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  1. I can provide you with it, only if you would like.
  2. Great skill and determination! A LOT of patience helps greatly Also its having a general knowledge of FM and tactics... Learning and understanding what each function does helps you to create your tactic's that you want.
  3. Unfortunately, I do agree with you SLIGHTLY! Yes tactics are created to make the most of the game, but then you still have so many other factors to take into account! You would need to buy the 3 right strikers to make the tactic really effective, and manage a team, not just manage a tactic. Altho every team and every club plays to tactics that suit them and make them play the best they can.
  4. Which one would you like? I can send them, got them all lol
  5. Dude all his tactics are posted in the OP! Pick which one you would like to use and download it yourself. There is even a poll to which people think are the best, so download that one if you want...
  6. So Dave you using Flatback 4 (DL,DC,DC,DR) 2 DM's, 1 AMC, 2 AMR/L, 1 Striker? That could be very interesting forget the 4-2-2-2 and get this baby working!
  7. Dave how your strikers doing? I know you have toughed up your defence, but before strikers seem to not score that many. How they doing?
  8. Dude thats brilliant news... BUT only release it when you are 100% happy with it. Dont let us bully you into releasing it if you arn't happy
  9. Ye likewise haha How sad are we?! I feel sorry for Dave, so much pressure
  10. I keep hearing people talking about OP's and OI's could someone please explain to me what they are and what they do?! And Mr Hough, can't wait
  11. Dont rush him. Let him take his time and get it to his best! Then he and us will be well happy with the results. But if we push him, neither Dave or us would be 100% happy Just my 2cents worth
  12. You need to pull a sick day and concentrate on your tactic I'll write you a doctors sick note
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