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  1. I still have a problem.... I've tried everything! DxDiag.txt
  2. I also have the freezing on start up problem - I attach the DxDiag file - Please help! DxDiag.txt
  3. Finally caught up after some time away, got straight back into it and I am left wanting more! Good work as always 10-3, look forward to continued reading!
  4. I have been improving my team, to the point where the start of my current season i thought i'd cracked it! (4 wins from 4, 11 scored, 4 against) However, the next four games were 3 defeats and a draw. My signings have been made with key attributes as the priority, therefore i would expect to do better if im using better players.
  5. I'm struggling with this tactic... First season, went up via playoffs with Walsall (League 1) very mixed bag of results! Second season, finished 18th in Championship, again no consistency in results. Third season, currently playing. I find the main problem this season is creating chances, i'm not creating as many as in the previous two seasons. I ask assistant for opposition instruction, is this where i'm going wrong? Any suggestions welcome
  6. Not read this in a long while, spent this afternoon catching up! Love it!
  7. I have been following this and enjoying it!
  8. I have been following this story and I have now caught up. It has inspired me to write something myself. However, writer's block isn't a good thing! This story is amazing and I will continue to read it. KUTGW!
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