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  1. Any chance you can upload the tactic somewhere else as workshop won't let me add it to my game.
  2. Similar situation... plug and play tactics this year just aren't great it seems compared to previous years. Which is a shame as it takes enjoyment out of the game for those that don't have the time to put together tactics of their own.
  3. It's really not working well for me with Palace with everything set as instructed. Will give it more time, but halfway through the season and I am sitting 16th with a very, very poor defensive record.
  4. Ordered mine... Whatever changes are made, it'll still be money well spent as I've bought every incarnation since the original Championship Manager. It could cost £60 and still be value for money for the amount I play it, roll on the beta...
  5. Looking for a 442 that actually works in FM17 with actual forwards not false ones. All the ones I have tried don't seem to work
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