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  1. I've been advised from Scotland thread to post this here. This may effect other leagues but I'm unsure. Brexit doesn't seem right in Scotland. Obviously this is very hard to get information for and is very up in the air so respect you guys doing your best but as a passionate FM and Scottish football fan I want to help out where I can. Brexit is obviously fixed and comes in on 1st January. That causes squad registration and work permit changes the same as in England. This is where I'm having issues. In Scotland the SFA run work permits, we have appeal pannel etc. I'm aware was
  2. On this is there actually expected to be a mid season change of rules to bring squad registration in like this in real life? The Whole Brexit matter and how its effecting the Scottish leagues does not seem right. Work permits are handled by SFA - but post brexit we fall to the FA rules? I know this was discussed in real life but we also know the SFA supported by welsh and northern irish counter parts and the premier league strongly opposed. A squad registration that isnt there suddenly pops up, this again doesnt seem right and of the several SPFL votes this year, only 1 has passed ev
  3. this is being caused by brexit, I asked earlier in thread, is this rule change actually happening? seems very unlikely to me. although not fully clued up
  4. Its a very hard one for you guys. Adu and Samba are basically memes these days. While im sure many (and i include myself in this over the years) where players at the old firm in particular (im sure some lads at other clubs caused a stir aswell) seem underrated. This year I can only talk for Rangers, but the youth there seems very fair. CA looks like its taken a bump from the challenge cup run which means many of the players are on the fringes of the team, which it sounds like could be the case in real life. But none jumping into the team either. PA wise I only ran a season so Id be going
  5. if im right and he was -85 that means 3 pa windows higher. all 3 of those are big windows. what pa are you requesting specfically and on what basis? much higher and we starting to discuss messi level potential, messi was in the barca side at 17
  6. i really wouldn't use FIFA as a benchmark for evidence. Ill guarentee you EA put alot less time into their research of ratings etc than the lads who youve brought this too. Im sure the Celtic researcher would probably be open to a debate on dembeles potential, which im sure last year was -85 although not certain and my fm20 pregame editor wont load, but that potential bracket puts him as the best youth prospect our of Scotland in my memory, better than the best Gauld, Gilmour, Robertson etc. And amoungst some of the best young players within the game. He might even be top 10 if he pings the to
  7. To add eventually got another big with one of the 3 players in Busquests. Sold him. Now I have a player revolt because i sold him
  8. Sorry I don't have a save that would cover this situation - I wouldn't even know what point would be required so ill try explaining in detail to help recreate. Barcelona summer window between seasons 1 and 2. List several of the high earners offer them out. Few go. Coutinho requests compensation of around £15m I accept. Coutinho, Griezmann and Sergio Busquests all decline moves. No further interest still listed I do not add them to my squad registrations. before first game team call me to a meeting to let Coutinho leave, since initial accepted bid there have been
  9. Tav seems about right having played almost a season. I stand by earlier comments where we can look at spread maybe knock crossing upto 16 and reduce somewhere else and maybe try get positioning to 10 altho I don't think I've noticed that too much in game. Tav goldson and Kent all seem to be being watched by Southgate in my save but yet to get a call up... Which from media would appear to be about right, there or thereabouts if there's an injury crisis. I seen a post the other day that suggested if tav and goldson played in England they'd be full internationals based on this season.
  10. Not a researcher but think only league goals count for that. I played Kai Kennedy at rangers he scored 4 in Europa League then 1 in league after said was his first senior goal
  11. Just to add. All these issues above shouldnt happen. I am 95% certain there will be no squad registration changes in January
  12. Yeah then after that we have appeals, which is how Rangers got Morelos - and Hearts got the Japanese lad from City on loan last season. Where other things are considered. Commerical or future ability or impact on scottish game. You are correct this is SFA run, the SPFL is mentioned in OP due to the squad registration which would be with them.
  13. Aware theres a brexit thread already but a read through seems to focus mostly on England and work permit situations. Here I want to focus on the other home nations and the current in-game brexit rules. As the rules up to now have been different. I will speak specific for Scotland, and hope others can shed some light on Northern Ireland and Wales where im less clued. In the current brexit scenario in game the SPFL Premiership turns to same rules as the English Premiership, bringing in a 17 foreigner rule, and work permits. SPFL to pass this would need backing from the c
  14. Seems crazy but also glad they give free reign. On another note might be data so putting here incase, ive raised this up in transfer section aswell. After brexit Prem went to a squad registration system, 17 foreign players in line with England. but also a requirements for work permits are still there and required. Seems odd that both are in play. If i could choose Squad reg please, work permits in Scotland are always a pain haha
  15. I can imagine you guys take great pride in your work and for a fully licensed league (as far as i'm aware) would be extremely frustrating. But also I respect not your guys not at fault. And I think McGregor probably next best solution
  16. oh wow I didn't think licencing would cause such an issue. More than fair enough. McGregor is a fair replacement in this case thank you for responding on this under these circumstances
  17. Apologies to Ter my phone being wierd and won't let me delete previous post I made. Small one, started a quick save with rangers. McGregor is starting vice captain. Should be Goldson
  18. You could argue this, but the issue with Barcelona in real life, much like on the game is wage budget. And in turn squad depth. Now my example had a £50m sale of a first team player brought in a £8m similar replacement and 2 bits of depth for other positions for my total spend that season since i would include installments needed or addons around 30m. I also managed to sell the two auto listed players for a further £10m. But this makes no dent to the wage situation. Your sat with 3 players making up 2 thirds of the teams wage budget. None of these 3 are easy to move on, unless your happy letti
  19. look at points tho again points for Rangers matching that people reporting this looks similar to mine where Celtic matches with a bad season but above 80 point too
  20. This makes sense. I was just trying to add a sample to the list really to help you guys, I love the game and spend most of my time doing content on it based in Scotland (no promo) so if I can help make that the best I can I love to do that while trying to be fair. Some players I wouldn't envy anyone trying to put stats together for. And obviously others we all have our bias. One thing I might highlight again. I had a load up last night just to have a look around Rangers and Jack showing as a BBM again. I dunno if this would be a data issue but certainly stats wise I'd think hes more of a
  21. Mines ran with medium - top 5 nations, mls and china loaded and followed a similar pattern. points wise rangers finished on 75 after losing last 2 games, celtic on 82 which was obviously an under performance. So Rangers seen to be capping out at mid to high 70s based on several runs
  22. For those mentioning Barcelonas finances. Theres £346m in loans at start and this is in May after ive made £60m in sales, granted spent about half that bringing players back in but would suggest that Barca economically are about right imo
  23. Just having a proper look over my save while I have the chance and this could be maybe something that others are noticing regards Patterson and Bassey, and may actually effect my stats regards to Tav. Actually showing extremely strange behavior from Rangers, In January Barasic was sold to West Ham for 14.25m - probably a fair price we know Leeds had an £8m offer knocked back in the summer. Previous to this Patterson along with Mebude and Barjonas was shipped off to Orange County. Patterson was since recalled and shipped off on a fee based loan to Inverness. Yedlin had been brought in on
  24. could this be down to tactics of manager to squad and the previous mentioned Celtic finances bug, for the record in my Barca save im just looking and Rangers are 3 points behind celtic after 36 games, although does look like a low scoring points season 78 and 75 respective. Morelos is top scorer with 16. Assists seem low across the league however leader is Burke and Morelos joint on 9 (to compare to real life i believe Tav has 6 already never mind in May and in game from 34 apperances (3 off bench) he only has 2 assists. Gerrard still very much in charge. I seem to remember a coi
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