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  1. I can't start my favorite 'Career Mode' .. I like to put 70 leagues,and 2 important leagues for me aren't available at this moment.. so at this moment, I'll only use to leagues and start as unemployed.. I received an offer from [ Curzon Ashton ] .. Starting Position
  2. personally i'm satisfied when i see some of my old suggestions finally done (like more favorite teams, World map for scouting knowledge) but honestly i can't see these things can be called 'feature' .. the biggest features over the years were: 1- add/remove league (which i can call non-game feature but this was very important as it's save people many from buying top laptop each year ) 2- players chat ( can't remember which version ) 3- Challenge Mode ( which i fully respect although i don't play it ) 4- coaching Qualification (and human players involved in training workload) & job interview (FM15) the fact FM15 was obviously better than older versions in terms of gaming experience.. and fair play to SI, they introduced coaching Qualification and linked it to training field, and favorite teams mentioned too in the first appearance of job interview.. but this FM16 new features looking very disappointing, I feel SI producing one great version each 3-4 years, and it's seem I can share Trigger_18uk concerns over FM16, I would love to see really interesting features like those which i mentioned above, features provide more fun/realistic to manager life, in terms of footballing matters. Football manager need these things: 1- Staff screen need to be tidy, I don't think it's good to see the title of 'U21 Manager or U19 Manager' .. some clubs remove the title of Manager from the senior team to 'head coach' , let alone you guys give it to youths coaches. The senior staff should be appeared consecutively, then head of youth Development, and U21 head coach and his staff, as well as U18. human player should negotiate his job title ( Manager - head coach ) .. the later should be given less say in transfers (finance) as a result, we need to see negotiations skills attributes for chairman and director of football. also ability for human players to accept 21,18 head coaches 2- Training: Bringing back training sessions for the whole team, which give you clear look, in which sides your team improved and not improved. This is very important feature which people calling for ages, it's not good to see thing ignored, although it's one of the main jobs for Manager, i'm surprised how basic it's now. We would love to see 3D example for each individual/team practice ( as it's done in championship manager 2009 ) I loved that feature. It's give TEN times excitement to the game. 3- Resignation process, it should be via meeting, and manager can be given a chance to reconsider his decision, even demanding 48 hours to give his final word or do it for now. 4- Manager location: to prevent interviews in different countries in short time. Also controlling matches for both club/nation team (should be asked to do only one) and risk his position slightly for any absent match?! 5- there are many rows and bad attitude from unhappy players, but the answers which i'm offered to say not good. I remember a player a threat me to tell the whole squad his problem (which i'm not good) .. why i can't take an action over this (warning - transfer list - drop him further pecking order - or telling him he would never play under my belt ? - wage fines if one leaked it to public ) .. Also I remember a played claimed that i broke my promise, but he was injuried.. I've also problem with one who refused to sign new contract, and i told him he isn't going to play until signing new one, yet he still complains about why i'm not playing him. 6- Director of football, this should be chairman style (depends on results on field or financial results) .. a manager who is failing on both, some of his responsibilities should be taken. Some rows should happen and board talks could take a place to discuss this. 7- Tours ( club/teams/players gain special benefits depends on region ) .. Talks should be held over this with chairman in May over this season to discuss and agree in tour proposal. Costs should be revealed. ( when deciding pre-season return ) .. the manager should be able to demand his these i can call a true features, more excitement and realistic. cheers !
  3. I brought FM since CH days, never missed any series since 99, I noticed that each version, I've used to play less FM11 - played 1081 hours FM12 - played 1050 hours FM13 - played 906 hours FM14 - played 601 hours FM15 - played 537 hours although i like the game, and I've used to play lower leagues, adding extra leagues/countries too, uploading more than 30 counties usually, i love the game, but during the last 3 versions, I like add/remove leagues as it could give you a chance to change/remove if the game become slower when you play several years, I loved private chats, and new type of news/interviews, BUT the game still didn't developed really apart from 3D and touch line instructions, Most changes were 'skin' changes rather than 'features' .. I meant, just because there is a screen when i can see 'all transfers negotiations' doesn't mean it's new feature. just because i can chat with my assistant coach to control youth squads, doesn't mean it's new feature, it's just okay in the first days and then become boring. Here are similar issues with FM16, i fully expect new board request screen wouldn't include new type of requests or exciting features. I've been waiting for ages: realistic training system & realistic resignation process (time/reconsider decision talks) , and probably other things which i mentioned before in wishlist threat but i can't remember.