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  1. Even if Celtic won the champions league they bring in around 15m for group stage and 5m per tie afterwords. 1.7m TV money and 3m league prize money cups aren't even worth discussing. So best case scenario they've sold a player for more than a yearly prize money income. How does income not apply?
  2. You cant say they have no ambition. It's not always about the player. No player is bigger than the club. I say that as a fan of a rival club. Celtic don't have access to sky's billions so a completely different situation to Chelsea. Ambition has to be longer term and selling players at high prices repeatedly is a business model which can create longer term success over 1 world class player being held onto
  3. I'd strongly disagree. Most goals I'm seeing for me and ai coming from midfield. Is the odd high scoring game but very few in my experience.
  4. As someone who deals with set plays especially corners in detail - often do tutorials for them for others who don't want default and don't want to test different routines. I can assure u the cb on the half way line is random unsure why it happens but it does from time to time which annoys me because I aim my corners for my 2 CB and where they're supposed to be. They are usually there but on occasion someone else pops in there and they go back to defend and honestly I have no idea why. I have seen it reported in bugs thread though
  5. This topic is interesting and definately think this is a bug but got me thinking about my save and I'd suspect ai had similar issues. I'm playing as rangers. 3 interesting points in my save. Firstly big improvement to si transfers in general Celtic reinvested alot of what they brought in all be it a chunk went on loan wages. So January window and interest in both Tierney and ajer start going off. Ajer leaves for 30m plus add-ons to Bayern. Celtic hold firm for Tierney despite huge offers. Was seeing in the region for 30-50m bids with another 30-40m in add-ons being rejected. Which honestly as their rivals was a big fear. Opens the summer window and what I can only describe as choas hits. I won the league so this might amplifiy this alot. But Tierney leaves for 19m with another 3m in add-ons - given the offers they turned down in the January doesn't seem right. But then there was almost a fire sale. McGregor went to Chelsea for big money, Eduard to Spain for big money. And sure there was another couple although could be wrong as going off the top of my head. The ins were a few major signings and alot of top class loans (literally I would put them in favourites to win Europa league with their signings) to boost their squad. The money in for someone like McGregor seemed very high was very similar to that of Tierney. I think a big part of some of these going could have been the dynamics. That said a team in the spfl bringing in over 100m over two windows in a row also seems excessive. Especially early in the game. Maybe I'm just salty that I had a tiny budget to go and compete with.
  6. Aberdeen publicly said they wouldn't accept under 10m for McKenna in summer. Souttar is another I've seen hearts asking for in the region of 30m for first season but he often goes for 3-8m following summer which I'd call a fair asking price. Scotland is hard to judge at present in real life teams are starting to dig their heals in as they feel they've undersold in the past. As a result think fm is reflecting this. Next few transfer Windows in real life will give a better idea though
  7. Just noticed when i removed Barry Ferguson from his role as Reserves Manager for me - did wonder why he accepted almost straight away at game start - but hes down as taking over at Kelty Hearts on 1/6/2015 while he was at Clyde. Obviously this is a new job dont have dates but does mean hes open to moving straight off.
  8. Realism there's a mentor tab in training now
  9. Just curious to how people are setting up their training for those who aren't leaving it to assistant. Are you doing it based on tactics or general stat development. I've been leaving it to assistant and slowly taking over but finding myself very rarely out of the technical section other than for set pieces pre season and rest days. As a further questions which is better rest or recovery?
  10. Just posting again as posted this here and in the league specific issues and had no reply. Huge for playing in Scotland. Can't get work permits for players who would be key players at the old firm seems really incorrect. And based on current in game system many who have got permits in Scotland in recent years wouldnt in game and may even be unable to get renewals
  11. In 18 I seen several examples of ai training a striker to be an inside forward. I can't talknfor 19 yet as my longest save isnt long enough yet. But this wasn't an issue in 18 imo
  12. yeah from what i've seen so far ive seen a huge improvement on AI squad building so think the above post suggests the issue
  13. Bar a injury layoff for me he played every game know he did with some others too. And that's fair.
  14. Fair enough in many of these points. Would it be fair to suggest if current form continues him get a little boost again in those stats. Help him with goals in game and put him back in contention with Columbia? Even if it's on fringes like last year. Suspect this could already be in place for January but giving him the argues with officials ppm. I'll probably regret suggesting that when he gets sent off for arguing with a ref in a big game. Last request - different subject same team. Is there any way in database that can prevent McGregor from retiring at the end of this season? This probably been one of his best seasons and again seeing him regularly retiring in saves. Alot of his comments suggesting he'll at least see out his contract. Unsure if that's a possible data fix or just a game seeing an aging player. But I know that begging him won't get him to stay on another year
  15. I can only speak for 18 on this but I had a rangers save where we got 1.17m a year. That never changed. Even after I won 3 back to back champions leagues it was the same. Our TV time was actually less than it is I real life.
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