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  1. Andy Robinson needs to be upgraded. Alberto Moreno Needs to be Downgraded he's Rated little too High on FM18.
  2. I'm still playing FM14 and FM17saves. i will pick up FM18 steam sale
  3. Chris22

    Awesome Regen Names

    David Moyes has a Son or Grandson
  4. Chris22

    Awesome Regen Names

    found three in my FM17 save.
  5. Chris22

    Favorite FM Series

    I played FM12 over Christmas only played one season with Liverpool I got Craig Bellamy to score 45 league goals far to easy to get strikers score unrealistic amounts goals in FM12 match engine. best I got a striker to score in FM17 was 27 league goals far more realistic the newer versions of Football manager are the best.
  6. anyone no why this is unavailable to buy on amazon?
  7. Chris22

    Is FM2017 the best ever?

    For me FM15 is the best i never bought 16 or 17
  8. £4 on wolfsburg £4 on Xanthi
  9. Congratulations Winning League Again £4 on Staying at Wolfsburg
  10. 07 > 10 > 08 > 11 > 12 > 13 > 09
  11. Hi Guys Just Started Liverpool save i have not Posted on Here Since FM11 are some of the Old Regulars still posting on here lfc7,Glenn,Staf9,Stevie_G_32201, Transfers I'm using This Tactic at the Moment Played 4 Games so far Won Swansea 2-0 Lost Arsenal 3-1 Lost Ipswich 1-0 cup Won Sunderland 4-2
  12. Will There be Editor for this years Fm Classic.