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  2. Damn Steam started updating Skyrim, I got all excited it was FM.
  3. I have a horrible pain and can't sleep, it's 3:20 am here, hope there's an update in 40 minutes so I can spend the rest of the night playing
  4. He's crazy in this game. Won all football awards each year since the start of the game until he was 35 years old.
  5. I think there's a lot of space wasted in 3D match view on top unless you don't press "maximize" button. About 1200x100 pixels of nothingness there, wish I could put some stats widgets there.
  6. Hope they will tweak some stats for the release. Some disappointing numbers there.
  7. I think it looks fine but the animations need a lot of work. Players float, no tackling animations, no dribbling animations, etc. With these improvements I'd be perfectly fine with the current level of graphics.
  8. I skipped FM12 completely so I can't tell (that and the fact that in FM13 beta I'm unemployed and just time travel so far ). Everyone has their own measurements and perceptions of realism so some will be pleased with the match engine and some won't, that's ok. As for criticisms, I'm perfectly fine with that, if the game is good I won't say a word but if there are errors/bugs/bad features I'll be the first one myself to whine about them on the forums
  9. Three patches? You mean we should wait until March/April to start playing? Personaly I'm waiting for the 2nd Nov, I hope there will be a patch and an updated database then I will start playing.
  10. With lots of reports in database section of bugs forums surely we should expect a new database being done for release?
  11. I just bought the game, started unemployed, took a vacation and then decided to attend a game, Villa - Liverpool. Liverpool won 3:0 and all 3 goals came from crosses.
  12. Yes. After you paste the files, right click on FM and select properties > local files > verify cache. There's also a backup option there but I'm not familiar with it. Make sure to copy everything FM related though (probably a couple of files will be in \Steam\steamapps and the rest in \Steam\steamapps\common\footballmanager2013).
  13. I want favorite numbers for regens (little nice touch) and ability to enter values in contract negotiations manually, 10000$ jumps **** me off.
  14. Do SI staff look into this thread? That's what I would want to see and what would improve the game significantly for me: 1. Get rid of fixed values in contract/transfers negotiations, allow us to type the value and add a slider for it (exactly like in fifa managers). I'm getting sick of clicking "-" button for 2 minutes for every contract offer. 2. Add "Accept only exact the same offers and turn down all other offers" for transfer and loan offers. Right now I have to check EVERY offer manually and make sure the wage contribution set to 100% (for example) and accept only those. 3. Also add a filter to turn down all loan offers if the team isn't going to make him "valuable first team player".
  15. M'Bengue is a LB, but his price was 19 mln after the first season, as much as Coentrao.
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