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  1. Ummm that's a very shallow changelog, hopefully you indeed decided not to include the majority of fixes. Why would you do that though?..
  2. Agreed too. The lack of some buttons is really annoying. Another examples - when there's a list of 'these players were removed from shortlist" why oh why can't we select multiple at once? Having to right click every single one and rescout/readd is a huge time killer. Transfer centre - why isn't there an option to auto reject all dumb offers that AI love to spam us with? When I offer my player on loan with defined parametres (100% wage / first team) why do I have to wade through 40 ridiculous offers to find 3-4 acceptable ones?
  3. This is constantly happening to me. I posted this in the feedback thread but ofc people found 500 ways to defend the game. Quite often I get a message in my inbox that someone from my shortlist is wanted by another team. They bid for example 10m + 5 in addons. I want to hijack the deal and offer 15 straightaway (or even 17) which is a much better deal for the selling team. However they would negotiate and demand 25+10.
  4. I think it was possible in older FMs? I'm seeing the same ones over and over again. If I ever get to read "The bid from Amsterdam ArenA has received support from notable footballing luminaries such as Frank de Boer" I may snap
  5. I never see anyone rounding or lobbing the keeper anyway.
  6. I can't seem to change report stars color in 1.1 somehow? Used to be in g2_settings.xml and in match in between highlights xml player stats and body language are no longer sorted by position.
  7. I checked with Genie Scout and found out that in 2028 I only have 5 goalkeepers in the world with PA >170. So in 13 years of youth intake in more than 20 leagues game only generated 5 keepers with good potential, seems extremely low. What's even worse that with AI's ability to develop players none of those actually reached their ceiling; PA 180 CA 166 - 14 points difference PA 179 CA 145 - 34 points difference PA 177 CA 127 - 50 points difference PA 177 CA 150 - 27 points difference PA 172 CA 130 - 42 points difference
  8. stuff like 'twitter' stats which are in fashion nowadays eg arsenal haven't lost when scoring in 30 games norwich is unbeaten in 12 visits to emirates etc f-fa manager had that in 2008 already
  9. I've been trying to sell my £20M rated player for 2 seasons now but the best offer I've had was 3M. Just now I got offered 9M from 2 clubs but both were auto-rejected by something. First of all I am pretty sure I didn't set any instructions and didn't mark the 'reject all offers' button. Even if I did 2 years ago, how do I reset it now? The only logical thing is player profile > transfer status > when a transfer offer is received... but it's greyed out for all of my players saying "a staff member will respond". I am not under any embargos, DOF orders or anything else.
  10. I pretty much already decided that I am not going to be buying FM17 because of this. I am in 2027 and - tons of players who are not developed properly and don't reach their potential - teams having 1-2 goalkeepers across all squads (must be a bug) thus having to play grey generated ones - top teams relying on 35 years olds - teams appointing terrible managers - because of all this every season league tables look very different. One year West Ham are 3rd the season after they are 17th etc. And if a below average team (media prediction 14th) manages to finish in a good position (5th) then next season returns to where it belongs (12th) they usually sack their manager and appoint someone with stats below 10 across the board.
  11. They got 11 points from 46 games in Championship in my save. 4 straight relegations and now in the lowest league.
  12. match overview latest scores needs a fix in 2 legged matches. Total score is shown as ...
  13. Can someone please help? I am using the first download + art player picture from optional 2 download First of all it's not covered by the grey overlay - http://i.imgur.com/WK03MLa.png And how can I move all the text fields down a little and increase the picture by a few pixels?
  14. "\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\g2skin\graphics\backgrounds"
  15. Both A and B never lead to scouts saying "we cannot afford this player" (at least in clubs with virtually unlimited funds). If the club doesn't want to sell then it's noted in the cons. There's a striker at Man City who they don't let go even for 150m - but scout reports never said I couldn't afford him. Anyway I think my issue is with FFP, I am pretty much on the edge. If this is the case then it would be nice if scout reports actually said that instead of the vague 'can't afford'.
  16. On the subject of crosses... Just saw Bellerin with 31 assists in 39 games
  17. Can anyone relate to having too few good GK regens? I'm in 2026 and only found 2 decently rated youngsters in 11 years (both not even reaching 4 stars). With all good real keepers approaching retirement it's going to be a real struggle for them to find replacements.
  18. Thank you, I wasted 40 minutes trying to fix it same with 1080p and 100%
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