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  1. Which team would break the goals for record but fourth last?
  2. My board have been generous enough to give me some money to buy a copy of FM2013
  3. They play on a cow paddock I think - lowly Swedish National Team.
  4. Don't get the funny bit? Good win though, for sure.
  5. The chubby chap you see once a year seems to have befallen to the ills of the global financial crisis. link
  6. The I formation Only mildly amused me, since I am the Fiji boss.
  7. Thats funny indeed, the weather is so nice in Adelaide too.
  8. Didn't think of holidaying. Otherwise, there was no actual way of getting grey players. I think this is because in the Australian league the squad registration rules and salary cap is quite strict. Only 2 teams, seniors and youth. So I cant register the whole youth team for senior football because it would go over the salary cap.
  9. A little trilogy of of screen caps that will surely amuse everybody who is not involved in this game. Ie. All you and not me. A few players here seem a little red. I was kind of hoping one of those grey looking players, normally not much good, would wonder off the street and put on some boots, or especially gloves. Alas no. Link 1 Can you guess how many players I have around the club rooms who normally put on gloves? Link 2 Can you guess how many goals, in the upcoming ravenous City Derby, the opposition score from clear cut chances? Link 3 At least the game didn't get stuck, espe
  10. http://fm2011.tumblr.com/post/2335514299/luck-personified-2-nil-up-no-luck-there Funny for me because I won. Flip the coin and I'd be STFU. 2 nil up away. Opponents miss penalty 1, and 2, and I score after the rebound off that. So many yellows and reds.
  11. Not bothering with any fitness training then - perhaps some brisk walks around the block or some wii Fit?
  12. Didnt involve my team, just popped up really. Strange. I also like this. My Ass Man helping me find a new Ass Man. hehe Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. I imagine he has trouvle driving a car. http://img72.imageshack.us/i/screencapu.jpg/][/url] Uploaded with http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/url]
  14. Bit of a Right-Wing type (politically) hey? Their just the set of rules, who cares what league they play in. If they won the fair play award, they deserve to take their reward.
  15. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Who is my opponent?
  16. :confused: - funny, but even funnier because you did it witrh such a crjap team.
  17. haha - that is now the gold standard, "Hands off Mi Kock"
  18. hehe, Lemon Moo. Bit of a cow of a player too.
  19. Was practicing goalkeeping while maths class was on.
  20. Ok, i get net tranfer spend. Any ideas on why the net transfer spend hasn't updated for the new month? Why is it so convoluted when it can be simple. Income is said to be 0 when as you say, it should be 3,887,763. It says 'Income', it doesn't say 'Income less transfers profit'.
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