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  1. Any chance you can upload the tactic somewhere else as workshop won't let me add it to my game.
  2. Similar situation... plug and play tactics this year just aren't great it seems compared to previous years. Which is a shame as it takes enjoyment out of the game for those that don't have the time to put together tactics of their own.
  3. It's really not working well for me with Palace with everything set as instructed. Will give it more time, but halfway through the season and I am sitting 16th with a very, very poor defensive record.
  4. I've not posted a tactic before, however thought I'd share this as I'm getting great results on my Celtic save, and not just domestically but in the Champions League too (Semi final twice and playing Liverpool and Arsenal off the park in consecutive seasons along the way). Have tested in for 3 seasons, 2 without defeat domestically and 1 season where I lost once (2 games from the end of the season vs Rangers). It's producing some really great free flowing attacking football, and conceding very few goals once familiar. It has various aspects borrowed from some old FM17 Tactics I had used in the past. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bj15mc43dyiqgud/CG1.fmf General Training I have it set to Team Cohesion / Very High (for pre-season and throughout the season dropping the Intensity level down during busy periods). Match Preparation is set to Match Tactics again for pre-season and during the season. Opposition instructions is left to the Assistant Manager. Tactical briefings is also left to the Assistant Manager. If anyone tries it, please let me know how you get on - and if you find any way to improve it.
  5. I expect it will be, won't be hard to add into the database as an agreed transfer for the January transfer window.
  6. Ordered mine... Whatever changes are made, it'll still be money well spent as I've bought every incarnation since the original Championship Manager. It could cost £60 and still be value for money for the amount I play it, roll on the beta...
  7. Looking for a 442 that actually works in FM17 with actual forwards not false ones. All the ones I have tried don't seem to work
  8. This was working great for me in my Derby save, got promoted using another tactic but switched to this and was having great results.... but it's started to be less effective now yet I've not changed anything
  9. The England job isn't that hard to get if you want it within the game... much like in real life, just that no one actually wants it lol.
  10. I might try a Leeds save for a change... On FM16 I started at Coventry, moved on to Everton where I won everything, on to Barcelona who wouldn't allow me to get rid of a trouble maker from the squad, so I left after 2 seasons (with pretty much 100% success), took over at Reading towards the end of the season, saved them from relegation and won the FA Cup, then was offered the Man Utd job where I have been since. First time in any save where I've become a Legend at two different clubs and have won everything I can without dropping down the leagues. I have told myself though that if Coventry make it into the Premier league (currently in the Championship) and the managers position comes up, I'll probably go back for sentimental reasons (within the game).
  11. I'm 33 and like many others, I've been playing since the first incarnations of Championship Manager on my Amiga... had every single version since including the early special edition Italy / Spain / France leagues (they used to be separate!) Certainly had my moneys worth from the franchise and will continue to buy the latest, there may be slow progress some years but time player per pound makes this game amazing value for money! It's also amazing how much football history and knowledge you can pick up from playing the game, I can name players and managers, even coaches and who they were with in years gone by, although sometimes you do confuse a game-generated player for a real one from history from time to time in your head lol. Best player I've ever had in any game was in CM97/98, a left back called Sam Bibbo (I think, he was a game generated player many seasons in) who no word of a lie, scored in every game one season. He was set as free kick taker and penalty taker but when he got on the ball (I played him as a wing back) and if it was near the box, you just knew it would be a goal! He never re-produced that form but was always in double figures for the remaining seasons. Fond memories...
  12. This is driving me mad, no matter what the files are called whether it be .tac or .fmf they are not visible.... Worked fine on the beta version but now - nothing! Sort it out SI!!!!
  13. I think they should implement him into the game even if they make an exception just this once! At 15 years old he's an amazing player ALREADY for his age!
  14. Your not the only one feeling like this... I am not enjoying FM anywhere near to what I have done in previous versions, the constant updates rendering tactics useless is, to put it politely, annoying! I've had every incarnation of FM/CM since it was first released and this is the first time that I feel maybe it is time to "retire" from playing the game. I used to be able to play all day, enjoying almost every minute, looking forward to playing the game after work and then realising its the early hours the next day and I should really get to bed. Nowadays with FM14 that feeling does not exist.
  15. I'll give this a try for you... What training are you using?
  16. What spec iMac do you have? I have had FM14, 13, 12... all running faultlessly on my Mid 2011 iMac (2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics running on OSX Snow Leopard, OSX Lion and now OSX Mavericks. Have you tried deleting and installing the game from fresh? When it crashes, what actually happens?
  17. I know these topics get asked plenty, but have tried searching and couldn't find anything so was hoping someone could confirm. It has to be an 11" as it needs to be small for portability and to save space when used at home. It has a decent resolution of 1366 x 768p, HD 4000 graphics, 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 1.4 GHz. This is the laptop, full spec etc... http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/asus-s200e-ct216h-vivobook-11-6-touchscreen-laptop-dark-grey-20622595-pdt.html Thanks
  18. My first season was an automatic promotion with Brighton, winning the Championship after being one game away from the sack which then turned the season around beating Watford 4-0 at home and then went on a great run 'til the end of the season. Now in my second Premiership season, achieved a respectable finish just below mid table in my first season and got to the FA Cup final losing to Chelsea, and in my second season in the Premiership managed to finish 7th, win the EURO cup on penalties against Bayern Munich and win the FA Cup against Arsenal in extra time 2-1, having got revenge against Chelsea from the season before beating them 2-0 in the Semi's with Torres scoring the winner after they released him!
  19. Try to offer him a better job, with a player role included. I had the same situation with Gomes when he was a free transfer 2 seasons in. Might not fix your problem, but worth a try...
  20. FM14 version here... http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/142968-arrigo-sacchis-4-4-2-fm14.html
  21. Using the gyro tactic Ulloa got nearly 30 goals in the Championship alone in my save, if you can get him back fit - he's lethal...
  22. Only played two games after promotion to the premiership with Brighton, but beat Man City 2-0 now that I've rebuilt the squad to suit this formation. I shall let you know how I get on...
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