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  1. FM13: VfL Wolfsburg

    5 wins, 5 defeats, 3 draws. Still in the cup. Goals scored 12, goals conceded 10.
  2. FM13: VfL Wolfsburg

    Well I've just been on the receiving end of possibly one of the harshest sackings ever. After only 13 league games and in 10th place. I know the board want European qualification, but I was only a few points off a place. I turned off first window budgets to dabble with the current real life squad but I realised its just not good enough. The club is also in a severe financial mess. Aside from this, I suffered a lot of injuries, including Bas Dost for 5 months. Still, 13 games... ridiculous. The club won the league in 2009 and seem to be living on past glories. They are a small club in real life and have overspent beyond their means. Is Mr. Garcia just trigger happy or have I missed something? I'm not a happy bunny.
  3. Lack of headed goals?

    But it's the lack of goals from 6 ft 5 target men that really bugs me. I don't get how 5 ft 5 wingers can be banging this amount of goals in off their head. When was the last time you saw Aaron Lennon or Theo Walcott rise like a salmon to nod home???
  4. Lack of headed goals?

    So basically, I'd be better off re-training players like those mentioned above to centre back as they'd be more use. It seems like the AI has even recognised the flaws in the match engine. I remember seeing on one save Harry Redknapp train Crouch as a centre back
  5. Lack of headed goals?

    Anyone else use target men with success? I would like to know how you get the best out of them.
  6. Lack of headed goals?

    Where do your crosses come from? Deep/ Byline? Fullbacks or wingers? I started as Liverpool and use Carroll as a target man on default settings. I play 2 up top, in a big man/ little man partnership. Carroll never seemed to flick on or use his head well. Would it be better if he was alone up front?
  7. Lack of headed goals?

    If that's the case then it's a real shame. I'm a massive fan of big target men who "put themselves about". There aren't many better in the game than Andy Carroll, and if I can't get to utilise his aerial prowess properly it's a big waste of CA. It seems this FM is more suited to a David Villa type striker.
  8. Dunno if it's just me or my tactics, but there seems to be a distinct lack of headed goals from open play. I play wide and look to swing the ball in to the back post etc. to players like Carroll and Lukaku, but other than from corners and freekicks, I can't seem to get good old-fashioned target men banging in bullet-headers at the far post. And yes, I use float crosses. Would like to hear your views on the matter.
  9. Stadium Expansion?

    I got White Hart Lane expanded to 52,000 in 2nd season without asking. Even when finishing 5th.
  10. Was recently playing a game on FM, I'm Arsenal and have a very good squad. I have won my previous few games. Here comes the weird part... Was 4-0 away at a newly promoted team, looking very comfortable, I then get to half time and tell me players I'm pleased. The game ends 4-4 and also, I have a player sent off. Disgraceful, how can I go from looking so comfortable to crumbling like that. I may aswell wave goodbye to the title, because no doubt I will now go on a losing streak because that's how this game works!!!! Sort it out SI!!!
  11. Just want to know whether or not certain players will adhere to your tactical changes / decisions based on your reputation, take for example starting with automatic rep, will players like Ronaldo or Messi go off and do their own thing on the pitch or would i have to earn their respect in order to get them to do as i wish?
  12. Just wondering if the favoured personnel/legends problem has been amended with the new patch. Previously you could be removed from the club's legends list and placed on their hated list after making them the best club in the world and leaving for a new challenge:( Can anyone confirm that this issue ( in my opinion ) has been looked at/fixed, cheers
  13. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    i searched through my hardrives and found the team_holland.ddt and then placed the dafuge_challenge10 in there too, loaded up the game and voila!
  14. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    at last! i am holidaying as we speak, looking forward to competing in my first ever challenge
  15. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    ok, someone tell me what im doing wrong; 1) i download the ddt file and save it to the folder(vista) 2) i then load up the game and check preferences 3) it isnt there =S just the team_holland folder