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  1. this is the best skin for FM19 so far.. tidy and awesome.. the only problem there, with 125 font size, i can't see GK coaching attributes.. apart from distribution.
  2. thanks for it I like your skin a lot, can you share it here? and if there is a way to get 'names' rather than icons in side-bar?
  3. Nice work, I agree some teams it’s better with longer name but what’s your skin? Looks like very nice ome for staduim backgrounds
  4. very nice skin mate, my only problem it's not perfect for those who like stadium backgrounds, as it's need dark skin as you said.. but really really nice one.. great work !
  5. I was wondering why SFA using the current structure, when they made their last changes some years ago, i was surprised and disappointed they didn't make the ideal structure... honestly this is very nice structure, but still it's slightly boring to play unreal system.. well done for this mate
  6. Thanks, i tried it.. I’m going to check if there are changes from 18.2 at Boston United.. hope there aren’t many.. i would back to make 2 saves from now after this problem
  7. after SC update 18.3, Cameroon, Chile, Estonia, Peru, Switzerland & Thailand are the most important leagues not working. The rest are okay but not tested. I'm not sure why my save not loaded (today) , i don't think it's update issue, i might need to start new game shortly.. can u let me know mate if it's close to be updated or not? and thanks in advance whatever you can or not
  8. thanks mate for your impressive work, but noticed that the 3rd tier had 31 clubs, divided for 2 leagues (western & eastern) .. can u do it for us plz? and is there a chance to see Liechtenstein Cup included ? Thanks a lot for you again that's would be nice..
  9. Hello waiting for this feature for many years.. we have seen some changes on FM over the years creating new screens for transfers/injuries/staff responsibilities which all are there in the game for too long time, and these changes doesn't offer any more excitement to the game.. we are waiting for such more additions like a chat where you discuss those things: 1- Resignation : when you produce good results, why the resignation is made without a chat.. like stating your reasons? and the board may ask you to reconsider.. such if you are doing so well or you didn't spend much time with the club (you can depart easily in the same day are appointed.. or the same month) ! This is very important where you can feel valued.. and it's happen sometimes. 2- Tour: Ask a tour for particular reasons: depends on region.. Commercial (Southeast Asia/USA) .. improve Technique (South America) .. Stamina and Fitness (Sunny or witness countries) Tourist (USA, Australia) etc 3- Add clause to manage International club: should international job offered. 4- Club under Balance: Ask to inject money to run costs. (sometimes it's happening too late)
  10. Lol, I'm a fan of the game since 99-2000 but i admit i felt the same way "too old to watch 4 mins video, just like screen shoots" LoL
  11. Really interesting one, how i can get City/countries pictures?
  12. Hello change boardroom requests to boardroom chat: so when you want to offer resignation, it shouldn't happen instantly like now. you should be able to set a reason for it, and they might offer you to reconsider your decision (if you are doing well) .. they might offer money raise or requests backing. also, when the club had some financial troubles, you should have an option to ask the board to lower their expectation in exchange to cut spending ( wages/transfers ) and if the club failed to cut losses, this would effect your job status . I've this situation in my 6th tier club, It's happened a lot in real life, like Arsenal, Wolves (under Hoddle) .. Wolves announced they lowered their expectation. Glenn refused that & resigned from his job. you should also have an option to offer your ultimatum directly, if they sold a player, or didn't back him in transfer window etc.. you are going to offer your resignation. Or seek to inject some cash in take pressure off on selling players. you also need a special approval to break wage structure for X player at the club (who had a contract to finish shortly or even for a player in market (but you can't offer him his demands) .. you can only seek transfer funds for it but the other step also happens in real life.
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