? IF-s Mez-s DLP-D Anc WB-s BPD BPD WB-s Not sure how you can get striker to occupy a specific channel, all we have on FM is "Move Into ChannelS" But I do know CF-s drifts really nicely into wide positions. Not sire about Henrys position either, Maybe a Ramadueter?
  13. So I feel this tactic is as good as I can make it. It’s defensively solid, and is great as an underdog tactic and away tactic against equal opposition. This is the slightly more balanced version (less deep) I ended up using a WP on the left due to a comment from ED on another thread and it’s been exactly what I needed. Not used a WP before but my god I wish I had. Drifts into space perfectly and opens up a bigger space for WB to move into. Crucially it doesn’t hold onto the ball longer than necessary like a IW or even worse run into a dead end and loose the ball. Im now moving onto my counter pressing tactic again as my success has meant I’m challenging for CL place and most sides are parking the bus. This is what I have so far, any help would be welcome. I initially had AF as a PF-a but found when I switched to an AF that he found space in the box much better when we were in possession deep into the oppositions half, the PF-a was much better in the transition or on the counter but the PF-d was already helping in that regard. I definitely feel the AP-s has scope for improvement. W-a is working very well, CWB-s can be a WB-s, I'm struggling to see the differences in game.
  14. 100% This. If you are playing as an underdog then sitting back and countering combined with players with pace can be deadly. But as soon as your a more dominant club, I find players pace less important, simply for the reasons TheJanitor explained. Clubs will just park the bus, sit back and sometimes not even bothering to counter/play forwards! Its why when managing a club, I’ve found the transition from domestic underdog to favourite tricky to navigate, as players you’ve had can suddenly be a lot less effective. Pace will always have its uses (especially in attacking space), it just becomes much much more about technical attributes IMO. ive found one of the tricks is to somehow draw the opponents out. You can achieve this with lower tempo and (surprisingly to me), ‘Waste Time Sometimes’, Counter TI can still be used in conjunction to exploit numbers when opportunity arises. Certain roles can help achieve this also, BPDs and DLPs
  15. Sorry, I meant a 'more' positive mentality. But reading it again you said more 'aggressive' mentality, assuming we meant the same thing. With a cautious mentality, passes and movement are going to be less direct
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