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  1. Im going to add to this now as i want to compare 2 saves ive got here - One is on Mozza's independent Scotland Database (steam workshop) so unsure if thats a factor. the Other is my glory hunter with where i started with Union Berlin. Save 1 - build a nation i started in 6th tier of scottish football, resigned after like 10 games got a mid table job in 5th tier before getting a tier 4 promotion job. Back to back promotions via title wins before leaving for a midtable spfl prem club. Second season there we'd got 2 runners up in cups and a 2nd place league finish I was getting job offers from Man Utd and Newcastle. We won league and Premier Sports cup season 3 and spfl title, got offered real madrid and Rangers job - i accepted the latter with it being a build a nation. Starting rep Sunday league no badges Save 2 - glory hunter started with union berlin, Season 1 semis of pokal and Europa Conference 5th in league, season 2 4th in league and quarters in europa league. Season 3 3rd i league pokal runners up and cl quarter finals. Season 4 pokal winners third in league and quarters in cl. - After winning pokal i got my first job offer at monaco which i accepted. Starting rep max and all badges Which of these 2 cvs are better - id argue save 2 should be opening doors, yet a scottish league 2 and 1 win is getting higher weight in getting job offers. Im getting offered jobs in save 1 i couldnt even get an interview for in save 2 - the basis SILVERWARE. Is Winning Scottish league one and two actually more impressive than what i did at union berlin - that summer monaco was the only "top team" to actually offer me an interview too, rest were still declining due to my lack of silverware. This for me clarely highlights this is a major bug
  2. I'm not really sure where to post this. But here goes. I feel when applying for jobs clubs are looking almost solely at what player has won. In a recent save i started i started a Glory Hunter with Union Berlin. Now we know how strong Bayern are this year, and rightly so. I'm now into season 4. And this is whats prompted me to post this. My record at Union Berlin is as follows. Season 1 - 6th place in Bundesliga, Semis of Pokal, Semis of Europa Conference. Season 2 - 4th place in Bundesliga, Quarters of Europa League, Pokal Third Round (Drew Bayern Away) Season 3 - 3rd in Bundesliga, Quarters of Champions League, Runners up in Pokal. During this time applying for other jobs I've had 1 single interview. Any other jobs (even a job like Villa/Leicester) are stating while they view me as a good candidate my lack of silverware puts them off (all bar spurs have said this, their reason was my entertaining football i played). So what we're saying is change the results of one 90 min game (the pokal final) I'm open to interviews with top clubs. But without that I'm not even open to any mid table clubs. I struggle to believe this is how football would work in real life. We see all the time young managers who're showing strong signs of progress getting bigger jobs regularly.
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