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  1. When you delegate the negotiations they are immediate. Once you click the button the game calculates the offer and then in a few days the contract is officially signed. During these days you can either withdraw the offer or change it (or use the latter option to preview what the contract offer was). In my opening post I mentioned how Trent wanted to go from 350k to 650k, but my DOF managed to extend his contract for 2 years with a 375k wage. Now this contract is expiring in 11 months and he wants 675k so I'll have to let my dof handle another renewal.
  2. So I'm using the TCS skin with some panels from Milla skin because I want player profiles to have as much info as possible. And I got sick of terrible default regen faces and started creating my own faces with the same program SI used for regens in older games like FM15. Wish they'd go back, face variety and realism is so much better.
  3. It works very well but then it's yet another part of the game I have to let AI run which isn't fun for me. I love to do contract negotiations but hate how they work. Relegating them to DOF is so much cheaper for my club but I then he offers them shorter contracts or adds a yearly 5% wage rise. Here's my starting LB and I ordered my DOF to extend his contract. Here's a contract offer which is great for me, it's slightly cheaper than his current contract though he's at his peak. https://i.imgur.com/eXsDRy3.png Let's try to change the offer and increase his wage by 5
  4. lol forgot to ask... Would you mind please sharing scouting centre panel for the inbox?
  5. Damn, this is awesome. I hate switching tabs in scouting centre
  6. saving and loading will be slower on HDD you can only move graphic files with a symlink https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  7. Playing as Liverpool in 2028, constantly struggling with crazy salary demands from players. I've had to let go a lot of players because I refused to satisfy their demands. Pretty much all club icons/legends were sold or released on a free which sucked. And they all went on to agree to a lower salary than they wanted from me. I have by far the biggest wage expenditure in the league and probably the world (can't find the screen right now). My 2 highest paid players currently earn £400k per week which already irks me. But now I have 2 players entering the final year of their contracts:
  8. You know guys I think it was just a matter of things getting stale. After the tweaks I mentioned above my team went on to get 2 PL records in games won in a row and undefeated streak But after a while my teams started playing poorly again. I guess it's the "AI teams adapted to your tactic" stuff.
  9. This screen: There's a button at the bottom to add them all to the shortlist but I'd love to be able to select multiple players here and request scout reports. I have to do it one by one which is very annoying. Can it be modified to support selecting multiple players?
  10. Thank you. 3 forwards being narrow is what I want with fullbacks providing width. But rigidness yes I've noticed it too. I'll try roam from position for IFs? I made some changes yesterday: no more offside trap short GK distribution and no quick distribution narrower width lowered tempo to minimum changed DLP to CM (support) and let him roam from position less crosses for Wbs (still getting 50+ crosses per game) Less prolific at home but away we've been much better
  11. Here are 3 of my recent away games, I'd be glad to hear suggestions Leeds Utd v Liverpool 1-0.pkm Fulham v Liverpool 1-1.pkm Shakhtar v Liverpool 0-0.pkm
  12. Thanks guys. To be honest I never really learned much when they added player roles. I always thought it was mostly just presets of personal instructions. So I'm just setting whatever roles make my player have perfectly green circles Different tactic is a measure I tried since my usual tactic is not really working away from home.
  13. I wouldn't say so. It's just that the team is not even recognizable when away and the stats often differ significantly, like: 3-25 in shots but 61-39 possession in a 0-0 draw - 2 weeks later I have a lot of possession but no shots - Home Away Heh, bad wording from my part. Well in my years of playing FM I rarely found much reason to have multiple tactics since I just do boring top team careers and usually able to steam roll everyone both home and away. So here I'm struggling and I meant copying my home tactic and making it more def
  14. Playing as Liverpool, year 2023, arguably the best team in the world. I'm averaging 5 goals per game at home absolutely destroying opposition but away we keep dropping points against 20th place. My home form - My away form - I've tried different tactics, making my home tactic less adventurous, etc - team just stops playing well when away. These pics are from last season, currently I am in november 2023 and won just 1 of 6 away games and that was against Tottenham who had 2 red cards in the first half. Any tips?
  15. Thanks for another update! Did you add transparency to all context menus? How can I roll it back?
  16. Found a little trick in scouting center filter settings - now all scout reports come to my inbox labeled with assignment so I will know which players are actually found by my scouts. And my first test with short term search seemed to give at least some result, 44 players in 1 month from 20 scouts.
  17. It says "at most" there. In the scouting centre I do get reports, quite enough. But there are a lot of sources - manual "scout this player" assignmens, staff recommendations, analyst recommendations etc.
  18. This has happened twice to me in a week since I bought the game already...
  19. Even with AI assignments it seems broken. Here's my scouting focus, no specific requests. Unfortunately when leaving the screen all the information reset for some reason so current assignment reports are all at 0. (or maybe it reset when I opened scouting focus window) But they were at 1-3 as seen in previous assignment And every scout had approximately 15-25 matches seen, including top club and national teams. Yet they only had a couple of reports from all these matches. What's going on?
  20. Several player overview panels (playing time pathway, training, coach report) switch to transfer status and biography when you visit a profile of another team's player. Any fixes?
  21. Last FM I played was 2016, bought FM2020 last week. I finished my first season and still haven't figured out the scouting system. I currently have 18 scouts and apart from the one who scouts the next opposition I have created assignments for all other scouts as I used to. But the amount of players they find is laughable. Europa League scouted - 2 reports. Euro 2020 - 3 reports. Entire Brazil (which is playable and should have loads of talent) - 3 reports. I don't set any requirements except for transfer budget - as I don't know what 'Automatic' means I set it to 200m. Any
  22. Hi mind sharing it? I want a player screen with as much info as possible
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