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  1. thanks mate. Is that what you asked? DxDiag.txt
  2. It's the same problem for me 'Estimated game speed' .. - With EPL only (4,520 players) it's 5 star - with England Championship it's 4.5 star ( loss 0.5 for just one tier? ) - 1 star if i added all three tiers for Spain, Italy, Germany with still just ( 30,000 ) players. My Laptop is core i7 2nd Generation if i'm not mistaken, 8 GB with 64 Bit. Video Card Nvidia 4 GB dedicated. In Old verisions, I've used to put over 30 counties & 64+ Leagues. over 100,000 players and it's hardly become only half star with the game run in reasonable speed. Here awful not sure why.
  3. Things turned very badly.. 8 points with 12 games left. If I saved this club, this would be my biggest story all time. I'll try !
  4. Last update after 27 games: as i said, I'm resigned to to relegation, sad point i don't have further tier. I wish i can continue, I rejected 2 interests, including Solihull Moors (also fighting for staying but i 5th tier) more to follow when i finish 32 games.
  5. results 16 League games: started was a bit okay in first four games, 3 points were so good against those teams, the performance was okay too, not sure what's happened after that.. against Chelmsford, we didn't have a shot during the whole game. With possesstion 43-57% .. very awful. First win in the season 30-9-2015 in FA Qualifying round, yet the first league win in the 14th match !! League Position: We were around 9 points away from 19th position before 3 wins in row I'm still unsure over staying up, this team can't defend, it's very hard to win games with them ! Squad: here a great comeback in F.A Cup 2nd Qualifying Round from 0-4 to 4-4 in last 26 minutes : the fact it was weakened team, but the subs involved only 1 first team 'Devlin' in half time. unreal, my greatest comeback in FM for 16 years ! here a great comeback against League leaders, from 0-2 to 2-3, winning goal scored in last 2 minutes: can't believe how we managed that?
  6. it's seem this is best skin for FM16, but i've only one problem with 125% zoom, the club/players title bar isn't shown well (mixed with stadium background) .. there are a lot of pictures in the thread here with the same problem but no other solution than changing the size of text?
  7. I've played a lot of such games, from different games, even thought i liked some features from other games, but Football manager is the best, we appreciate SI team work for it over the years, and the game still here for a reason. It's always worth to get the new version. And This is the most exciting game for me.
  8. Hello guys.. I've just took-over as [ Poole Town ] Manager, 6th tier in England [ Vanarama National League South ] .. according to the media, this team expected to finish 22th bottom of the league. The club wants to fight bravery for relegation. The club reputation is [ Obscure ] and i can't see any other team like that My reputation: Sunday League football, with no coaching Qualifications. Nationality Kuwait. I've difficult job and the aim to manage top side in the future. Club Info: Finance: Salary: Squad: The only Staff: I've held talks with Marcus Browning, I've offered him a job to become my assistant Manager and scout as well. i expect him to accept the new rule. All Pre-season matches cancelled.
  9. of course I'll restart it, as i feel it's not fun any more. all greys not fun if you don't give them contacts, to be able to deal with them. but it's fair enough, the problem with these levels, other clubs aren't quick enough to sign players, and not give greys contracts quickly. I noticed that when i added leagues for Scotland in FM12 or FM13, I didn't conceded goals in first matches, it was very easy game which i didn't continue it further. ( it's all by greys and sign players in LLM way )
  10. They changed it's but still not convincing.. I've some ideas about training over the years (of course the ideas needs to be developed further) but the main issue it's very basics.. it's NOT simple as ( less match training - match training/match-preparation) Or ( Defending - Attacking - Ball Control - Team Cohesion ) .. I'm not asking for details like warming up or stretches, but you need to pick drills (detailed schedules) .. the championship manager drills around 2000-2004 years, or even Fifa 17 drills provide more fun & real life things. You should be able to manage the training if players divided into groups ( small sides - free-kicks - shooting - long passes - possessions - tacking 1v1 - defending 2v2 - sprints - dribbles - heading - weak-foot - movement - crossing etc.. ) .. or whole team training: for Team Cohesion, tactics, fitness, match tactics, def. set-pieces, you should have training match which you can watch as well (vs Assistant) we also need (Training attributes) where we can see rates if a player about to loss rate or about to improve, for example a player with stamina 9 - tackles 11.. when u put him on small sides games, it's force him to defend a lot, improve his team-work & little bit his stamina. so he wons 0.02 for Tackling, 0.03 stamina, 0.02 team-work. You must work with each player on daily basis, picking the same drill 3 days on row might reduce effect (as the player might be boring - depends on his character too ) .. when you promote youth player to train with first team, it's grows his morale etc.. The are things which you can improve on training like decisions, first touch, positioning, team-work .. football sciences is bigger than that in real life. Even determination? you might be able to send the player to mental schedules to improve his determination & bravery. But it's costs you some on field training.
  11. Positives: - 3D during matches looks better - ability to delay taking-over teams until the end of the season - transfer negotiations and clauses. - Social Media Negatives: - No Big Training revamp, which always suggested ( Big Big disappointment ) I see SI directors keep saying to some suggestions, this isn't part of manager job in real life, and that isn't realistic etc.. yet they keep ignoring (Training) from development.. It's VERY basic even though it's one of the main jobs for the manager, rather than dealing with media and financial stuffs.
  12. best way to start any game with real life reputation, and real life coaching qualifications.
  13. Hello guys.. I would like to ask you about which way you play FM in lower divisions.. LLM or normal way? I'm experienced in the game since 99-2000, I've used to play LLM way for more than 5 years, i find it more difficult game, but always enjoyed it.. Last time i managed a club, took over [ Hampton & Richmond ] in 6th tier.. it was very difficult experience where i spend most of the time in bottom 3, the team expected to finish 21th, and fight bravely for staying up. The club considered my future at the club in Feb. from what i can remember, the team kept bad form despite playing at home to bottom teams so no chance of staying. i restarted new game, and brought 3-4 players which i already know from my previous versions and games, all joint in the 6 weeks, and the start was 5 points from 3 games. unbeatable with the team is the better side in those games. I feel it's very easier & i expect to make top 6. should I continue playing it, with the rest as LLM way or restart it again? Even though any manager could have (players) in his mind before taking over his first job, yet i feel it's unfair to get wonderful start like that as LLM way. would like to hear from you mates
  14. the fact I like Tabs. in FM, there are some places like internet browser (like rules for competitions) and board confidence (over competitions) .. it's a bit waste of time..
  15. i respect everyone idea and opinion, but the most important which need huge development in the game is (Training) .. it's very basic and i'm sure if it's more detailed, then it would add more real things in head coach life, as well as more fun. as for those things, it can be (request) development the club center to Generate more many. as usual, it's depends on club cash & board confidence on you to agree or refuse. It's probably part of club demands in some poor clubs, but not very detailed like that.