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  1. I thought I had added a third kit myself, as I linked in the bottom right of my couple of pictures. The 2d Kit shows up as my third kit (where it didn't before). And this one has worked, received a new file, replaced the other and it seems the file must have got corrupted along the transfer. Thanks ever so much for the help for what turned out was an easy fix.. sorry!
  2. Hi all, I recently got a beautiful custom kit from FMcustomkits for my lower league Germany save. The home and away kits work perfectly, however I've encountered a strange problem with the pink third kit. It won't load within the matches for the players. I see crowd members wearing the shirt but just not the players. I've consulted with FMcustomkits and he's assured me the config file is correct, and that the exact same file works on his own save. He has also tested a similar pink kit for Derby which has worked perfectly in my save. We're both not quite sure how to proceed from
  3. Not a problem @Kyle Brown. This little work around is doing fine for now and isn't really much effort in the grand scheme of things. Hoping that this thread might help others in future. Thanks for the help from yourself and @Jimmy Wong.
  4. So just posting updates as I go here, I can get FM to work perfectly in full screen if I disable my integrated, boot FM and then enable my integrated once more. Works perfectly on both screens in both windowed and full screen mode. I can even have FM running even before I disable integrated and it still sorts itself out on the re-enable. This is what my screens look like on the re-enabling of my integrated, before an alt + enter switches it to windowed, before another puts it into perfect full screen.
  5. Connected to another screen and the same situation persists as before sadly. I'm thinking at this point it has to be hardware related, either a problem with my GPU or Integrated card.
  6. Also adding that disabling the integrated graphics, moving to just my laptop screen with no external monitor (laptop screen powered by Microsoft display driver) results in FM working in full screen using the GPU.
  7. Have reset the laptop completely, re-downloaded FM and the same issue is occurring.
  8. I'm considering just performing a reset of the laptop completely, would that be a possible solution?
  9. Have uninstalled Epic with no change. The driver I downloaded is the latest VGA driver from here https://www.acer.com/ac/en/AU/content/support-product/7094?b=1 On download it says it is now incompatible with my version of windows.
  10. Have tried this, as well as some changes suggested by Vincent from Sega, still no change.
  11. To whom it may concern, I've been having this problem with FM for nearly a week now. I've tried numerous things but I'm no closer to fixing it. I'll try and give some context firstly and go through the steps I've taken. So I run an Acer Aspire VX5-591G, with a 1050ti attached. I've had no trouble with FM18 or FM20 and was playing fine until this problem occurred. This problem has only come about since I encountered a problem with a blinking Epic Games Launcher on my taskbar, with the program seemingly unable to open. I went through a couple of troubleshooting steps with no success be
  12. I have the exact same problem as the previous poster here, am I able to drop in with my information and grab some help or would you like me to create a new thread? EDIT: So despite FM showing me I have a 1 star graphical rating and Nvidia 3d settings making the auto selection of my integrated card over my Nvidia Card, the game seems to be running as smooth as it was. However if I change the 3d settings back to using my dedicated GPU, I'm only getting windowed mode or else it's a black screen (with still only 1 star) The major 'fix' for me to be able to at least run the g
  13. You're an absolute legend for all the work you put into this Dan! Can't thank you enough for all the work this year and previous! Just a quick question, does anyone know of any specific graphic packs that have run alongside this either this year or in previous years? Would be specifically after competition logos as I'm starting from level 10!
  14. Hi mate, experiencing these issues in set up that you've mentioned here. Did you manage to find a work around at all?
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