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  1. I think it’s must be a scouting thing? one of my biggest hates is that searching for transfer listed players doesn’t include ALL TL players from abroad
  2. Just so I fully understand the difference between the two. Half space is the space between wings and centre of the pitch (for want of a better explanation), but the channels are the spaces between central and wide defenders regardless of their shape/formation?
  3. I find the database/league limit on Touch (iOS) so frustrating and was wondering what the best way to get the maximum players/database is. It appears that if you select a league then you also get decent access to teams in other countries from the same continent due to continental competitions (Champions Cup/EURO Cup). So I'm assuming if I have the largest database/league from each continent then that is the best way to get the largest database? E.g. England/Mexico/Argentina or England/China/Argentina. Can anyone shed any light on this???
  4. Do you have English leagues active when you started your save? Also, check your scout has a decent scouting knowledge of England. I have found player search limiting, it doesn't seem to search ALL players on database
  5. Unquestionably for me its Mexico/Liga MX. The season is split into two so you can win two league trophies a year. Very competitive league with not many runaway favorites or relegation fodder, decent youth setups and facilities, packed attendances. League has a good reputation so you can poach wonderkids from South America. Only downside is the ease of the NS Continental Competiton, but on the plus side you can then challenge fro World Club Cup!!!!
  6. I'm not sure if its just more on FM19, but I'm noticing more and more how much PPMs override tactical instructions. In rare cases, as you have mentioned, you can use this to your benefit. But its only the really experienced players who can use this to good effect, most of the time I just find it gets in the way of my tactical idea and also makes good players lay to waste unless untrained (which takes time). I personally think PPMs should have less of an impact than they currently do. Its nice to play with things and it does lead to interesting roles and more variations but I think considering this is (mainly) a tactics game, PPMs shouldn't override TIs/PIs as much as they do.
  7. The work around the dreaded FM cross block, is to cross early. This will also work wonders with TM and defensive tactics. FBs can block crosses with ease when they are on the by-line as there is very little space to cross into (sam in RL). I have not found personally that IWBs cross well, instead they provide amazing DM/CM cover and support when moves breakdow, freeing up CM roles to be more attacking in duty. You will also have this problem with wingers. Wingers in FM can cause chaos to backline organization but only if they are speed demons. Wingers with 15 pace/acc will not be enough to beat a Champions League FB/WB, they will just catch up and block the cross. If you don't have such a player then you'll be better off with a WM-S with great crossing, he won't try to beat the man if there is one infront of him and instead play early crosses to beat the FB cross block. WMs also work nicely defensively against top sides as they tend to have FBs/WBs running late into the wings as IFs move inwards (sucking in your FB), they do this in the way that an AML/AMR doesn't
  8. Wow, have not read all of this yet (at work) but looks RIGHT up my street. I'm far more interested in underdog tactics, and especially interested this year as I have found soaking up pressure from top sides harder to do (the opposite of what you have said), the AI seems to do it well, but I often fail to a long shot. Mastering underdog tactics opens the window to saves of the many interesting clubs who dominate domestically but aren't up to it continentally. One word of warning from me. Target Men in FM are next to useless in my experience, they win about half of their ariel battles and of that half around half find another player. Scoring headers from crosses is also very rare as keepers will come out to collect crosses with ease. Only time I've had success with headed crosses was in Mexican league in FM18, where most CDs have terrible jumping reach. This is just my experience though, I hope you can make it work. The only good thing about TM/S in FM (slightly unexpectedly) is that they seem to roam and find space quite nicely, even popping up wide and crossing themselves occasionally! Having said all of that. What a TM Skoda is! Your right that top tier teams have forgotten about TMs, if you were a top side playing with TM tactic then Skoda would walk right in!
  9. I really feel this should be explained in-game or at least in brackets on the PI for inexperienced players.
  10. I'm too scared to change AF to Poacher so took of "Stay Wider" on PF and swapped back strikers and DCs. Again, this is going quite well so far, especially since the changes. Although a handful of wins have been due to random penalties and set-piece melees. I'm now thinking a CM on defensive duty might be better than a BWM, he's covering the IW and WB well but due to his role he can stray a little too far out and leave a gap in the middle. I'm thinking CM-D will cover well and be better positionally, but its a role that doesn't offer much other than positional discipline IMO so any other suggestions would be welcome. Maybe its just going to be one of those roles where the player never excels but benefits the entire team and system. Maybe a DLP? Too many playmakers? Also, I still want to get more out of my wingers, IW-S in particular isn't really offering me anything other than a bit of balance. I'm thinking of switching to IW-A, but don't want him clashing with AF. Also unsure about mazy runs/dribbles, seems to slow everything down. Maybe I need different personnel, a speed demon might be better suited (which I don't really have).
  11. Amazing! Thanks for your advice. Thanks for pointing out “be more expressive”, that was a punt in one match that made it into the tactic and I don’t fully understand what it does on the pitch with the ME. I want to keep “pass into space” as I’m certain that is EXACTLY what I’m trying to achieve. I've definitely misread some of the advice on low LOE and pressing, being a notch down makes complete sense, as does tighter marking on the midfield (but maybe not on BWM due to role?) I've taken your advice on PF being wider, swapping with AF and using IWB on defend and swapping NCB. What is your thinking behind swapping NCB? First game at home against Man City wth these changes went very well Biggest improvement is defensively with combination of IWB in defend and “more urgent” pressing. We completely limited their chances. It’s sometimes scary seeing a defender not engage someone on the ball when they start running but I’d heed Lombardis advice on the American Football thread about “bend don’t break”. Offensively I want convinced. PF being wider looked nice with IW but the AF often goes wide too so sometimes there’s a gaping hole in the middle and no crossing option. Maybe I could switch AF to Poacher? I’m reluctant to do so as AF had been working so well and the tactic is based around that role/outlet but I don’t see huge dissimilarities with Poacher other than it doesn’t look for space out wide.
  12. If you want less crosses and long shots try 'work ball into box'.
  13. For me what l like most about this video is the way Oxford and Diop just pause on the ball and wait to be pressed. Its not pretty to look at but it really helps open up space. If they hang onto the ball like that the AI often can't resist pressing and if anyone is pressing a DC then they are leaving/opening space behind them. I've often seen this with 2 DMs in some of my tactics, again not pretty but it draws out CMs and can open a glorious pocket up in the AM strata. I always thought this was down to 'waste time sometimes' TI???? Its also nice seeing that the 'possession' style is focused at the back, you watch Yarmalenko casually walk back until he gets the pass them BOOM it's like a different tactic. I'd have thought its a ridgid structure becasue of that but I didn't think ridgid structures suited possesion football
  14. I shouldn't think so with positive mentality, and 3 attacking duties.
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