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  1. Would love this file to be 20.4 compatible, it's a must have for me in every save!
  2. You're an absolute legend for all the work you put into this Dan! Can't thank you enough for all the work this year and previous! Just a quick question, does anyone know of any specific graphic packs that have run alongside this either this year or in previous years? Would be specifically after competition logos as I'm starting from level 10!
  3. Hi mate, experiencing these issues in set up that you've mentioned here. Did you manage to find a work around at all?
  4. This will be my first editor file that i'll be uploading come my eventual acquisition of FM20! Thanks again for all your hard work Weiry!
  5. I'm trying to add in an additional stadium to a pack I currently have. I'm however struggling with the editing of the XML file and despite my best efforts, I'm not getting anywhere. The club and stadium in question is Norwich United (ID 8325048) and Plantation Road (ID 8600638). The picture in question is saved under a 'teams' folder with the title of '8325048'. I've edited the XML file for it to appear as follows; <record from="teams/8325048" to="graphics/pictures/club/8325048/background"/> <record from="teams/8325048" to="graphics/pictures/team/8325048/background"/> <record from="teams/8325048" to="graphics/pictures/club/8325048/logo/background/left"/> <record from="teams/8325048" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/8600638/background"/> <record from="teams/8325048" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/8600638/stadium"/> I am however having no luck getting it to change within football manager, despite that code being the exact same to another team which the pack changes. I have unchecked caching and reloaded and changed the size of the photo in question to a size of other pictures within the file with still no luck. The picture in question is this; http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-S6TOqqPsIHw/U10qc6bGrEI/AAAAAAAAM6s/xyhcb7y-PwI/s1600/101_6872.JPG I'm assuming it will be an easy fix as I am not experienced with this thing, but any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Saxy
  6. I had a couple of sims where the 2019 season didn't load, but others where it has loaded. Possibly may depend on your start date?
  7. Would it be possible for me to have a poke around at the file without the player ratings?
  8. Have I mentioned I'm really excited for this to release yet?
  9. Ideally the WA leagues, but if it takes a week or 3 then it takes a week or 3! More than willing to wait for a more complete product.
  10. Would you have a rough timeframe of how long these rules will take? Or is it a more, when it happens, when it happens kind of deal Only reason I ask is I'm holding out waiting for this bad boy, incredibly excited!
  11. Would love to also support you mate, you've made my FM experiences so incredible over the years! Have a great holiday season!
  12. You're a hero and a half mate, cannot wait for this second version!
  13. Max or SI Staff in general, My knowledge of the editor is not the best so if this is an issue that can be resolved already just send me on my way. I've been trying in these last couple of days to implement the Australian State league systems into FM (aka the State Based Divisions otherwise called NPL). These are one level below the A-League and an NPL division exists for every state and territory bar one. However there is a problem where due to the vastness of Australia as a country, it becomes impossible to implement a realistic system. If I was to implement an NPL and secondary division (aka State League) within each state and allow promotion and relegation between them, it simply cannot work (to my knowledge) as there is nothing that keeps a promoted team from jumping from the WA State League to the Victorian NPL. I believe a fix to this would be to allow the split of Australia within the editor into states. Therefore to make a structure for Victoria, New South Wales etc separate rather than all grouped under the Australian tree. I don't believe it would affect the A-League as there is no relegation and there is no promotion from one state to another so this would not be a problem. I can't really see any other problem to it except perhaps the FFA Cup (although again, knowledge of the editor is minimal). This would then allow realistic mods for the Australian league system to be implemented state by state down to a fantastic level of depth and bring more Australian players into the game. I'll attach the working mod I have at the moment if anyone wants to play around or see if there is already a solution to this. The mod contains the great work done by SI Australian researcher StridentCorn90 into the NPL WA also. Hopefully this would be possible to implement soon (if needed). Sax NPL WA + Own edits_F27F7214-3EDE-4217-954C-7B9E91AA122D.fmf
  14. Alright that explains it then, thanks very much
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