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  1. Alright lads! (and girls) Been a while, popping back to see how everyone's getting on. Will post where I'm upto when home from work.
  2. Sold Sakho for £24M to Arsenal in January 2019. Struggling in the league though, could well not be my year. Out of FA and Carling Cup. CL knockout against Wolfsburg to come!
  3. Season 5 begins. In: Icardi £5.75M Dier £3.5M Muniain £4.6M And a few regens. Potential 4-5 star players. Out: Lucas Romero £45M Lorenzo £32M (regen) Kempf £15.25M Sturridge £10M Won the super cup, already knocked out carling cup, lost charity shield and won club championship. Got Balanta coming in Jan for £22M. Listed Laporte and Brandt. Hoping to double what I payed for them in Jan.
  4. Season 4 has started. Won charity shield. Lost super cup 4-2 by Rafa who's managing Man City. In: Rubén Neves £38.5M Out: Praet £20M Meyer £20M Umtiti 19.25M Aboubaker £17.5M Lucas Silva £15M Mignolet £15M Klaus £6.25M Wilson £6.25M Berisha £3.9M Quiet summer for ins this season. Happy with me squad just needed a few deadwood gone. And that Neves is sick!
  5. Gk defend CB defend CB defend CB defend DM support RM auto CM support CM auto LM auto ST deep lying forward support ST advanced forward attack More direct passing Pass into space Pump into box Hit crosses early Float crosses Run at defence Exploit the middle Play narrower Drop deeper Stick to positions Close down more Stay on feet Use tighter marking Prevent short gk distribution Much higher tempo Be more disciplined Standard - Flexible
  6. Will post it when back home mate in abit with the instructions to use etc.
  7. So started a new game a few days back, coming up to the end of season 3, likely to win the league and champions league again! Season 1 In: Laporte £31M Ward-Prowse £19.75M Umtiti £15M Meyer £13.5M Lacazette £13M Lucas Romero £9.25M Bellarabi £4.5M Klaus £4M Butland £4M Deaux £3.5M Out: Allen £15M Lallana £12.75M Lucas £11.75M Moreno £10.25M Skrtel £10M Aspas £7.5M Enrique £5.25M Borini £5M Johnson £4.9M Season 2 In: Brandt £15M Werner £7.5M Baheback £3.2M Lucas Silva £3.1M Out: Balotelli £40M Bellarabi £15M Lovren £14.75M Markovic £10M Coates £3M Season 3 In: Berardi £45M Praet £18.5M Rulli £15M Kempf £10M Lorenzo £7M (Regan) Aboubakar £4.5M Out: Lacazette £40 Coutinho £30M Baheback £9.75M Butland £9.25M Luis Alberto £5 Deux £2.1M Werner is sick, loaned him to Newcastle til Jan scored 18 in 19, recalled and he got 9 in 9, 3rd season and he's scored 24 in 22. That's just league matches! Won the League and CL in 1st season. Won everything bar the FA Cup in 2nd season. 3-1-4-2 is the best tactic I've used. Every save I've smashed it, mate uses it with Everton and even he's winning everything! Flanagan is one of the best RMs on the game after training him. Origi is a 4.5star player, one of the best players on the game. Got some sick CB regen who's potential 5 star so playing him along side Sakho and Laporte. Llori has become a 4 star player too after being played a lot so I'll sell him for a profit or keep him and sell Umtiti and Sakho eventually.
  8. Started a new save. Wrote it all down then me birds iPhone decided to delete the note. I despise Apple products as much as the blue noses yano. Will post it all tomorrow. Timo Werner though, what a player if you play him every game. Bangs a goal every game ratio.
  9. Will do mate, I just can't seem to warm to Lovren even in real life but he was poor most the season so thought I'd cash in. Yeh he'd of been boss for us. Well, potentially! Reckon Rafa will help him then maybe offer him a chance to play for us Can only hope ey!
  10. Always get Odegaard second season and play him every game. Ends up a 5star player and his favourite club is Liverpool which is boss
  11. Season 2 begins. Won the league by 2 points and the Champions League after a tough match against Chelsea winning 2-1. Battered Shakhtar 7-1 on agg in quarters. And Arsenal 10-3 on agg in the semis. The board were stingy and only have me 28M to spend! That's to win the league again. Ins: Martin Odegaard - 34M Shkodran Mustafi - 20M Marco Icardi - 14.25M Saido Berahino - 12.5M Lorenzo Insigne - 12M Eden Balanta - 6.5M Ours: Lovren - 19.75M Skrtel - 9.5M Moreno - 8.5M Llori - 8.25M Lambert - 1.1M Busy window. Some nice additions. Flying as England manager too, won every game so far and using a young squad. Mostly my players tbh.
  12. Yeh I've played around with the 3142 & 2323 - a mate suggested them, but work boss. No idea how tbh haha. 16 instructions to go with it aswell. Will post it up here at some point.
  13. So that FA Cup tie I thought I'd lose. 6-1 against City. A Sturridge hatrick, James-Ward, Son-Heung & Sakho. Just beat Benfica 6-2 on agg to qualify for CL quarters. Oh and Sturridge wants to leave because the board won't up my budget to offer his wages.
  14. Liverpool back at Wembley! A Henderson hat trick and 2 for Lambert meant the Reds secured a 5-1 win in the Carling Cup final! Hopefully the first of many.
  15. Just beat Benfica 3-0 at home in knockout stage first leg. Got Norwich in Carling Cup Final in 2 weeks. City in Fa Cup 6th round so need to win Carling as not confident I'll beat City away.
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