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  1. Every patch there's a few people who wants to go back to the previous, even if the new one is an objective improvement. Every patch they ask. Every patch the answer is no.
  2. I'm noticing an issue regarding contracts in my Iceland save. It has happened several times that when I try to offer a part time contract to a player on a non-contract, he rejects me and signs a new non-contract with his current team. That's all fair and square, but this happens with the same player many times within the space of a few weeks. His non-contract never improves (same appearence fee etc), but a message says a new one is signed regardless (accompanied by the "deliged to be working under [current manager]" Maybe it's a bug, maybe it isn't. I just find it a bit illogical that a playe
  3. What I agreed with was his reasoning, not the number of years. I guess I could have cited a little more precisely
  4. I have to agree with samabachan as I also enjoy the game much more when all the players are regens In my saves I usually end up in 2025-2030 when the new version comes out, which is somewhat ironic as that is the tipping points where almost all the real players have retired / become staff. I just don't have time to get any further than that in a year
  5. To be fair, threads like these serve to debunk some of the myths about the game. If they were instantly closed it seemd SI has "something to hide", and even if they are proven wrong it would make the thread fall off the first page quickly.
  6. Your opion is not a fact. There are more people who consider windows 7 the best so far than people who still hold on to windows xp. Why on earth should the OP pay to get a windows version that may not help him at all and restricts his hardware because the software is too old? As for the error message, you can right click on the install file, select properties, choose the compitability tab and try running it in compitability mode for an earlier version of windows.
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