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  1. I just noticed my player getting a red card in a friendly for a push (Whaaaat? He wins the ball off the player) and the referee presenting the card facing down rather than up. Red card at 69 minutes for Dalot. I don't even see how that's a red card offence, maybe a double bug? Farense v Man Utd RED CARD.pkm
  2. Not sure how to explain this, but this regen definitely had a face before but now he has a placeholder type face that is see through as if his face hasn't been generated.
  3. I'm getting sick of seeing the countless times my players are asking for an improved contract, even from newly signed players. It's become ridiculous that I have to sort contracts for players every season rather than them just getting on and playing... Has anyone else experienced the constant demands for new contracts, even though they're already on a high wage and only signed a year ago? Does anyone know what attributes affect the demands for a new contract (outside of the obvious playing time), is it high ambition and low loyalty? To add, playing time happiness is ridiculous. I have players with 40+ games a season with slight rotation when their condition is low 90s or lesser games and they become alienated... why/how can they feel alienated?
  4. Apologies for my ignorance, but why does it being a beta mean no detailed change-list?
  5. The changelist looks very... short. I'm sure a ton of changes were added. Is there a list of these changes?
  6. I've hired both a DoF and a Technical Director... but I'm not sure what the TD's main responsibilities are? What other attributes other than Negotiating and Judging Staff Ability are useful, and how would I see the most benefit from a TD? Would they be useful to hire coaching staff so the DoF can concentrate on recruitment of players?
  7. I just purchased Chilwell for Manchester United for £63m and a news item says I set the record transfer feee for an English Player... yet Man Utd have signed Maguire for £80m. Hope this helps and is posted in the right section!
  8. Just get it from Shopto.net... it's 1p more and is approved.
  9. Yes... we all know about the "two weeks" stuff. But everyone is hopeful of an earlier release to please the needy
  10. Does that mean the Beta is 20 days old and hasn't had any updates to it? So the fixes for errors haven't been shared yet with those on the beta list?
  11. Push that magical button that sends the beta out to the masses. We will rejoice.
  12. If it's going to be tonight, I'd say at 5 pm? Let's see, 6 mins away...
  13. Yes, that's a big factor for releasing the beta, to get pre-order sales in!
  14. Yeah saw that. Maybe they're preparing for Thursday then. I doubt they would only give a few hours notice for notifications... Makes more sense to give some time then release later in the week. Today would be odd when they can do it much later. Unless there is pressure to make more pre-order sales...
  15. But don't forget the game was set to be released on a Friday, so they may have timed it to mimic a real release. I don't think they will do the same this year as the real release is on a Tuesday. Releasing it on Monday evening best case scenario. It's in their interests to delay the Beta as much as possible. Friday release makes zero sense for the sanity of their staff. Worst case scenario, they release the beta on Thursday 7th of November.
  16. I believe so as it's a steam code. If I'm not mistaken, all pre-orders with Steam get the beta.
  17. Taken from a club researcher answering a similar question last year:
  18. This is great if it "remembers" for their whole career. I assume it will just take into account from the moment you start the game, so not retrospective.
  19. Yeah Nov 8 is what I'm thinking too. It won't happen sooner as the beta isn't available yet (it's always 2 weeks before release) and any later isn't going to go well with those up top who want to see a revenue ASAP.
  20. No worries! Only the database update is making me want FM20, otherwise it feels like it's the same game. Nothing to suggest otherwise!
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