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  1. Ye no previous versions as running Win 8. Also I would get over it except I have put in quite a bit of money in the FMC store. I would really like that back at least.
  2. What happened the last time you saved your save game - was it interrupted in any way? Last save was perfectly fine Did you shut down immediately after saving? No I was continuing to play, but then my PC froze Did you encounter any XML error messages? Nope What version of the game are you running? 14.3.1 How many leagues were you running in your save with what sized db? 3 in FMC, and not sure on DB size Do you know which leagues they were? Prem, German, Spain I think Have you used the add/remove function at all? Nope Have you used the Editor/Advanced Editor or FMRTE? If so what changes have you made? Nope Have you got any backup save games? If so do these still load? Nope unfortunately no backups Basically I lost my save with Man City in FMC. Problem is that I bought a few addons which sucks as they are now gone! I will upload the save later tonight, I cant use FTP at work.
  3. Mr Hough?! Is that your?! Welcome back buddy... I'll definitely give this a try. I guess this is a classic tactic, and not using the Wizzard?
  4. Hey andrefante, Is there any chance you could make the 4-1-4-1 into a classic Tactic using the wizard so we can import it into Football Manager Classic?
  5. Whoo cant wait Good work Mr Hough, its been awhile. Also I love 4-3-3
  6. I've also found that using Mr Houghs original tactic. Moving the centre MC down into DMC position just gives you that extra defensive cover. I also find that the DMC then links nicely with attacking play. Playing as Wolves, I beat Man City 1:0 in the Capital One Cup. And beat Everton 3:0 in the FA Cup
  7. Hough, please continue with your work on tactics. Dont give up! This has been the best tactic for FM13, so please continue.
  8. Im having AWESOME results with your tactic Mr Hough, and SHOCKING results with the TC version. Just saying, and im playing as Wolves
  9. Hey King can you post a screenie of your training schedule please? I cant seem to get my head around it.
  10. Dave I would recommend you look at doing a Wizard tactic as then people can use it in both Football Manager and Football Manager Classic. If you only use Classic tactics, then they will not work in FMC. I would personally prefer Wizard as then I have the option of playing FMC if I required, and you would know how your tactic works using the Wizard instead of some other random person recreating it for you. Just my £0.02c
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