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  1. I'll skip this year. Such a shame as I was looking forward to it. They will still get record sales that will justify their decision to add these tiny incremental and superficial "features". I've worked in many software companies and know exactly what's going on behind the scenes when these sort of features are decided. Once major features are released I'll revisit. Probably in a FM22 or FM23...
  2. If you haven't bought it yet, I'd spend £50 more to get this model instead, it has a better graphics card and display: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/acer-nitro-5-ryzen-5-4600h-8gb-512gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-1650-15.6-inch-windows-nh.q9gek.002/version.asp
  3. If you don't agree with the attributes he ends up with, just use an editor to modify it to what you think it should be. It's just a game and it will never be as accurate as what you want it to be, so change it yourself and enjoy the game.
  4. I'm getting sick of seeing the countless times my players are asking for an improved contract, even from newly signed players. It's become ridiculous that I have to sort contracts for players every season rather than them just getting on and playing... Has anyone else experienced the constant demands for new contracts, even though they're already on a high wage and only signed a year ago? Does anyone know what attributes affect the demands for a new contract (outside of the obvious playing time), is it high ambition and low loyalty? To add, playing time happiness is ridiculous. I hav
  5. Apologies for my ignorance, but why does it being a beta mean no detailed change-list?
  6. The changelist looks very... short. I'm sure a ton of changes were added. Is there a list of these changes?
  7. I've hired both a DoF and a Technical Director... but I'm not sure what the TD's main responsibilities are? What other attributes other than Negotiating and Judging Staff Ability are useful, and how would I see the most benefit from a TD? Would they be useful to hire coaching staff so the DoF can concentrate on recruitment of players?
  8. Just get it from Shopto.net... it's 1p more and is approved.
  9. Yes... we all know about the "two weeks" stuff. But everyone is hopeful of an earlier release to please the needy
  10. Does that mean the Beta is 20 days old and hasn't had any updates to it? So the fixes for errors haven't been shared yet with those on the beta list?
  11. Push that magical button that sends the beta out to the masses. We will rejoice.
  12. If it's going to be tonight, I'd say at 5 pm? Let's see, 6 mins away...
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