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  1. This is just to explain what can be seen as unrealistic about the tactic - especially the 4123. In fact I dont know if we should label your tactic as unrealistic, it is more the GE that are unrealistic. I will just list two main arguments then we can discuss those.

    1. Attacking wise the three strikers makes the opposition defence look like pub players. With 4 defenders it should be possible to handle 3 attackers, particular knowing there only is a 3 man midfield. But the backs do not mark/cover or defend against the FCR and FCL.

    2. The 3 man midfield is capeable of defending to good. The two MC can cover the entire width of a pitch alone, even if they are facing four-five opposition players. If it where supposed to be a bit realistic, they should be complete out of stamina after some 25-30 min. But they never do.

    Feel free to discuss :)

    Unfortunately, I do agree with you SLIGHTLY!

    Yes tactics are created to make the most of the game, but then you still have so many other factors to take into account!

    You would need to buy the 3 right strikers to make the tactic really effective, and manage a team, not just manage a tactic.

    Altho every team and every club plays to tactics that suit them and make them play the best they can.

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