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  1. Thanks, i get it now! i had gotten confused by reading the contrary in a rubbish blog!
  2. we can influence them by having an unused fee! if they have to pay double to not use them then maybe they will get some game time!
  3. thanks, i read that on an fmblog somewhere, i thought it was counter intuitive! does this blog seem accurate to you? https://www.guidetofm.com/squad/match-experience/2/#:~:text=Unused Wage Percentage – the Wage,When loaning out a player%3A&text=You may want to check,before setting the Wage Percentage.
  4. Really? how do we ask for one of those? i thought the monthly fee was what you would have to pay that club for loaning the player to them? or have a got that wrong?
  5. Hey, not sure if this has been covered, apologies if it has, i couldnt find any answers! i notice on the monthly performance review, that, the board are concerned with the finances to loan out certain players! what causes this concern? i chose 100% wage and 100% unused wage, the bidding club offered to pay that, so why would the board be concerned? cheers dave...
  6. im in the same boat, no U23 league invite...ANYONE GOT ANY ANSWERS?
  7. hi tyler, im relativly new to fml,played 1 month in the talksport trial gw then joined McCoist,1st season won my qual league,only lost 3 games and got comunity manager award,so far so good,2nd season has just started,sofar i played no official games but im getting hammered in friendlies by top 100 sides who have all the best talent bought in...i see you have these tactics yet have no way of viewing them as have no fm game,just fml,what formation do you play? could you tell of tactical mentalities, passin styles, tempo's ,width,then defensive tactics etc press often high line tackle hard time w
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