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  1. It used to be minimum 20 years hardcoded into the game, but it might have been changed. I'm assuming the reason is that building a new stadium twice in shorter time than that is unheard of and a giant waste of money for any serious club in real life.
  2. Only when you make an assignment for the scout. When you ask a scout to assess a specific player, the report will always be returned to your inbox regardless of the player's quality.
  3. I guess the board didn't agree that he was doing a good job when he disagreed with them, so his faith wasn't completely out of his own hands. You have that same mechanic in FM when you make an ultimatum out of a request to the board.
  4. When in doubt, going with the newest is usually the best idea. By the way, windows reportedly checks system time to see if a computer is eligible for an upgrade. I'm sure creative minds can put that to use
  5. I'm not sure how easy this is to fix on a macbook pro, but laptops are generally dust magnets. If you can blow the dust out somehow that will make your computer cooler reducing how much work the fan has to do.
  6. If a world class manager applied to a job at a small club, surely they wouldn't laugh him off though? They would give him as good an offer they could afford, probably expecting the world class manager to decline. It is not unheard of for good managers to "settle down" with a small club after a long and successful career.
  7. I have a hard time imagining anyone deciding not to play an otherwise fun game because they can't be sacked during a takeover, however I can easily imagine the opposite. SI must strike the right balance between allowing people to live out their "power fantasy" of football management and being a brutal simulator, and for the most part they do an excellent job at it. However, when it comes to board takeovers it feels too much like a coin flip in my opinion.
  8. The difference is that tactical and squad building skills can overcome to the two first problems. You can't do anything do avoid being sacked during a takeover. It's a dice roll, nothing else. It may happen in real life, but in my opionion it translates very poorly into gameplay.
  9. I keep hearing that there is no easy way to implement this. I disagree, but I believe we miscommunicate when we label something as "easy". Something hard would be coding the multiplayer part of the game. Something hard is adding collision detection to the ME or developing AI for computer managers. On this list adding an "instant result" button, something that already (kind of) works by using a 3rd party skin, is easy. Remember that the assistant taking control of matches is already in the game and works perfectly fine (holiday). The big difference is the options you get before the match, and they take some effort to get right This obviously doesn't adress the fact that SI doesn't want to implement it. In the end it's their game, their vision, and we're lucky to be able to both play it and come with feedback on their forums edit: For the love of god, please stop bickering. I think this is an interesting discussion, but it will be closed pretty fast if we can't disagree with eachother without name calling. I don't want that to happen
  10. I agree with the way of thinking, but in this specific case the feature already exist in the classic mode. While there are big differences between the modes, the similarities are big enough that it works reasonably well when implemented via a costum skin. Compared to many other wishes the playerbase has, I doubt this is a very demanding thing to implement The big question is whether or not it fits with their vision of the two game types. Lucas and Neil indicated quite strongly that it doesn't fit with their current vision, but I have a small hope that threads like this can make their vision shift just a tiny bit toward giving players more freedom in how they play the game
  11. I'm not sure why people keep tossing this out. When using instant result my assistant uses three subs most matches, even when there's no injuries
  12. Allright, I can be more more constructive. The problem I have with the current division between full-fat and classic mode is that it is pigeonholing people into one of two playstyles. Everyone who prefer something in the middle (such as having the full-fat mode with instant results) will have to make a choice and either feel they are missing out of something (if they use the classic mode) or feel that they are getting features they would rather not bother with (if they use full-fat mode). I love the full blown version of football manager 2015, with all its small nuances, but I would rather go through seasons quickly to put more emphasis on player development and long term changes in the football world. In an ideal world I could select from a list which features I would like in my game when I started, and in that costumisz the game to my liking. Certain elements would obviously always need to be in a game, but with classic mode you have already shown that some elements can be taken out and still provide a good experience. I know what I'm describing most likely completely unrealistic. It is not a serious suggestion, but rather a description of what I would see as an ideal
  13. If "instant result" was the only difference between the two versions, that would have made a lot of sense. Currently the classic mode is lacking too many features to be a good alternative for me. Just because I dislike the engine noise of my car doesn't mean I will use my bicycle instead (there's ice on the road for starters )
  14. I believe reputation to be what you call a "generic layer". Behind the scenes it's a simple number between 0 and 10,000, and as that number rises your reputation description changes. Having a "regional" reputation does not mean your current region knows you well, it just means that other clubs are unlikely to know about you if they don't happen to play you in matches or be interacting with you in some other way
  15. You already have. Start the match and go for a snack, when you come back the match is finished (assume there was no injuries). Instant result! I would love to see the instant result button as an option when you start a carreer in the full game mode, but since Neil has already stated it won't happen I'm happy with the compromise of using a skin
  16. Isn't the other two threads you have started on this subject enough? To give you a short reply to your general question, no the AI does nothing a human manager can not do. It turns the same knobs and tweaks the same settings that is available to human managers
  17. I have never heard of an auto trigger amount of money, and if I remember correctly my board still told me no to turn professional when I had more money than that in the bank Looking back at my save in FM2014, I can see that my board said no to turning professional in the Welsh Premier League when I had £6m in the bank
  18. While I disagree with the thread starter, I can see his point. When the board asks you to "Improve media handling", it's logical to assume they refer to media handling as how the club is perceived from the outside, regardless of who attends the press conferences, intervjues etc. I don't know exactly how the condition is worded, but it doesn't make that much sense for the board to care who represents the club as long as it is represented well
  19. In my experience (from the Icelandic league), the wage budget is often way above what the club can actually sustain. Not sure what causes this, but it wasn't this bad in the previous versions of FM
  20. I may have had a few more injuries in the latest season than before, but I believe that's only a perception thing as I was very unlucky with WHO was injured. Both my DCs and my playmaker MC out for more than two months at the same time
  21. Resigning is only a good strategy if you know you can land a job in a better club after relatively short time. Most people who change jobs are not actively looking to get away from their old job, they just found a better offer somewhere else
  22. Many people (partly myself included) are used to playing games as exact sciences. While we know an attribute of 10 is a higher number than 9, we don't know how much of a difference it really makes in a match. How often will someone with decision 19 make the best decision compared to someone with decision 17? Noone here can answer that question, partly because there are more factors than just one attribute, and partly because the match engine is a "black box" for everyone except those working on it. This forces us to use our gut feeling (hopefully backed up by lots of playing experience) to gauge the impact of single attributes. In many other games you can math out the optimal strategy for all eventualities, and by playing those games one gets used to "that's how video games are supposed to work".
  23. And the soccer rules are available for free. SI's match engine however is not Edit: And that's a good thing. If all the inner workings were revealed FM would be a game of numbers, of chance. We're much better off feeling the game is about football, and it having a certain x-factor that we can't quite grasp. A tactic wouldn't be the result of strategic thinking and knowledge of football, it would be the result of a mathematic formula that maximized the chance of success given certain input
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