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  1. Question I have with FM15 and the manager attributes. Now that manager attributes can be altered, how important are they. ie. Two managers, one has Motivation attribute = 1, the other has Motivation = 20. Everything else being equal, will the latter have a higher impact with team talks? Or is it more a superficial number, just a 'picture' of who you want your manager to be like
  2. Hi Apologies if this is a stupid question. If I sort a player by assistant report potential (ie. stars.) and a few players are the same amount of stars (ie. 4 stars), how does the game decide to sort one above another? So, if I sort players like pictured, does the game actually use the PA figure (which of course is hidden) to sort which one is top? I realise this may not actually be known.
  3. You missed the point on this one. I have no problem with people finding out exactly who their best prospect is through the FM scout. Its certainly a great way to develop your players. I was making reference to the person Methos, who I can quote 'hates' this game, because of the OP's obscure PA change. I simply point out that this is not something they are meant to know anyway, if the game was played as designed. As such, if the player had not looked at FMScout, there would be no reason to be angry. Hope that makes sense. To re-iterate, I am very happy for people to see the passion people have for player development in FM, as seen by OP.
  4. I dont care how people play the game (as per my comments). Its the below opinion I disagree with. I have no problem with OP or the query.
  5. Its cheating and you know it. You are never meant to know the exact PA numeral for a player, playing FM as it is designed. You are meant to use your judgement within the game. Its clear as day. So, with your first point. If player gets injured, within the game, they may go from 5 star to 4 1/2 star. Thats what your meant to see. So go look at PA if you need to, as long as your know, FM scout is not part of the game.
  6. The thing is, you're not really meant to see these numbers. In any other game you would be oblivious to what happens under the bonnet with PA (or anything) and how the game makers have decided to use it. So if you play the game how it should be played, your only insight into PA is scouts, stars and on field perforamnce, and they give you a vague representation at best (a bit like real life, it comes down to judgement ). SI give you a peek under the bonnet because of the editor. So we know a bit of how it works because they're really want community involvement and people changing things around and creating content. Regarding OP, I would suggest, he is using a save game editor or something to view the PA's and Ca's over a period of game time. Which, IMO, defeats the purpose of building up players. AKA cheating. He already knows who the star is, because he's checked. Then he see's that its dropped but to be fair to him, he's not complaining, just clarifing. Anyway, shouldn't be looking at it in the first place. IMO. So I don't know why your so annoyed with SI, they give you much more insight into how the game works than any game I know of.
  7. I'd love for the Australian FFA cup to be implemented in FM2015. The dream would also to have the National Premier Leagues set up and playable and the state cups playable.
  8. Current state of Play. Started in Australia - Sydney FC. Moved to Korea - Deagu. Moved to Ukraine - Dnipro (Ukraine cup) Moved to Russia (northish) - Terek EU9000pw - promoted to Russian Premier division. Played full season for Terek. Germany Second division, Nurnberg. One full season, second place. 12k Euro per week, promoted to Bundesliga and resigned. Spain Liga BBVA - Levante, 25k Euro per week. Trophies Ukranian Cup Current Salary 25000 EU p/w Around the world About 1/2
  9. Around the World and Making a Bundle Challenge Welcome. This challenge was something I developed for myself to freshen up the game. I always played with one team and stayed super loyal. Here, you will change clubs often and aim to make as high a salary as possible. I am writing it up here because I am finding it quite fun, and others may too. Fundamentals - You must only spend one full season at any club. - You must always only accept jobs that will pay you more than your previous job. - You must move to a new, adjacent (or close to) country with each new job, in a sense moving east or west (or zigzagging) around the planet. The game ends when - You have completed a revolution of the planet. Started in England and now back in England. - You have spent a whole season unemployed, unable to find a club willing to pay you more. How to - Start a job at a club. Auto-reputation. I strongly recommend a lowly club. Do not choose a club which will give you a massive wage first up. (ie. I chose the Australian league). Choose a club you don't like, you will leave at the end of season one. - Decide straight away which way you want to go around the world and add the leagues early since they don't initiate until the next full season. I started in Australia, and then added Korea, china, Malaysia. I would head West (and north initially since there are no leagues in the Indian ocean). If you start in England, you may choose to go East, adding France, Holland and Belgium. - Play your season, do the best you can. - Resign, go on holiday, auto apply for jobs in your new countries, accept the first offer that pays you more than your last job (not equal). Of course you can negotiate a wage that is higher. Remove irrelevant country leagues and add new ones straight away in the right direction on the globe. - If you join a club mid season, that doesn't count to your one season per club. Its the next full season that counts. ie. If I join, Man U in December 2020, I won't have to resign until June, 2022. So, you always get a preseason and one full season. Why is it so fun - You have to win cups and leagues in a short time at a club to increase your reputation to get the next pay packet. The pressure mounts to succeed. It gets progressively harder. - Youth dev. takes a back seat. Player signings are more here and now, instant results. - And you find new leagues to play in and learn to hate their stupid rules. Let me know how you go.
  10. This is absolutely correct. If you play the game as intended and don't look beneath the hood, there is no issue at all.
  11. Its all about off the ball, penalty taking and creativity with the fans.
  12. The 3d engine, and 2d, are just a visual representation of what the ME is saying. ME has spat out OG - sometimes how its seen visually is a bit odd. Ive had Usain Bolt like sprints past my defenders; I accept its just how the graphics have worked out their instructions. The match engine came out with a striker running onto the ball, and the graphic engine had to make it happen.
  13. Just wondering what and how it is coded for in FM12. Is there one, hidden attribute for the team which specifies an advantage? Does every team get the same advanatge at home? Or it it a variety of things; pitch size,number of fans etc etc? cheers
  14. In Australia - red's are yellows and yellow's are red's too. Do not ask what they are in New Zealand.
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