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  1. I seem to have found some sort of work around so far. By giving 2 players part time contracts based on a wage offered in game that they'd accept the board allowed me £100 on top. This also allowed me movement on my slider so increasing the transfer budget had some effect in this regard. I guess my only solution is to give all players a part time deal, thankfully thats semi realistic as looks like the club has offered all players a part time deal at present, but obviously little to no idea how wage structure will work.
  2. Trying to do a quick database edit with Queen's Park to update them to real life situation. Have everything working but wage budget in game showing at £8 locked all the way down to wage budget in the budget adjustment, which means I can't compensate by giving a larger transfer budget. I've set it in database to 6,000 which is high for the division but not the highest and I think a fair budget in the short term for Queen's Park. I don't understand why in game its only giving an £8 budget. With a requirement to stay under the wage budget I'm not sure how that works for anybody at a semi-pro club.
  3. Lesser hampden set in database at a 2000 all seater. Expansion plans just approved show that their expanding to 1700 all seater.
  4. Currently set up a league, always tinker and make small changes before testing again. Last tinker was adding in Prize Money and Parachute payment for top league (may have to be re balanced later of course) but neither are showing in game and I cannot work out why? All entries have rankings attached 1-14 while ive tried with other options both on and off. Worried this also means the TV money Isn't working correct but without a specific test I cannot check that at present and want to catch that in later tests.
  5. I think this has been put in wrong match engine forum could a mod move it please to save making a duplicate post
  6. Hi SI Sorry to be a pain again, After the last hotfix I noticed some improvement to one on ones but last 3 or 4 games it seems to have completely regressed. I'm adding a PKM to this so you can review, and as an entire match as there alot going on here. I've also added a screenshot to accompany this situation. With 11 clear cut chances and 2 half chances - the two goals came in the match one from a penalty and 1 when the stats already looked like this so was neither a half chance or clear cut. With 17 on target most of these coming from major chances, the keepers rating also seemed very very low under the circumstances. I'd also like to highlight free headers from corners. Theres a couple of examples of this where Katic has free headers yards out and fails to even come close to hitting the target. This is something ive seen now consistently over two seasons, and hard to get a match with a few examples of it so I'll highlight it here aswell. Katic has a good heading stat aswell so I'd be expecting him to make the keeper work from these kind of spots a fair amount of the time. Game uploaded as Ross County v Rangers.pkm I watched it on key highlights and so many incidents from this game which is why I haven't left exact minutes of incidents. Key highlights will show in great detail. Both ways.
  7. Posting this here as player is on loan outwith league but parent club (Liverpool is) so unsure if it should go here or championship if needs to be moved i will just let me know, Doing a Rangers save and scouts recommended Ovie Ejaria and hes very interested in coming. FInd this strange given his reason for ending loan early last season was because he struggled with physicality of the Scottish league. Id suggest adding a 'Doesn't want to play in Scotland' trait to him.
  8. I don't think the fee in this is relative to Scotland. Why we follow the same permit system to England in game isn't correct to real life. This is heightened after brexit like this when more permits or wages are required. In game rangers can't even renew morelos contract for example. So I can see why you've gone down this road.
  9. This is something I brought up last year but still seems to be there. I've checked editor this time and seems to be in the editor set like this so I've posted in transfer section and here in the hope we can get it fixed. The work permit system in Scotland is following English system again. This is not reflective of real life. We follow a panel appeal system which is where most Scottish clubs get their work permits from based on how they can effect the game at the top level. Usually based on how well a club and player can argue for how that player fits in their squad and how the panel view the player. Different panels all the time see Jason Scotland in the past. However in game we go off English system so it goes to wages international appearances and a 160pa. I've mentioned in this thread about pa already so won't go in too much, but there's 1 player with that pa fixed in Scotland and 1 (if my windows are correct) that can exceed it with some luck. This means in my current rangers save I cannot renew morelos contract. Can you imagine in real life morelos having any issues getting a work permit? He's had 3 new contracts since arriving. So my only hope to keep him is to keep him wanting to stay through sheer dumb luck for 3 years hope he gets citizenship and then renew with under a year left. That surely is game breaking for anyone playing in Scotland and will effect incoming (although at a lesser extent from what I've seen) aswell as renewals. I should not be getting a work permit warning at all on the first choice striker of the champions and second top scorer in the country on my save.
  10. I highlighted this last year but it's here again. Scotland running off the English work permit system - I've checked this in editor and seems to be a working as intended so I'll highlight this in relevant data forum incase that's the correct place aswell. Most work permits for players coming to Scotland are won on appeal much like the old English system and we can see that in the past this is opinion based by a panel (Jason Scotland the prime example) This is based off the ability to affect the game at the top level in the country (Scotland as an individual) so to get a permit based on this in game you need 160 PA as we go off English system. In Scotland we have 1 player with a fixed PA this high in Scotland and only a couple with minus potentials that can match that - 1 thay can go above from memory. This means in my current rangers save I have a warning not to renew morelos contract as he won't get one. Not only has morelos got a permit to come to Scotland in real life he's had it renewed with several new contracts. And he's one of the highest pa players in Scotland. This is completely game breaking for those that play in Scotland and I'd imagine similar for those in Northern Ireland and Wales should they get a team to go pro although I haven't been able to test that. Scottish Work permit needs to be seperate from England and probably lower the requirements slightly to maybe 140 or 150pa.
  11. Looking to do a fictional Scottish database similar to one I done all the way back on FM10. That put Scotland on par with England with rv and sponsorship income but in truth was poorly put together but did create one of my all time favorite saves. Want the country to avoid brexit so I can implement my own foreign rules, and to make this semi realistic have them independent of UK at the start of the game, the former of these I know how to do is removing Scotland from GB tree basically the same? Thinking of doing 2 fully professional tiers but unsure how to lock a league to force a team pro upon entering the league. Any advice on that would be awesome, with a semi pro league behind in third, before a national split for the 4th tier. Would love some feedback on structure of this, will be more questions and discussion to come, but I think most fans of Scottish game hate the 12 league system, especially the unbalanced home and away game the split often causes. So trying to work out a way to make it work correctly. I want all 42 teams to split into the top 3 tiers. I'm happy to adjust a few of these pro but also happy to mix that balance up with 'B' teams of Scotlands biggest 5/6 teams and maybe 1 or 2 of the good youth production clubs (motherwell/falkirk) How would you structure a 14 or 16 team top flight? especially as I dont think realistically clubs will willingly give up 4 old firm games a season so need at least the top half to manage this, but with 16 teams this would be a 44 game season based on 2 split and 2 after.
  12. Will keep an eye on this. Would you mind if I gave it a shout out on YT once fully out as think alot of my subscriber base would be interested in this
  13. To my above comments Morelos 4th rated columbian striker, Barasic highest rated croatian left back so unsure why wasn't getting call ups during beta. Now ive got access to editor i hope you don't mind me discussing the subjective nature of PA again. Im sure I did this last year and had many constructive discussions with you all on this. Ill try my hardest not to mention the actual numbers for the people that dont want to know who come to discuss other areas of the database. Morelos looks a big problem for me, less PA the Edouard already a flag I get the frenchman is 2 years younger but I see no reason Alfredo can't go further in the game the Giroud (who is currently closest example) based on his progression over the last 3 years in real life. I get scotland is a hard nation to judge this on but clearly given Souttar has the same number fixed wise. I understand this has gone up from 19 but is the same as the winter update and I think he's shown alot of improvement since then. For a better age comparison he has a lower pa than Aribo who I do think looks a very good player especially for price paid, but I'm not convinced hes going to have a better career than the man above him. Ntcham better again and again same age, again a very good player, but I think if we compare the careers in 10 years time id be confident that Morelos has the best of the lot. The only fair abroad comparison to these guys in truth imo is Moussa Dembele at Lyon whos slightly more than Ntcham and probably fairly so higher than the rest of the mentioned given hes now had a season in a "top 5 league" so I will not argue. Can I offer my opinion of raise morelos slightly reduce Ntcham and Aribo slightly and keep the rest as is probably fair. I'd maybe even suggest raising McKenna to be on at least a par with Souttar aswell. Onto minus numbers here, I hope nobody minds me using Billy Gilmour as a benchmark here again hes gone down south and being the flagship for our youth and currently probably only a few injuries off getting his chance at Chelsea. So this makes me question, why Dembele has a higher PA window than him, both of these lads were the ones that broke the media for the next generation so is a strong case either way, but Gilmour doing it down south, Dembele hasnt really done much of note yet. Doesn't mean to say he wont. I can't comment for many others outwith Rangers in Scotland so my focus will drag there. I'll actually start with a fixed PA but youth related in Barjonas, I get he's now 20, but I feel this potential is crazy low and for me feels like a major adjustment to him being too much the other way on 18. I think using last years window for Barjonas could be a fair solution to this although I personally prefer fixed PAs. Lewis Mayo also been moved to first team training, and impressing at youth level, going up at least 1 I think would be fair his current window just won't see him make it at the club even if you ping the top end of his PA and i Don't think thats maybe relative to how the club view him in real life. Robby McCrorie is a pretty interesting one, and most likely one you guys are monitoring atm, but looking like another successful loan spell with his chairman saying they believe they have the 4th best keeper in Scotland, thats very high praise and probably a little OTT, however I think theres a strong arguement for a fixed PA towards the upper bracket of his window (id suggest going the same with his brothers but thats probably based on nothing but emotion) however with all Rangers senior keepers expiring next season, I know McGregor getting offered a new deal, I think theres something the club planning with their young goalkeeping talent and Robby leads this line. Mebude just from the reviews from club and media I think could be brought into the same bracket as McPake and Gilmour they seem to be all considered at similar levels. NYC I think is spot on atm but may change over the next 12 months so ill leave that be. However Kai Kennedy seems low again (window or two too low imo) given his praise and inpact on the reserves/U21s at such a young age. Obviously most of this is subjective and I'm giving my opinion, I'm happy to accept responces given. Just as a curiosity thing, how would the U21s winning the caramel wafer cup effect things for them going forward, sure I remember last year a comment about success in youth levels meaning very little and used Ross County as an example, but with this being a senior trophy that has to change things and would suggest that these lads with 2 experienced players would compete at championship level currently. Sorry if this is too much, just trying to share my opinion - I've had a little look at some of the changes made and I think the adjustments done to Morelos during the beta was a fair solution under the circumstances, so ill hand praise where its due. I also fully respect researchers decision on the stuff ive raised and I hope ive brought a fair arguement for my point, but im also aware I will see far less of the younger lads than the rangers researcher.
  14. Fair responce Annoyingly after my post Alfredo did get into the copa America squad to make my post look silly. Didn't play but both zapata and falcao in squad so can't complain at that. 2 very hard players to judge this year. Morelos because of the league he's in probably below his level but how can that be judged accurately on fm if you ping a 160ca on him probably get what he does in real life on fm but then he goes straight to an elite team when in reality he's probably got a step before that. And barasic because he was so poor last year always felt there was a player there and I think from our discussions last season you felt the same. However he's now showing it. Complete nightmare for you guys. One other flag up I should have done a while ago. Kamara and Jack can both play cdm but at great drops to ability. Think this would need to be looked at in the same sense of arfield previously mentioned at cam. Jack also showing as a natural box to box. Doesn't seem right to me. Stat wise and something I'd agree with in real life deep lying playmaker (support) is what I think he's best at. With maybe a boost to ball winning as very capable of doing that too. Box to box just doesn't suit his stats or at least how I think he plays in real life. Club rep maybe needing boosted aswell? I'm only saying this because of the amount of people saying they losing basically every starter at the end of the first season. Goldson, katic, taverner, barasic, Jack, Aribo, morelos, Kent etc all forcing themselves out at the end of the first season at the first bid being made. Means players being forced with a rebuild that could happen in real life but I think rangers as a club have a little more stopping power against bids from relegation battling Premier league sides.
  15. Thanks for reply mate. Once editor out I'll look in more detail with info there and get back to yourself of relevant researchers if anything flags up.
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